Greedy Goblin

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Last year

I'm Gevlon, a human paladin with quite a strange story. I was a squire on a ship which supposed to bring us to Durotar, to our position at Tiragarde Keep. Unfortunately - or maybe fortunately, time will tell - our ship was sinked by pirates. I was saved by goblins. From my clothes they assumed I was rich and someone will pay great money for saving me. When they found out that my family are poor farmers, they held me to pay for their "service" by working for them. I spent a year in Ratchet, and while working, I talked to them as much as I could. The other servants tried to keep away from the "filthy, greedy, unhonorable bastards", or tried to escape. Some might reached Northwatch Hold, but most became raptor food. Maybe I was more curious than my fellows, maybe just hoped to talk my way out, but I did not hid in our barracks out of working hours but tried to know the goblins as much as I could. The point when I knew my time in Ratchet was more than servitude was when i tried to convince Dizzywig about the meaning of loyalty. He asked
- Do you think the orcs are disloyal to Thrall and their clans?
- No matter how much I dislike the greenskinned savages, I have to admit, they are loyal to their last breath. This one thing is similar between us and them.
- You know there are three other similarities between humans and orcs.
- What are they?
- One: they consider us goblins dishonorable just like you.
- Two: When they are hit by a sword or a frostbolt in Alterac Valley, they die just like you.
- Three: and their families miss them the same as yours.
I looked him without words, he continued:
- You think we are dishonorable because we live and die for profit. It's true that I myself killed a guy who tried to get away with a shipment. It was not self-defense, he wanted to run with his loot. My motive was greed. Gazlowe killed dozens who crossed his ways. The barons of Booty Bay, maybe killed hundreds. But to kill tens of thousands, it needs more than greed. It needs a cause and honorable people who are loyal to it.

From this conversation I studied the goblin way of life. After my year passed I refused to continue working as a free employee. I returned to Elwyn Forest to prove that becoming paladin and becoming rich are not mutually exclusive. I hope to prove that getting rich is not equal to becoming evil nor it needs farming for eternity.

I know nobody in this realm, Kul Tiras, who could help me to start, I do everything on my own. I'm new to being paladin, never did it before. Nor I have any relatives in the alliance side. So I have no hidden advantage over my fellow adventurers. Everything that I will reach will be because of the strength of the mace of my ancestors and the tricks the goblins taught me.

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LarĂ­sa said...

Hi there! I'm honoured to be the first commenter and possibly visitor of your blog! I'm so looking forward to follow your adventures and probably I'll learn a lot from it - gold farming isn't one of my stronger sides.

Welcome to the producing side of the blogosphere!

Gevlon said...

Thank you very much. Your blog motivated me a lot to take this step and start my own. Welcome!

Alrenous said...

Can I suppose that moderation means you'll actually see this comment on your (very first?) post?

The goblin forgot something, however. When your opponent uses loyalty as a weapon, you need a weapon just as powerful to counter it. Even the most efficiently profitable cannot profit as a slave. What does the goblin have that can counter loyalty?