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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day 23: Mudsprocket

I've mostly quested in Dustwallow Marsh, reached lvl 35. Reached Mudsprocket, but unfortunately the quests were too high for me. I'll be back. I was happy to see those always-smiling little green guys again! After that I flied to Stonetalon and rode to Nijel's Point, Desolace. I quested some there, then returned Theramore. On the way back, there was an unexpected pleasure. The flightpath crosses Mulgore, the Tauren homeland. I like it very much and was good to see it from above.

The business was still slow. Few items were sold, my major activity was collecting investment for Thelnia. That was until late afternoon. After that things started to sell like there was the end of the world tomorrow. I smelted around 100 iron and steel bars and put them for sale. They sold too, just like books, remaining enchanting mats and everything. Even the hordies were busy in the common AH. At the end: 1680G, 96 auctions, 12 bids, approximately 1000G at Thelnia.

No posts tomorrow, since I'll be meditating in Ironforge over the meaning of "AFK".

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Gaming Diva said...

I have fond memories of questing in Mudsprocket, and I'm looking forward to it with my holy priest.

I see the green goblins more since I now have a toon on Horde side. Right outside Origammer the Brewfest tent has been set up one of the goblins has a dwarf mask on. Truly hilarious, I'll have to take a screenshot and post it on my website.

You are working the Auction House, great job! One day I'll get that high I am having fun racking up the WOW gold. ;-)