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Monday, May 30, 2016

Processing and crafting

On Friday I wrote I've found something that must be tested. Once again I forgot taxes, so crafting armor is just "good income source" and not "everyone is stupid who doesn't do it" as I first thought.

The story starts with my gear enchanting stopped not by lack of money for stones, but by lack of repair gear on the marketplace. If you enchant gear, you lose maximum durability that can't be repaired normally, it needs similar gear to be sacrificed as spare part. I use "of Heve" in head and chest slots, they are pretty cheap and abundant boss drops. In the gloves and feet slots: Steel Taritas. Probably wasn't my brightest moment to pick them over normal Taritas, as they are rare and expensive. But back then I didn't know about the max durability repair and its lighter weight and higher durability over normal convinced me to take them and now I'm stuck with them. But then came the idea: instead of waiting for the AH to show up, I can make them!

A Steel Taritas Gloves needs the following materials:
  • 10x Black Stone Powder, 1210 each and the market is full of it
  • 5x Steel, 8500 each, you'll hear about it later
  • 1x Fine Hard Hide, 30K
  • 3x Mud Crystal, 22K each, you'll hear about it later
All together 150K. The completed gloves sell for 225K. After tax: 146K, not so good. But I didn't want to sell them, I used them myself, saving me buying them, so they are worth the full 225K. It is very much recommended for everyone who uses craftable items (for example Yuria sword) to craft them himself. How to craft? You have to find a building that has the proper workshop. The design page lists them. They are high level building, so expect to buy more than just them, you must spend around 8 contribution points and get a bunch of other buildings you can use for storage, residence or lodging. After upgrading the building to level 3, select "manage crafting" and:

Now let's get back to the materials, because that's where the profit is. First, the steel. It needs 5 melted iron shards and 5 coal and can be made by processing/heating. Coal can be mined by your workers. The shards are processed from 5 iron ores. Since good skill processing gives double materials, you need 2.5 coal (240 each), and 6.25 iron ore (140 each). 1475 silver in materials and 3 processing steps, meaning 2.3K profit per energy. If your processing is higher, probably more. Let's add that the materials don't have to be purchased, your workers can farm them, saving the tax (as the opportunity is selling them). I used to vendor iron for 80 silver, so using them in steel is quite an improvement. Mud Crystal can be gained from heating Raw Mud Crystals, but good luck finding them on the marketplace. You need to look at Glish ruins! The point is that by using materials I used to sell and some energy, I can make the materials for the gloves and can craft them, making pretty nice savings.

My mass producing got its result:

Of course you can produce other profitable wares by processing: planks and plywoods from timber can be profitable, flour and dough is needed for cooking, and so on. It's hard to tell if processing is "better" than cooking, but the decision must be made every time you have energy to spend. Cooking needs a residence and utensil and unless you spend a lot, you'll use the 100 HP one which needs to be replaced again and again, while processing can deplete all your energy while AFK. On the other hand the cooking byproducts allow contribution point gain without questing. Make up your own mind!

However if you use something in large quantity, consider making it yourself. Lot of money can be saved on taxes.


Moonraker said...

"The shards are processed from 5 iron ores. Since good skill processing gives double materials, you need 2.5 coal (240 each), and 6.25 iron ore (140 each)."

That doesn't appear right? If the coal is around half at 2.5 (instead of 5) then it would be around 2.5 iron ore (instead of 5) per iron metal shard. Or, 12.5 iron ore (instead of 25) for the 5 iron metal shards per Steel ingot.

The problem with metal shards generally is that workers can't do them and they offer very poor XP rate compared to either higher end ores > shards like Zinc, or a lot of other processing items. Conversely creating Steel ingots does provide good a good XP rate so considering purchasing the shards would be more energy efficient in terms of raising skill level.

It is one of the consent balances alongside silver efficiency as higher skills will eventually reduce costs through more procced items etc. For example, after around Processing Skill5 you get the chance of x3 procs, after Pro10 x4. Then the energy efficiency of high skill levels actually reducing energy cost through chance to process without energy cost.

This Reddit thread has some more detail on these break points which are useful to consider in this;

Gevlon said...

12.5 iron ore for 5 metal shards, yes, but you don't need 5, you need 2.5. (5 coal + 5 shard = 2 ingot)

Buying metal shards to level faster is an interesting idea, I explore it better.

seanas said...

All the secondary processing (making cloth, ingots, plywood, etc) gives better processing xp than the first processing step. The best processing xp comes from turning flax thread into flax fabric, and cotton yarn into cotton fabric (probably the same for wool, but supply is more limited so it's not as common).

Making and selling steel ingots is a good idea - its a base ingredient in the weapon and armour upgrade stones, so there's a constant demand for it (unlike cotton and flax fabric, which are only used in outfits and in wagon parts).