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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Day 2: Farming

There is one problem with herbalism-minig, you always bump into something to herb and to mine. Mostly it also include fighting with some beast next to it. Ergo: lot of items, slow levelling. I quested 2 hours in Dun Morogh and other one in Elwyn Forest, reaching almost lvl 10. I know thats slow.
But I collected 5 stacks of copper and 10 stacks of herbs. Put them all to the AH, already sold some. The herbs I put in for low yesterday were sold, letting me start my buisiness. I'll write about it later. For now I only say that it will bring me very nice profit.

I also bought three Herb Pouches from vendor for 9s and put it to the AH for 1.5G.
I also made 50 s from signing someone's charter.
I bought a white mace from vendor. Two times stronger then my previous. Investment into large gear improvement always worth, since you can quest, mine and herb faster and more safe from corpse runs.

Now I'm waiting for some items to sell, and while doing so, write some about Auctioneer, as promised yesterday.

Update: I have more than 10G! And this is only day 2!

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