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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Minipost: girl with a dog

BDO is pretty much a sandbox game in the sense that there are so many progression paths, so many different things to do that it's easy to get lost and think that you'll never finish anything ever (are the cooking quests procedurally generated? They are endless). So it can feel like a never-ending grind and you want to end it. It should be a fantasy world and not a pixel job.

Then you leave your computer and find a "screen saver" running in a game where your avatar is doing silly emotes and your pet is wandering around:

And you realize that it's a fantasy world and you don't have to do those quests, get that one last level or whatnot. Not like the girl with the dog will leave you. And then you realize what is really important.

Seting your market orders:


seanas said...

lucky day for you: not a single Bloody Tree Knot listed.

By the way, noted in an interview today: buy orders are coming to BDO with the Valencia update. Apparently you'll only be able to select the max price when setting the buy order, but otherwise a nice boost for crafters wanting to profit.

Vincent said...

She looks happy on that screenshot