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Friday, May 27, 2016

Consumables and wealth

I got a "legendary" crystal for a quest:
Seeing that it's destructible, I immediately classified it as "consumable". Maybe it's my EVE background, but "don't leave the safe zone with anything you don't want to lose" was obvious to me, so I didn't for a second think of using it. I tried my luck on the auction house, but the high fixed price range hinted that it'll not sell.

To my surprise, its listing was announced server-wide and it sold in no time:

I stared in disbelief. Are people that rich to afford a 9M crystal that will likely be destroyed in a few days? Or are they dumb like the purple missioner in EVE?

The wealth ranking hints the second:
I'm already above average in wealth, playing less than a month and spending recklessly on black stones and artisan workers. I'm afraid - and it's quite obvious - that I've encountered the same as I did in WoW and EVE: most players aren't good at making money and just grind dumbly, but they gladly spend on anything shiny, therefore they never have a dime in their purse. I'm just start another little experiment. I'm not sure if success or failure would make me happier. You'll hear about it on Monday.

I hope BDO will soon have a competitive end-game, allowing me not just to climb on meters but directly compete with others.


Destabilizator said...

This is THE BEST off-hand crystal you can have and your account gets only one. There are many activities, where if you die, you don't lose crystals, and that's exactly where you also need any edge you can get - GvG, wars, sieges, PK-self-defense, Red Battlefield. Only time you are losing crystals is if you die in PvE or if you are red and someone kills you.

With sieges coming very soon, everyone who doesn't have one of these ofc wants it ;)

Gevlon said...

Nope, you don't need any edge there. If you don't lose crystals in PK self defense or Red battlefield, then there is no point, as dying is irrelevant.

In wars having more members or better strategy will decide, not your crystals.

On the other hand, it's GUARANTEED that you'll have a PvE death soon, even if you don't go out grinding. For example I died while autopiloting. Probably a monster blocked me on the road. I don't really care. If I'd lose 9M. I would.

Anonymous said...

I play a ranger and the amount of damage that this class does is effected by our maximum health level. The more health you have the more damage that you do, (overall health - not health at any one time).

Two 100hp gems in your chest armor is standard to help this. But with the off-hand you can do much better. This crystal was also a sell for me.

Tithian said...

It's obviously intended as a 'carrot' to chase for the hardcore players, as well as a good gold sink. To be fair, if you are only interested in PvP then what else are you going to spend your money on, if not crystals (assuming you have near-maxed your gear anyway).

Anonymous said...

Honestly.. I make around 8 to 10 million when grinding straight Money for an hour. It's harder to actually snipe one of these Crystals from the Market than actually getting the money for it.

Gevlon said...

Sure, Anonymous always makes stupid amount of money. It doesn't matter that with your numbers everyone would be on the wealth toplist (which is impossible), right?

Care to share your grinding place and items you get so someone could verify these numbers?

Anonymous said...

I have a level 10 Node at Sausans and Grind one of the 5man Rotations with a friend (usually a geared Ranger/Witch/Sorc/Tamer). I'm a 57 Sorc that has 156AP/177DP ( I get about 4mio per hour in trade ins and another 4mio in Black Stones, ... that sell via special deals.

While Grinding at Witch or Marks i get about 1 Mark/Earring every two hours plus black stones, relics, yuria stuff.

When doing ruins i get Anient Guardian Seal every few hours plus tradeins that sell for 1700each.

Doing Pirates makes me Blue Stuff and tradeins that are worth 2k each and i get about two per pirate thanks to my lvl 8 Node.

Elrics makes tons of money aswell (and it's easy to grind there for 51+ when you have gear).

The reason i'm not #1 the wealth toplist is because i actually use my money to upgrade my gear (right now i got lots of liquids because valencia is comming with +16 gear (

Gevlon said...

That makes sense.

The extreme effort to gain a lvl 57 character and the insane amount of energy to get a lvl 10 node AND coordinating farming with a friend definitely worth the reward.

I would rather pull the same money over a day with 5 minutes clicking and a 3 weeks old lvl 51

Anonymous said...

@Gevlon You need to be level 55 and at around 300APDP (you should have that gear after a month of playing). Getting a level 10 Node is actually really easy if you consider that i started investing into that node about 2months ago. Finding a guy in my Guild that is interested in grinding usually takes about one question.

