Greedy Goblin

Sunday, May 29, 2016

I should be so lucky; Lucky, lucky, lucky

I hate luck based mechanics in games. BDO has some, though it's manageable. The worst is accessory enchantment. If you enchant gear with black stones, you either succeed or get a bonus. Or you can "force enchant". I ran the numbers and gambling has better results on the long run.

For accessories, it's all or nothing. You don't just lose a 200K black stone, but both identical items if it fails. If it succeeds, you get an upgraded accessory. If you want to make a "pri" Hesus ring (2x 50K), that's annoying. If you want to make a "pri" Scarla Necklace (6 AP, 6 DP), you have to risk two normals, both costing 5M. Losing them stings, even for me. Of course I first maxed the bonus by trying to enchant my normal gear (more about that in the post on Monday), and when failed enough times, I placed them in:

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