Greedy Goblin

Thursday, October 8, 2015

1 year of donations

A year and a month ago MoA donation board was published. Since then 510B was collected, 410B from me. On the one hand I'm sad that the rest of EVE was willing to contribute 1/4 of me to the fight against the only empire left. People use to like the "hopeless rebels win" stories, but they don't really want to take part of it. On the other hand, 100B is a pretty nice sum. To show the results, I simply grabbed the Imperium losses for the last 12 months and ran the usual program on it to see how MoA performed relative to others. The numbers are pretty clear about which alliance fights the Evil Imperium the most. I hope this convinces you that if you want to be part of the next big story of EVE, you should be in MoA if you can PvP and financially support them if you can make ISK. Hint: MoA did 2x more damage than the #3 Killer, who are #2 now that BL disbanded. I'd also check out the #30 killer.

Alliance B ISK lost
Circle-Of-Two 3880
Executive Outcomes 565
Fatal Ascension 1515
Fidelas Constans 3828
Forged of Fire 497
Get Off My Lawn 1590
Goonswarm Federation 10652
Greater Western Co-Prosperity Sphere 1773
I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth 598
Initiative Mercenaries 107
RAZOR Alliance 1407
RvB - BLUE Republic 1248
RvB - RED Federation 1461
SpaceMonkey's Alliance 3647
Tactical Narcotics Team 1617
The Initiative. 1413
The Bastion 3026
Small ones 45
Total CFC losses 38869

38.9T. That's some nice sum. If we remember the 2013 destruction data, this is around 10% of total EVE losses.

Below you can see how many killers were on their kill reports, proving that solo and small gang are not dead:
Size category B ISK destroyed
Solo 7402
2..3 7415
4..5 5143
6..10 6589
11..30 6528
31+ 5792

Below you can see how many ships and ISK they lost in different ship value groups:
Size category Ships lost B ISK destroyed
-40M 461729 4688
40M-125M 82350 5878
125M-250M 34290 6611
250M-400M 16868 5103
400M-1500M+ 11887 7992
1500M+ 2390 8598

Finally, the zone distribution that shows that CFC mostly dies at home, usually while ratting:
Zone B ISK destroyed
Deklein 4274
Fountain 3139
Vale of the Silent 3107
HighThe Forge 2547
Branch 2521
Tribute 2377
Venal 1993
Fade 1902
Pure Blind 1826
Low_Lonetrek 1131
HighThe Citadel 1010
Cloud Ring 884
Providence 788
Low_Black Rise 769
Delve 720
Catch 707
Tenal 641
Syndicate 585
Geminate 548
HighDomain 539
Querious 537
Sum of small ones 6323
Total 38869

Let's see the top killers and their 1B+ kills!
