Greedy Goblin

Guide to riches for low/null/WH veterans

What the hell are you doing here?

You are a "pro PvP pilot" living in low/null/WH, where only the best and coolest elite can survive. You are just a warp away from sanctums, lvl5 missions, capital escalations, high-end ores. All the riches of EVE are yours! What the hell do you want from a "highsec carebear" who don't have kills at all, strike that want none. I'm sure you know that buying lower than selling makes one rich and can surely figure out how to EVEMon the optimal way to get a trader alt. You flied trough nullsec gatecamps so I can't give you new hauling tips either. What do you want from me?

You are here because despite you did all the things that the community considers "cool" and "l33t", you are dirt poor. Without the alliance reimbursement program you couldn't even replace that cheap Drake you fly, not to mention the dread you have perfect skills for almost a year but couldn't buy. Hell you have to pay for the game, or even cash in PLEX to get the faction ammo that the FC told you to. While your killboard is shining and you are looking down on the "pathetic carebears", you have serious financial problems. This is why you are here. Oh sure, you'll comment that "i just came to lol" but I'm sure that funny cat picture sites are better for that.

You are poor because CCP lied to you. They promised you "the higher the risks, the higher the rewards". After all a sanctum gives better loot than a random highsec complex and Mercoxite sells higher than Veldspar. This is true. What they "forgot" to mention is that life in null has serious costs. Mostly not in ISK, but in time. Time is money. Opportunity cost. Outside of highsec there is always someone to PvP with. If you are out of high, you probably like PvP so don't even notice how time flies.

The second problem is the losses and risks of losses. If you are not in an untanked Hulk, you can mine happily in highsec. In low/null a single neutral can mean your death. You might choose to not take risks. You might be ordered not to and dock at the first neut. WH is better since there is no local channel to scare you but I'm sure that busy corpmates will alert you that they've seen a noobship entering. Also, you'll have losses, mostly in PvP. The rule of getting rich is earn more than you spend. You can have 2B/month income, you'll be broke if you lose 2.1. And if you live outside of highsec, you'll have losses.

You need a new account. A highsec one. One without any connection to any of your gaming friends. Your brother/partner can know about it. Your best friend IRL can know about it. Not a single one of your "game friends" and real life buddies can know about it. If they find out, you just wasted a PLEX for that account. If they know that you are online, strike that, that you are near your computer (that's what Jabber is for) they will "ask" you to stop making money and join them in a fleet/roam/whatever they have in mind. The hidden alt allows you to only join their activity when you want to and not when they want you to.

So, recruit a friend yourself. Buy a PLEX from the store if you have to. Switch off all kind of communication software. Log in the game with your new account alt and start the newbie trade alt protocol. Trading is not your thing? Then start a mining, manufacturing or a missioning one. If you play in highsec, you get money. Some things pay well, others pay poor but all of them pay. If you have no preference, I'd suggest trading/hauling as they are the highest ISK/hour activity.