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Monday, November 4, 2013

October ganking report

October was a great month for my corporation, We Gank Because We Care. You can see the results on the killboard but since October was 31 days long, I decreased all data by 30/31 to be comparable to September:
  September October Change
Kills 1052 1665 +58%
Billion ISK 124.9 175.9 +41%
Average value 119M 106M -11%
Ganker pilots 3 5 +66%

Not only our performance grown greatly but with the expectation of further growth. The average kill value decreased because our new gankers have low skills, so have to pick cheaper targets. As they mature, their performance will increase without larger time commitment. The kill value distribution is partially explained by this too:
While it's clearly better than September when I made 98% of the ganks, it's still not pretty. The corp needs gankers who match my own results, which leads us to Recruitment! I made the following post on the official recruitment forum and urge my readers to join in the holy crusade against stupidity and ineffective play. Let's teach the dumb and get results that make "PvP alliances" look funny:

We Gank Because We Care is a newly formed corp but already reached stunning results:
125B destroyed in September
182B destroyed in October (killboard)

This was all done with 4 (four) players and we weren't whored on blob kills, all our kills are ours, no other corp has part in them.
• Do you want to have kills up to 100 Billion ISK a month? (I have 114B this month)
• Do you want 30+B of it totally solo kills?
• Do you want people yell "DOCK UP [you] IS IN LOCAL!!!"
• Do you want them to form dozen large fleet to catch you and fail miserably?
• Do you want to make difference in New Eden, weeding out stupidity?
• You don't want some nerd tell you when to warp, where to go, what to shoot, when to PvE but want to use your own head?
• Do you want random people send you mails thanking your work or cheering for you in local?

These are what WGBWC offering besides a teaching program that can turn a hopeless carebear who never shot at anyone into a killing machine outperforming whole PvP corps in a month.

Read our complete recruitment post and join "goblinganks" in-game channel.

How did the teaching, the ultimate goal of the corp go?
Despite I did not link the "Why was I ganked" page on any recent post, it got 7200 hits last month, all driven there by my announcements in local and in mails after ganks. So yes, people read and learn.

The typical morons, the station campers wasted some. I mean their own time. I don't even set station campers as negative contacts because they are totally harmless. One of them realized the futility of his actions and fought fire with fire, suicide ganked a railgun Talos into my looter, with Concord on grid:

Finally, more anti-tears:

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