  1. Mordus Angels with 2365B ISK damage: 1451M, 1328M, 1315M, 15B, 1106M, 3156M, 3867M, 2931M, 2895M, 2648M, 1297M, 12B, 3008M, 1134M, 3085M, 1106M, 2691M, 1898M, 2152M, 1328M, 1311M, 3792M, 1469M, 2246M, 1045M, 1077M, 1187M, 1381M, 4171M, 2077M, 1030M, 1494M, 1660M, 1040M, 1101M, 3451M, 1094M, 1930M, 1676M, 2197M, 1103M, 1554M, 1785M, 2924M, 1052M, 1319M, 12B, 1747M, 1972M, 9894M, 1882M, 1346M, 1259M, 1076M, 1525M, 1598M, 1648M, 2286M, 2098M, 2519M, 1894M, 2083M, 1678M, 1583M, 2000M, 2034M, 1800M, 2754M, 1397M, 1425M, 2661M, 8615M, 1026M, 1383M, 6996M, 1659M, 2193M, 1714M, 1053M, 1034M, 1012M, 2165M, 2684M, 1046M, 1022M, 6614M, 1821M, 1067M, 1858M, 1066M, 1327M, 2614M, 1672M, 1580M, 2305M, 3158M, 1184M, 1340M, 2730M, 2018M, 1274M, 2144M, 2715M, 1894M, 1051M, 2895M, 1123M, 1619M, 1729M, 1684M, 1645M, 1315M, 1335M, 9732M, 2485M, 1647M, 3026M, 1113M, 2022M, 1585M, 1261M, 1404M, 2549M, 1066M, 1721M, 1231M, 1412M, 1433M, 1441M, 3149M, 1474M, 1678M, 1726M, 2007M, 1265M, 1433M, 1046M, 1799M, 1952M, 1486M, 1402M, 1230M, 1445M, 2080M, 2884M, 1122M, 1149M, 1658M, 2437M, 2792M, 2871M, 1039M, 1032M, 1498M, 2453M, 1119M, 2287M, 2388M, 1211M, 1181M, 1588M, 1302M, 1046M, 2762M, 1372M, 1417M, 4521M, 1741M, 2146M, 1629M, 1004M, 1210M, 1487M, 4668M, 1777M, 2228M, 2089M, 1694M, 2134M, 1150M, 1521M, 1413M, 1704M, 1858M, 2275M, 1077M, 1054M, 1541M, 1021M, 1085M, 1477M, 1715M, 1367M, 1475M, 1008M, 1114M, 2547M, 1026M, 1043M, 1144M, 2639M, 2411M, 1226M, 1039M, 1092M, 1150M, 2192M, 1135M, 2240M, 1368M, 2280M, 1545M, 1851M, 1293M, 1231M, 1039M, 8665M, 1015M, 1351M, 1967M, 1685M, 1507M, 1484M, 4581M, 1517M, 1417M, 1322M, 1730M, 1265M, 1068M, 2375M, 1339M, 1847M, 2367M, 3834M, 1866M, 1878M, 1942M, 1978M, 1823M, 11B, 2373M, 4156M, 1130M, 1558M, 1817M, 1030M, 1424M, 1359M, 1013M, 2000M, 1450M, 7575M, 1933M, 1967M, 1258M, 1961M, 2229M, 3371M, 2363M, 1791M, 3227M, 3176M, 1229M, 1026M, 1563M, 1939M, 1998M, 3680M, 1599M, 1593M, 1126M, 1076M, 2770M, 2868M, 1468M,
  2. Black Legion. with 1849B ISK damage: 1065M, 1563M, 1780M, 1960M, 1520M, 1964M, 1737M, 1016M, 1199M, 1520M, 2128M, 1320M, 1855M, 1766M, 5629M, 124B, 1124M, 1095M, 1080M, 1085M, 1715M, 1297M, 2112M, 2516M, 2017M, 1879M, 1464M, 1125M, 1342M, 2096M, 1609M, 4366M, 1368M, 1417M, 1939M, 94B, 1083M, 2633M, 1040M, 2120M, 1865M, 1147M, 1746M, 1165M, 1032M, 2084M, 1703M, 1727M, 2119M, 1339M, 2633M, 2611M, 2890M, 2026M, 1657M, 2067M, 1943M, 3336M, 3118M, 1263M, 1006M, 1347M, 1631M, 2302M, 1678M, 1669M, 2356M, 3562M, 3295M, 2519M, 1494M, 3527M, 1131M, 1166M, 2189M, 1355M, 2887M, 1024M, 2023M, 1484M, 11B, 1913M, 2868M, 2967M, 2860M, 