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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day 12: skillups

I bought 14 more iron ore and reached mining slvl 156. I bought some gold ore to make it to slvl 165, although gold bar is cheaper than ore. It was an investment into the skill. I bought cheap iron bars too and smelted them to steel for sale.

I decided to pick first aid and cooking. Both have leveling and money-making purposes. Heavy Netherweave Bandage is the best vendortrashing item. You buy the cloth for less then 3G/stack, make the bandage, sell it to a vendor for 6G/stack. First aid also helps in nasty situations. I can bubble/bandage when I'm are out of mana.

Cooking can also be profitable, mostly on high levels, creating standard raiding buff-food like Golden Fish Sticks. During leveling I can create +stamina/+spirit buff food for literally coppers what is nice when tanking.

In connection with these the analysis for today will be leveling these professions cost-effectively.

During leveling cooking I found lack of Expert Cookbook. So I sailed to Darkshore (remember that 1 G I payed to a mage for Darnassus portal? Was a great investment). From Darkshore I flied to Astranaar and walked to the trade supply vendor and bought 30 Expert Cookbook.

Despite the investment in skills, books, and the enchanting material that still did not sell, I have 176G.

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