Greedy Goblin


This is the introduction and rules page of the guild "The PuG" (Agamaggan-EU, alliance, armory here). The guild was created as a project to prove several points you can dig up on my blog. I closed it after I moved to EVE Online since WoW became a jumpy arcade game.

Now it's run by my girlfriend, focusing on challenge mode dungeons. Feel free to join if you want to play the game without demands and with competent people for grouping.

Guild and raid chat rules:
  • No kiddie-speak, slang or emotionally loaded synonyms! Use decent English! I'm aware that many of us are not native speakers and I'm not hunting for "then vs than" or "was vs had been". Examples of improper speak (not full list): lol, m8, i, u, r, lawl, g2g, cba, rofl, ppl, peeps, ofc,  yo, moar, pwn, teh...
  • No primitive, abusive language (fukk, #%$#%@$ and such)!
  • Emoticons of any kind are forbidden.
  • No IRL things on gchat: we are from different backgrounds and here for one and only thing: we like to play this game. We may have different purposes, but that does not belong to the guild chat. You may like soccer. Or movies. Or Megan Fox. But others may not and chatting about these are pointless spam to them at best, and alienating, excluding environment at worst. Discuss such things on /casual or /w.
  • No gz! As you progress in the game, you get a few great and lot of stupid achievements. Blizzard decided to inform us from these. It's already annoying that the chat is spammed by [Explore feralas], don't increase the trash by 10 lines of "gratz"!
  • No hi/bye! Everyone can see if you are online or not. No need to spam the chat with 10 lines of hi/bye! Getting a "hi" in whisper means he is happy to see you, while gchat spam is impersonal and just spam. I'd like to emphasize that I won't kick anyone for occasional greetings. Just don't spam!
  • The guild chat is not the trade chat! You can see the professions on the guild interface, approach them in /w or use /trade. Sell your stuff in the AH!
  • We have an official chit-chat channel "/casual" where you can have fun talk. Using it for forming groups, or discussing strategies is forbidden as it would exclude players who don't want chit-chat.
  • After one month of inactivity, you will be kicked. However you can ask for an invite again if you come back. Lowbies (below 20 or 60 for DKs) are kicked after two weeks. If you don't just disappear but write "Away until date" you won't be kicked until this date, unless you reach 2 month inactivity, so "Away until dec 12" in March does not help you. 
  • Finally, the kick rule: Anyone who violates the rules gets warning(s) and if does not fix his error, kicked. In most guilds people get "relaxed" after a time, ignoring the rules and start to behave terribly. Not here!
  • Your name cannot contain kiddie-speak, whole sentences or "fun" real world references. Your name can be a human name (Anne), a meaningless word (Rowlar), or a neutral word (treetop). Can't contain references to class, spec, spells or anything "cool" or "fun".
  • No communist collective! You are not required to travel to the other end of the world just to craft something to a guildy. You are not required to craft for a guildy free, since leveling your prof had costs and opportunity cost of not having one more gatherer prof. You are not required to pass BoE items to a guildy. You are not required to remove your item from the AH and sell it to a guildy for discount. Your guildy has no monopoly rights on any segment of the AH. You are absolutely not required to boost a guildy. Of course you can still do it. But discuss it in whisper. Asking for any of the above on /gchat is forbidden. If you seek a crafter, or need help to do a quest, offer him fee.
  • No guild bank, use the AH! The gold coming from guild perk cash flow is distributed via guild bank found repairs.
For invite, please whisper to LĂ­via or any other inviters.

The guild is involved in various activities, mostly group BGs, LFR, 10-man, none of them are mandatory, there aren't recommended specs or classes.