3448M, 3199M, 2825M, 1467M, 1771M, 2430M, 7003M, 1566M, 2978M, 1826M, 3763M, 3340M, 1110M, 1358M, 2184M, 1361M, 1031M, 2927M, 1750M, 1153M, 1171M, 1086M, 1142M, 1524M, 1352M, 1123M, 1265M, 1170M, 2894M, 2447M, 2859M, 2171M, 2196M, 2703M, 1370M, 1325M, 1184M, 2545M, 2160M, 1072M, 1887M, 2129M, 1498M, 2877M, 1965M, 1020M, 2424M, 2043M, 7612M, 1074M, 1861M, 2863M, 1686M, 1778M, 3026M, 1299M, 2817M, 91B, 2280M, 103B, 4699M, 38B, 32B, 2838M, 2654M, 2818M, 22B, 3225M, 11B, 3103M, 2610M, 24B, 2541M, 2081M, 1215M, 1042M, 7603M, 1099M, 1351M, 1288M, 1249M, 1700M, 1653M, 1434M, 2267M, 2051M, 1136M,
  3. Out of Sight. with 1209B ISK damage: 1467M, 1648M, 1795M, 2161M, 1034M, 1461M, 1103M, 1128M, 1724M, 1244M, 4235M, 1359M, 1392M, 1428M, 3405M, 66B, 1370M, 2872M, 1068M, 9361M, 2001M, 1413M, 3413M, 6006M, 8302M, 7013M, 6181M, 2997M, 17B, 1688M, 1235M, 1679M, 2889M, 1340M, 1157M, 1764M, 1383M, 1515M, 1265M, 1213M, 1563M, 1280M, 1534M, 1213M, 2429M, 1767M, 1810M, 2443M, 2964M, 12B, 1137M, 1837M, 1571M, 1136M, 1004M, 1375M, 2253M, 1818M, 1521M, 1109M, 2470M, 2531M, 2314M, 2707M, 2546M, 2551M, 3060M, 1866M, 1677M, 1706M, 2870M, 1592M, 1122M, 1180M, 1008M, 1052M, 1123M, 1318M, 1172M, 1001M, 1278M, 1320M, 1029M, 1141M, 1451M, 1037M, 1103M, 1689M, 3397M, 2384M, 1604M, 1175M, 1603M, 1190M, 1144M, 1481M, 1466M, 1707M, 1190M, 1427M, 116B, 22B, 1344M, 2738M, 5640M, 2080M, 2027M, 1264M, 2830M, 2683M, 3545M, 2702M, 2609M, 2943M, 2722M, 3040M, 2802M, 1431M, 1305M, 31B, 1086M, 1102M,
  4. Northern Coalition. with 1181B ISK damage: 1754M, 1904M, 2085M, 2420M, 1397M, 1670M, 2211M, 18B, 1895M, 2329M, 6245M, 2890M, 2231M, 2031M, 3251M, 3210M, 1368M, 1314M, 1281M, 1471M, 1471M, 3284M, 1490M, 1562M, 2298M, 3216M, 2405M, 1178M, 1703M, 3450M, 1180M, 1762M, 1060M, 1730M, 2546M, 1058M, 1891M, 1594M, 1385M, 1612M, 2684M, 1013M, 1968M, 1338M, 1810M, 1288M, 1301M, 1051M, 1205M, 1241M, 1170M, 2916M, 2242M, 1707M, 1899M, 2491M, 1161M, 1643M, 1610M, 1396M, 21B, 2471M, 1802M, 2828M, 1130M, 1670M, 1468M, 1642M, 1114M, 1213M, 1355M, 1238M, 1322M, 1222M, 1506M, 1079M, 1067M, 3656M, 2355M, 1223M, 1092M, 1025M, 1098M, 3054M, 1014M, 2828M, 1400M, 1286M, 1969M, 3352M, 1646M, 3006M,
  5. RvB - BLUE Republic with 1076B ISK damage: 2203M, 1149M, 1056M, 1378M, 1178M, 1001M, 1214M, 1488M, 2999M, 1011M, 1812M, 1094M, 1334M, 2503M, 1360M, 2274M, 1655M, 1388M, 5322M, 1743M, 1820M, 1038M, 1101M, 1165M, 1276M, 3959M, 1310M, 1025M, 1229M, 1578M, 1736M,
