Greedy Goblin

EVE UI suggestions

This is a permanent page, I will update it often. You can comment it here, I clean the old comments after incorporating them into the texts. Please reference the suggestions with their numbers.

This is a list of UI upgrade suggestions that I'd like to pass to a CSM and via him the CCP. Feel free to discuss, make suggestions yourself. However as it's an UI post, please don't post anything that changes the gameplay. Only things that are possible now, just with too many clicks or by using a piece of paper.
  1. Redundant skills: it's just litter on the screen. The redundant skill is a requirement that is fully included into another requirement. For example to fly a Leviathan, the primary skill demand is Capital ships 5, the secondary is Caldari titan 1, the tertiary is Jump drive operation 1. However the Caldari titan skill requires Capital ships 5. So if the primary skill requirement of the Leviathan would be removed, the skill would still had to be learned, but wouldn't litter the screen.
  2. Full skill bonus list in ship/module description: it should be a new tab on show info and a great help to new players, much more than "recommended" tab. It would be similar to the ship-specific description "Caldari Industrial Skill Bonus: 5% Bonus Cargo Capacity and Max Velocity per skill level", just for all skills affecting the ship or module like "Spaceship command: -2% agility bonus". It could be a table listing the skill names, bonus to the item, current skill level, an icon that places the skill to the top of the training queue and an info icon for the skill.
  3. Split into containers: If I pull a stack into an open container window and the stack is too big to fit in, I get a dialog telling me that and letting me split the stack. It even fill the number field with the highest available. However if I pull the same stack to the icon of the same container, I just get an error message. Give the same split window instead!
  4. Set destination button on every location info: It would be most useful on the "settled systems" tab of the corporation info, and the "orbital bodies" tab of the solar system info.
  5. Buy multiple items on LP store: Have you bought 90 pieces of AP-602? Not fun.
  6. Join/increase order: When modifying a buy order it should be possible to change the quantity (of course paying the same broker fee as it would be for a new buy order). This way one wouldn't have to retype all the numbers when one of his orders is 2/100, just increase it by 100 and it would be 102/200, retaining price, scope, date. Also, when I want to sell an item and already has a sell order for that item, I should be able to add these items to the sell order with a click.
  7. When I right-click my own order in the market window, I get the option "Modify order". A "Cancel order" would be great too.
  8. Search/filter among guests in stations: have you tried to find a person in Jita 4/4? Not fun. How about a search window and a "show only contacts/corpmates" checkbox so I can see who interesting is in the same station as me.
  9. Instant repackage: "You cannot sell an assembled item, try repackage first". This is what the UI says when you try to sell an assembled ship or module. I doubt if it would be hard to put a "Repackage now" button next to the "OK" button
  10. Sell all: If you right-click on an item, one of the options is "Sell" providing the selling window where you set the price. If you do this on a selection of items, it should do the same on the first item, then the second when the first window is closed by setting up a sell order, then the third, and so on, until you cancel one of the sell windows or run out of market order slots.
  11. Option on trade/wallet: using "K", "M", "B" and set decimals. So if I click on the "K", "M", "B" options and set decimals to 2, a price of "123456789.01 ISK" (market details, orders, wallet journal) is listed as 123.46M
  12. Accepting "K", "M", "B" in price fields: Simply I want to be able to sell for "325M" instead of "325000000"
  13. Undercut lowest buy / Overcut highest sell button on the set price field: instead of manually looking up that the lowest buy order is 1234567.89 and typing in 1240000, I should just press the button and it fills the price field for me. Its options (on the market options tab) should be "undercut by value", "undercut by %" (obviously just one of them can be checked) and "correct to N nonzero digits", where the last means that if I set it to 3, and the uncorrected price would be 1234567.89, it correct sell orders to 1230000 and buy orders to 1240000.
  14. Distance from destination switch for market window: there are "jumps" fields on the market window, assets, people and places and many other, showing how far the item is from my current location. If I set that option, it changes to the distance from my destination.
  15. In a fleet I have the option to "Warp to member" which only work if we are in the same system and do nothing when not. Instead, it shall change to "Set destination to member" when we are in different systems, that set his current solar system my destination. If he jumps to another system, the destination shall be updated.
  16. Keep wreck targeted: if a targeted enemy ship is killed and this option is checked, the wreck remains the target, or if it's considered a new entity, it's auto-targeted. Save some clicks for looters/salvagers.
  17. Auto loot all: it's an option with "off", "all", "legal". If on, I automatically loot everything when I press the box icon next to a cargo. If it's "legal", I loot everything but contraband. The loot box then closes unless I can't loot due to filled ship.
  18. Pilot license remaining: there is a tab "Pilot license" on the character sheet, saying "Pilot license is in order". It should also say how many days left before it runs out (before the credit card is used again with subscription)
  19. Additional minimum escrow to cover: If you have Margin trading skill, not all the ISK is taken to escrow, the order tab tells how much is in escrow and how much needed to cover all buy orders. One more field would be useful here: the amount of cash needed to cover the largest piece of buy order. I need this cash or that order will fail
  20. Wallet blink treshold: The wallet only blinks if the amount change is larger than this value, signaling that something important happened, and not just received 3K bounty from a rat.
  21. New item on every menu where "view market details" is available: "view transfer details" which opens the wallet/transfer for that item, and press "load".
  22. Multi-waypoint optimizer: I set several waypoints and the server reorders them for the shortest route. For example I'm in Jita, I set the first waypoint to Urlen, second to New Caldari, third to Amarr, pressing the optimize change it to NC-Urlen-Amarr.  
  23. In the market options I can set "show high-sec", "show low-sec", "show null-sec". A new option "show highsec islands" would be useful that refers to the systems that are highsec but can't be reached from the Empire without passing trough lowsec systems.
  24. Change market history graph maximum to 300% of the highest 5-day average. So if the highest 5-days average value of Tritanium was 6, then the graph maximum shouldn't be more than 18, even if there are values outside it. Currently if a moron or troll bought 1 tritanium for 1M, the graph maximum is 1M, making all the real values invisibly small.
  25. Clone PI factories. A new button on factories, which let me target another factory of the same type (basic for basic for example). The master factory will get a letter on it, the clones get the same letter and numbers (like A, A1, A2, A3). Whatever schematics or route I set for the master factory, all the clones copy. If they cannot copy it (for example due to no link to the route), it shall give a message "the order cannot be completed by A3"
  26. Auto-route PI item: if the extractor or factory has just one link, the button "auto route" is usable, it create routes for all raw materials and products to that one link.
  27. "Small icons" on PI: it's a new button next to the "X" that closes planet view. If I press it, the extractor heads disappear, factories, extractors and so on become small dots, allowing links to be easily seen and manipulated. 
  28. "All asset value" on the character screen.  ISK + escrow + Jita 5-day average price of all items.
  29. Limit distance on star map: it's a setting on the star map which is too huge. If I set it to 5, only those stars are visible that are 5 jumps away from my current position or any of the stars that are in my current route