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Friday, September 26, 2008

Day 20: Business everywhere

I did lot of business work today. At first smelted hundreds of tin and copper ore into bronze. I already have some on the market, but it's never enough. Secondly I created and listed 5 stacks of steel bar. Bid on some stuff for resale, but tried to remain conservative, I don't want to spend hours packing, listing, organizing the stuff. I'm no longer fishing, I'm whaling. I flied to Booty Bay again to list wool cloth to the common AH for lowered price. Sent Thelnia 4 more bags full of investment. It was really a long business day.

In the meantime I managed to take some time for leveling. Leveled my sword skill too, since I bought a twink sword and couldn't sell it so I chose to use it. Reached lvl 32 in Southshore. I also spent about 8G on gear, some of my items were more than 10 levels old.

At the end: 1140G, 188 auctions, 20 bids, about 600G at Thelnia.

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Gaming Diva said...

Ore didn't do well n one of the servers I was on checking out the server that I made my new toon on this past Sunday is a completely different story. Skinning and Herbalism (my professions) also do very well on here.

I bought some items, yesterday (including a nice caster robe that was selling for 3% of what it was worth) and resold them.

The AH is a game in itself. It's sort of challenging and fun with my new toon. I had no money initially when I made toons on the new realm less than a week ago and now almost at 100G, not bad at all.

Unlike my main realm I don't have rich toons to send to my low toons I had to move fast. :-)

Gaming Diva