  6. Pandemic Legion with 1017B ISK damage: 1203M, 27B, 1183M, 1824M, 1994M, 1726M, 1106M, 2683M, 2912M, 1448M, 2387M, 1148M, 1092M, 1463M, 1511M, 2635M, 1473M, 1080M, 2517M, 1946M, 3080M, 1187M, 7332M, 3252M, 1416M, 1313M, 1018M, 2228M, 1634M, 2096M, 1851M, 1780M, 1435M, 1495M, 1639M, 3005M, 1614M, 1038M, 1505M, 1664M, 1662M, 2134M, 1710M, 2143M, 2253M, 2035M, 2121M, 2245M, 2007M, 1394M, 1690M, 1496M, 2288M, 2292M, 1928M, 2233M, 1499M, 18B, 2427M, 1474M, 1300M, 3438M, 1625M, 4679M, 3279M, 2962M, 2374M, 3099M, 1641M, 2328M, 1059M, 1146M, 1569M, 1666M, 1118M, 1493M, 1035M, 1337M, 1011M, 1542M, 2241M, 2046M, 1433M, 1005M, 1123M, 1416M, 1178M, 1676M, 1302M, 1579M, 1224M, 1095M, 1322M, 1244M, 1099M, 1700M, 1367M, 1139M, 1277M, 2457M, 1138M, 12B, 1034M, 1460M, 2460M, 1617M, 2395M, 2568M, 2905M, 3752M, 1686M, 2060M, 2482M, 1400M, 2021M, 1704M, 1572M, 3174M, 2122M, 1634M, 1158M, 68B, 56B, 3024M,
  7. RvB - RED Federation with 990B ISK damage: 1127M, 1701M, 1713M, 1496M, 3900M, 1561M, 1602M, 1637M, 1172M, 2396M, 1692M, 1229M, 1485M, 1145M, 1163M, 1143M, 1303M, 1189M, 1084M, 1806M, 1676M, 1720M, 2421M, 1551M, 1504M, 1496M, 1616M, 1180M, 1540M, 1017M, 1076M, 1177M, 1250M, 3498M, 1073M,
  8. Project.Mayhem. with 946B ISK damage: 1200M, 2759M, 1494M, 1972M, 1603M, 1939M, 1005M, 1101M, 1989M, 1913M, 1315M, 1686M, 1795M, 1320M, 1783M, 1322M, 1027M, 1495M, 1163M, 1991M, 1848M, 1725M, 1947M, 2850M, 1141M, 2201M, 1053M, 1088M, 1213M, 1739M, 1301M, 1378M, 1131M, 1007M, 1231M, 1661M, 2015M, 1549M, 1074M, 1989M, 1099M, 1369M, 1818M, 1598M, 2110M, 1530M, 1961M, 1168M, 1692M, 1864M, 2217M, 1787M, 3555M, 2970M, 2020M, 2648M, 1844M, 2325M, 1193M, 2657M, 1123M, 1354M, 4070M, 2312M, 1206M, 2158M, 1440M, 2251M, 2358M, 6976M, 1016M, 1035M, 3024M, 14B, 1143M, 1337M, 3589M, 1379M, 1945M, 3243M, 2371M, 2325M, 1718M, 1004M, 1045M, 4030M, 2226M, 1206M, 1326M, 1114M, 1082M, 1928M, 1509M, 4078M, 7166M, 1609M, 2513M, 2118M, 2322M, 2756M, 1248M, 9878M, 1003M, 1316M, 1787M, 1405M, 1179M, 1085M, 7641M, 1449M, 8538M, 1064M, 1140M, 47B, 1186M, 1140M, 1792M, 1984M, 2109M, 1409M, 1409M, 1440M, 1304M, 1109M, 3821M, 3374M, 1493M, 1101M, 1009M, 1451M, 2167M, 1458M, 1198M, 1550M,
  9. The Marmite Collective with 944B ISK damage: 1658M, 1475M, 1165M, 4250M, 4250M, 2138M, 6528M, 1974M, 1663M, 6478M, 1463M, 3367M, 2338M, 1318M, 9119M, 1038M, 1214M, 6368M, 2784M, 6718M, 1554M, 1578M, 2334M, 1093M, 1505M, 2376M, 1327M, 1324M, 6581M, 1309M, 1355M, 1177M, 1155M, 1192M, 2432M, 2259M, 1337M, 1082M, 8949M, 8890M, 6925M, 7003M, 7011M, 7080M, 8250M, 3829M, 1085M, 1093M, 11B, 2429M, 1531M, 4304M, 8014M, 1317M, 8546M, 2575M, 7018M, 6838M, 1111M, 3939M, 8421M, 1547M, 11B, 1269M, 12B, 1242M, 1315M, 6989M, 7487M, 