Also keep in mind that you are probably a onehit for most geared players in PVP. The main reason i went for 57 (i'll eventually go for 58) is because i need the skillpoints as it softcaps at 500 any you need like 700ish pre awakening and even more once you awaken. The Awakening gives your class a second set of weapons that you can switch out and you need to be level 58 to get all the new skills.

I don't want to talk you down or anything but without Grinding there is no way that you are able to stay competetive when you want to win in PVP.

seanas said...

I'm with you, Gevlon: if it's too expense to lose, then it's the right price to sell.

That said, the argument I've seen from people who buy it is 'buy a second, cheap set of gear, wear the cheap set if you're doing anything you might die doing' - which is also the same advice given for fighting world bosses.

Having a second set of gear is not bad advice - but really, if you can't equip your gear, what is it for? It's like all those super-caps in Eve that no-one ever undocks - people buy them to have, as prestige; they don't buy them to use.

Gevlon said...

@Anon: Assuming you earn 45 energy per hour (20 when playing, 60 when in bed, 8 hours active play), you spent 64K energy in nodes over the two months. I make 5K per energy when crafting and I'm far from being Artisan 7-9. So the opportunity cost of those nodes were 300M. I'm not saying you made a bad deal, it's just not a cheap deal and it's only for those who really grind in those nodes.

I'm sure in the opposite: grinding is not needed for PvP. Sure, if you talk about 1v1, you are right. But in a guild v guild a better managed guild able to field more people can zerg down a few geared people.

Anonymous said...

@Gevlon I 1v5 almost everyone who is not as geared as I am... In my guild there are a few DP Valks that hit 250DP and they are almost unkillable. Even in a Zerg you need to have a certain level of gear or you just get stomped hard.

Also do you know that you get extra energy for each character you create? I have 9 Chars that pump energy into nodes while my main does crafting/gathering/...
You don't really need to get a node to level 10. You get it to level 7 really quick and that probably triples the tradeins you get form there.

Gevlon said...

Sure, because you have 10 more AP+DP, you can 1v5 them... Because that's the gear difference we're talking about here.

Oh, it seems you figured out why I picked Valk.

nightgerbil said...

Gevlon seeing you argue with a geared anon whose telling you stuff from experience is giving me flashbacks to your "mining titan" eve posts. I submit to you that in pvp any edge matters. Your doing a dis service to yourself AND your guild mates by not being the very best you can.

Or to put it into wow terms: If you haven't gemmed and enchanted that conquest gear your a moron and a slacker and gtfo of my rated bg team.

Gevlon said...

@Nightgerbil: and that's how Band of Brothers fell to Goons in Rifters.
And how Goons fell to MoA in Cormorants.

In WoW the raid sizes are fixed. You can only add a player if you remove another. So having a bit better gem can get you a spot. In Guild vs Guild PvP you can add an extra player and 2v1 is usually a win.

Of course that does not mean that you should add every moron and slacker, that's why Goons fell. They spread the idea of slacking and stupidity and poison the rest. So you need standards. How high is tricky. If it's too high, you turn down useful players. If it's too low, you swamp yourself with M&S. But demanding lvl 57 (hint: there are 3 such players on my server) is surely stupidly elitist.

I don't know how high is the perfect. But I'm 100% sure that (assuming the siege feature will be interesting enough to have a project) we'll roflstomp the "grind 5 hours a day or GTFO" kids.

Anonymous said...

Right now it might be true that GvG is Zergy as fuck meaning that number are more important than gear and skill but that will change soon when +16 comes out. Then Suddenly i don't have an extra 40 gearscore (+15 and all pri is so easy to get if you are playing since release for 2hrs a day)... no... i'll suddenly have a gearscore that is atleast 80 to 100 higher so i will be able to 1v20 casual Players without having any fear of them killing me(because they can't hit me because of levels, they don't do any damage because i outgear them, i kill them with 1 hit).

Also keep in Mind that in Nodewars and Sieges you have a fixed 100 vs 100. Even if you build a megacoalition of 10 Guilds you will struggle in not killing each other because it's a ffa.

jstk said...

People buy expensive crystals (and there are much more expensive ones as well) because you only lose them on PVE death. Getting pkd, dying in a siege or in GVG does not break crystals. And as you can see nobody remotely geared ever dies to mobs in that game as long as they're not asleep.