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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Morons of the week

As usual the idiots are back, this time from the Oct 28 – Nov 3 period, with the important life lesson of “being dumb hurts”!

Suicide ganked shinies. I simply can’t comprehend why do people fly these. Let me give a rule of thumb: for every 100M cargo you should have 10K EHP. Since a freighter has like 150K EHP, it means 1.5B Cargo. Not 10B. Wardecced shiny lost (mostly to Freight Club), because flying these in NPC corp is hard. Let me be simple: if you are under wardec and undock a valuable PvE ship in highsec, you are dumb like a piece of rock. Here is a special one, who considered it a good idea to travel his 3B pod in a shuttle, instead of a tanked frig which can’t be taken down by someone being bored in a Thrasher.

Finally, a raging moron from my own collection:

I hope you learned from the fate of our brainless fellows and do better!

Finally, anti-tears from the campaign of We Gank Because We Care:

1 comment:

Mesar said...

For the second one, i think i have an explanation about why they suicide-ganked and did not wardec.

Being a big alliance, goon probably have a lot of logistics, meaning that they probably have a bunch of people travelling in high-sec to deliver theyre moon goo and other thing.

As long theyre is no Wardec, these people are "relatively" safe in highsec, only suicid gank can kill them. If a wardec is declared, these people become nice target (lone freighter in highsec Under wardec... you are the first one explainning how it is dumb)

So for goon, wardeccing is a heavy price to pay to make their own logistic-boys targets. Making this just for the sake of killing some JF on the other side would probably not be a good idea