6972M, 10B, 7698M, 1374M, 1099M, 1061M, 1315M, 1061M, 1316M, 7372M, 2536M, 3227M, 12B, 1428M, 8019M, 1389M, 8334M, 7001M, 8882M, 7907M, 1149M, 8165M, 11B, 1905M, 10B, 4333M, 6709M, 1156M, 9793M, 1043M, 1024M, 10B, 1621M, 1653M, 4337M, 1070M, 2229M, 3512M, 1205M, 8410M, 2040M, 1122M, 1135M, 1058M, 1230M, 3105M, 1226M, 1998M, 1292M, 1565M, 4717M, 3033M, 1526M, 1301M, 2809M, 4752M, 1014M, 2080M, 1294M,
  10. Triumvirate. with 805B ISK damage: 11B, 1114M, 1704M, 2344M, 1330M, 1126M, 2901M, 1025M, 8287M, 1157M, 1445M, 1480M, 1649M, 3311M, 2460M, 1194M, 1801M, 1911M, 1406M, 1716M, 1385M, 2591M, 2948M, 2447M, 1528M, 1693M, 3159M, 3117M, 1203M, 1570M, 1079M, 1742M, 2169M, 1424M, 2272M, 2467M, 3493M, 3116M, 1273M, 2176M, 1041M, 1339M, 2849M, 1018M, 2205M, 1214M, 1343M, 1239M, 2234M, 1416M, 3128M, 1792M, 1567M, 1916M, 3370M, 1545M, 1979M, 2964M, 1899M, 2036M, 1858M, 1565M, 2199M, 1373M, 1038M, 1005M, 2028M, 1279M, 1594M, 1310M, 1327M, 2092M, 1225M, 1979M, 1479M, 2496M, 1140M, 1020M, 1463M, 1523M,
  11. Snuffed Out with 723B ISK damage: 2154M, 18B, 2856M, 73B, 17B, 18B, 1943M, 2196M, 1464M, 1381M, 1299M, 1013M, 1107M, 1018M, 1036M, 2625M, 2712M, 2336M, 4287M, 2643M, 3275M, 2588M, 2534M, 2598M, 2589M, 2328M, 2491M, 1199M, 1116M, 2554M, 106B, 1395M, 2566M, 109B, 1668M, 2619M, 105B, 9559M, 33B, 2315M, 1657M, 2588M, 2758M, 2573M, 1033M, 1071M, 1998M, 2518M, 1158M, 1128M, 1080M, 2932M, 1498M, 1494M,
  12. Legion of xXDEATHXx with 607B ISK damage: 2071M, 1280M, 1097M, 1540M, 1516M, 1017M, 1523M, 2222M, 1705M, 1018M, 1185M, 3814M, 1093M, 1494M, 1402M, 1041M, 2586M, 1603M, 2105M, 2774M, 1457M, 1200M, 1632M, 1300M, 1730M, 1144M, 1168M, 1323M, 1251M, 1055M, 1945M, 2828M, 1549M, 2182M, 3067M, 1057M, 2559M, 2104M, 1030M, 1129M, 1047M, 1757M, 6116M, 1756M, 5214M, 1996M, 1069M, 1086M, 2395M, 1892M, 1040M, 1042M, 1378M, 1094M, 1363M, 1567M, 1094M, 1169M, 1217M, 1145M, 1611M, 3282M, 1053M, 1076M, 1168M, 1463M, 1153M, 1499M, 1699M, 2708M,
  13. Sorry We're In Your Space Eh with 579B ISK damage: 1608M, 1158M, 2147M, 3261M, 1237M, 1410M, 3071M, 1649M, 2052M, 1856M, 1771M, 1189M, 1421M, 1597M, 1286M, 1131M, 4344M, 3961M, 1055M, 1858M, 1451M, 1490M, 1005M, 1021M, 1048M, 1100M, 1647M, 1378M, 1844M, 1059M, 2209M, 2161M, 1234M, 1161M, 1318M, 2161M, 1124M, 1700M, 1472M, 1389M, 2962M, 1548M, 2723M, 2205M, 1131M, 1688M, 1430M, 1053M, 7180M, 2063M, 1149M, 1135M, 14B, 1137M, 6732M, 6226M, 1286M, 1810M,
  14. DARKNESS. with 552B ISK damage: 2875M, 2156M, 2140M, 2851M, 1174M, 1637M, 1039M, 1083M, 1036M, 1002M, 1503M, 1411M, 1108M, 1135M, 2183M, 1013M, 2734M, 1189M, 2406M, 1199M, 2718M, 2617M, 2558M, 3247M, 1111M, 2358M, 1248M, 1207M, 1282M, 1330M,
  15. Test Alliance Please Ignore with 523B ISK damage: 1240M, 1075M, 1559M, 1790M, 1520M, 1367M, 1520M, 1227M, 2413M, 1100M, 1050M, 1369M, 1161M, 1133M, 1741M, 1153M, 1312M, 1462M, 1433M, 1989M, 1139M, 2388M, 1502M, 1146M, 1816M, 1115M, 1175M, 1165M, 1225M, 1883M, 1147M,
  16. Verge of Collapse with 494B ISK damage: 2115M, 3651M, 1101M, 2847M, 1075M, 1010M, 2532M, 1405M, 7462M, 1626M, 1924M, 1303M, 1653M, 1727M, 2173M, 1409M, 4719M, 1779M, 1797M, 2800M, 1283M, 1489M, 1360M, 1194M, 1260M, 2111M, 1486M, 1295M, 1405M, 1207M, 1155M, 1489M, 1351M, 1103M, 1290M, 1376M, 1299M, 1448M, 4438M, 1211M, 1210M, 1343M, 1057M, 1031M, 2430M, 1076M, 1285M, 3236M, 1280M, 1655M, 1048M, 1167M, 1373M, 1055M, 1899M, 1452M, 1707M, 1153M, 1176M, 2116M, 1055M, 1808M,
  17. Gentlemen's.Club with 433B ISK damage: 1004M, 2072M, 1749M, 1459M, 1794M, 1702M, 11B, 1755M, 2229M, 2018M, 1126M, 1262M, 1277M, 1292M, 1184M, 1084M, 1193M, 1144M, 2430M, 3506M, 1289M, 1612M, 1048M, 1517M, 1636M, 1837M, 1552M, 1466M, 1264M, 1619M, 2070M, 1027M, 1190M, 1312M, 1052M, 1116M, 2921M, 1878M, 1125M, 1154M, 2583M, 1268M, 1422M, 1412M, 1510M, 1420M, 1467M, 1125M, 3892M,
  18. Brave Collective with 429B ISK damage: 6543M, 1071M, 1148M, 1449M, 1185M, 1268M, 1025M, 1852M, 1840M, 1071M, 3770M, 1183M, 1765M, 1344M, 1557M, 2559M, 1043M, 1130M, 1581M, 1580M, 1216M, 1088M, 1007M,
  19. Goonswarm Federation with 421B ISK damage: 1813M, 1204M, 2302M, 96B, 1865M, 22B, 1996M, 1899M, 1199M, 1129M, 1319M, 1936M, 1622M, 5667M, 1350M, 2271M, 2279M, 2209M, 1582M, 1402M, 1843M, 1331M, 1206M, 1576M, 1527M, 1151M, 1216M, 1136M, 1157M, 2690M, 2826M, 1221M, 2075M, 1967M, 4048M, 1114M, 1975M, 2479M, 1092M, 2970M, 1096M, 3345M, 2438M, 1227M, 2222M, 1359M, 4299M, 1088M, 3144M, 1295M, 1376M, 1261M, 1144M, 1087M, 1089M, 3043M, 1197M, 7430M, 1358M, 1560M,
  20. The Kadeshi with 417B ISK damage: 3126M, 1107M, 1744M, 1035M, 1847M, 2843M, 1922M, 1494M, 1122M, 1150M, 1506M,
  21. Hard Knocks Citizens with 412B ISK damage: 2310M, 2072M, 1908M, 1932M, 2333M, 1427M, 1148M, 1761M, 1935M, 2126M, 1825M, 1218M, 1224M, 1573M, 1599M, 1562M, 3595M, 1236M, 1018M, 2710M, 2016M, 1108M, 1541M, 1732M, 1473M, 1419M, 2282M, 1490M, 1040M, 2019M, 2285M, 1658M, 3445M, 3656M, 2378M, 3286M, 1552M, 2017M, 1355M, 1590M, 1009M, 3576M, 1190M, 1200M, 1053M, 1139M, 1020M, 1192M, 2338M, 1385M, 1123M, 1360M, 1967M, 2870M, 5671M, 1444M, 1378M, 1694M, 2377M, 63B, 33B,
  22. The Gorgon Empire with 410B ISK damage: 1439M, 2724M, 1143M, 1302M, 1139M, 1286M, 1635M, 2051M, 1468M, 1494M, 1748M, 1776M, 1594M, 1105M, 1097M, 1209M, 1253M, 1296M, 1091M, 1517M, 1022M, 2736M, 1444M, 1079M, 1157M, 1397M, 1192M, 1261M, 1225M, 1428M, 1163M, 1963M, 2319M, 1210M, 1212M, 1079M, 1534M, 1319M, 2816M, 2767M, 1742M,
  23. Nulli Secunda with 372B ISK damage: 1752M, 2162M, 1081M, 1554M, 1861M, 1875M, 1660M, 1417M, 2337M, 1040M, 2170M, 1411M, 1547M, 1053M, 2603M, 1759M, 1025M, 1063M, 1367M, 1218M, 1218M, 1094M, 1017M, 1252M, 1217M, 1300M, 1354M, 1562M, 3079M, 9280M, 1784M, 1811M, 2505M, 1630M, 1338M, 2530M, 1356M, 1700M, 1255M, 2529M, 1980M, 2742M, 2969M, 2376M, 1558M, 2101M, 1502M,
  24. GaNg BaNg TeAm with 347B ISK damage: 3520M, 1214M, 3640M, 1416M, 1328M, 1330M, 1236M, 2103M, 1057M, 1009M, 1301M, 1314M, 1375M, 1357M, 1387M, 1073M, 1009M, 1296M, 7720M, 11B, 13B, 4716M, 2542M, 2505M, 3140M, 2132M, 3625M,
  25. Bora Alis with 300B ISK damage: 1592M, 2427M, 1119M, 1242M, 1431M, 1443M, 1467M, 1150M, 1124M, 1200M, 1791M, 2441M, 1944M, 1138M, 2618M, 1418M, 1262M, 1069M, 2149M, 1104M, 1679M, 1271M, 1734M, 1186M, 1436M, 1026M, 1000M, 1951M, 1204M, 1005M, 3378M, 1597M,
  26. WAFFLES. with 287B ISK damage: 1092M, 2068M, 15B, 1952M, 1259M, 1345M, 1187M, 1643M, 1488M, 1168M, 1028M, 2200M, 1251M, 1153M, 1640M, 1256M, 1950M, 1858M, 1785M, 1641M,
  27. Infinity Space. with 282B ISK damage: 1817M, 1811M, 1010M, 1086M, 4987M, 1015M, 1352M, 1161M, 2029M, 3852M, 11B, 1099M, 2039M, 3077M, 1733M, 1059M, 1117M,
  28. #Corp: Lazerhawks with 223B ISK damage: 6032M, 1670M, 1878M, 1111M, 1302M, 1797M, 2531M, 2134M, 1973M, 1239M, 1992M, 7937M, 1013M, 2334M, 1297M, 1172M, 1283M, 1989M, 1783M, 1924M, 1345M, 2166M, 1809M, 3226M, 2906M, 1221M, 2775M, 1221M, 2033M, 2745M, 1105M, 1740M, 1479M, 2312M, 2703M, 2864M, 4635M, 2864M, 1091M, 1486M, 1368M, 1168M, 1013M, 1031M, 2097M,
  29. LowSechnaya Sholupen with 217B ISK damage: 2738M, 1014M, 1482M, 6968M, 1307M, 1107M, 1113M, 6521M, 1299M, 1647M, 3034M, 2504M, 1367M, 2285M, 3422M, 3888M, 2076M, 6346M, 2095M, 2156M, 22B, 2010M, 1698M, 1364M, 21B, 1353M, 1851M, 2817M, 1036M, 1853M, 1216M, 1989M,
  30. #Corp: Raging Ducks with 212B ISK damage: 2315M, 1901M, 1754M, 2183M, 1501M, 1447M, 1297M, 2954M, 2351M, 1297M, 1792M, 1765M, 1184M, 1180M, 1001M, 1829M, 1020M, 1170M, 1113M, 1298M, 1427M, 1850M, 1054M, 1517M, 1176M, 1808M,
  31. Confederation of xXPIZZAXx with 207B ISK damage: 1004M, 1827M, 1026M, 1288M, 1391M, 3870M, 1125M,
  32. Total Absolution with 200B ISK damage: 54B, 3479M, 1753M, 2267M, 1762M, 4091M, 1228M, 3042M, 7488M, 1343M, 2139M, 2581M,
  33. Curatores Veritatis Alliance with 199B ISK damage: 1171M, 2706M, 1110M,
  34. #Corp: Super Cr3w with 196B ISK damage: 1402M, 1119M, 1267M, 1101M, 11B, 1526M, 1721M, 1087M, 1000M, 1364M, 1508M, 1184M, 1030M, 1260M, 1474M, 2649M,
  35. Northern Associates. with 177B ISK damage: 1916M, 1772M, 1076M, 1218M, 1386M, 1223M, 1945M, 1231M, 1700M, 2668M,
  36. The Afterlife. with 177B ISK damage: 1240M, 2712M, 1787M, 2560M, 1926M, 1475M, 1421M, 1435M, 1176M, 1066M,
  37. Forsaken Asylum with 176B ISK damage: 10B, 6582M, 6920M, 6915M, 7025M, 7057M, 8731M, 7016M, 7122M, 7163M, 6869M, 9784M, 8474M, 9002M, 1616M, 7007M, 1634M, 1013M, 1858M, 6676M,
  38. Pandemic Horde with 165B ISK damage: 1034M, 1234M, 2088M, 1521M, 1436M, 1020M, 1539M, 1774M, 1621M, 2085M, 1006M, 1390M, 1037M, 1031M, 5781M, 1120M,
  39. SOLAR FLEET with 164B ISK damage: 1548M, 1398M, 1363M, 1828M, 1412M, 2457M, 1496M, 1663M, 2175M, 1101M, 1264M, 1129M, 1073M, 2867M, 1983M, 1174M, 1333M, 1306M, 1119M, 1356M, 1688M, 1147M, 1076M, 1089M,
  40. Ixtab. with 157B ISK damage: 1991M, 2199M, 2718M, 1686M, 1510M, 2186M, 7983M, 2616M, 1379M, 2543M, 2850M, 2567M, 1566M, 1847M, 1452M, 1733M, 1251M, 1456M, 1196M, 2240M, 1532M, 1410M, 1099M, 1657M, 1179M,
  41. Enigma Project with 152B ISK damage: 2404M, 1955M, 3801M, 1990M, 1556M, 28B, 2061M, 1946M, 2224M, 1648M, 1669M, 1023M, 1079M, 1201M, 2250M, 1078M, 1091M, 1393M, 1062M, 1952M, 1178M, 1604M,
  42. senseless intentions with 146B ISK damage: 1635M, 1977M, 1218M, 1045M, 1312M, 1523M, 1100M, 1762M, 1014M, 1276M, 3256M,
  43. Yulai Federation with 144B ISK damage: 1861M, 1414M, 1203M, 2186M, 2025M, 1253M,
  44. Warlords of the Deep with 143B ISK damage: 1190M, 1270M, 1043M, 1062M, 2180M, 1542M, 2754M, 1813M,
  45. Sleeper Social Club with 143B ISK damage: 1899M, 2897M, 1993M, 2365M, 1887M, 1594M, 2307M, 2211M, 2341M, 1676M, 1929M, 2589M, 1086M, 1649M, 1619M, 2079M, 1171M, 1433M, 4827M, 1038M, 1304M, 1016M, 1192M, 2245M, 1560M, 4204M,
  46. Drama Sutra with 140B ISK damage: 1284M, 1274M, 1477M, 1446M, 3075M, 2206M, 2033M, 1754M, 1040M, 1056M, 1026M, 2038M, 1000M, 4229M, 3900M, 1270M, 1302M, 1920M, 1083M,
  47. Jita Holding Inc. with 129B ISK damage: 2878M, 1045M, 2533M, 1554M, 1521M, 2830M, 1151M, 1820M, 1550M, 1133M, 2368M, 1067M, 1777M, 1943M, 2345M, 1422M, 1673M, 1795M, 1682M, 1485M,
  48. The Volition Cult with 127B ISK damage: 1237M, 1200M, 1009M, 3251M, 1162M,
  49. #Corp: Hard Knocks Inc. with 124B ISK damage: 1808M, 1269M, 1901M, 1538M, 1238M, 6429M, 2367M, 1071M, 1138M, 1062M, 1817M, 1360M, 1785M, 1647M, 2191M, 1817M, 2012M, 1690M, 1321M, 1510M, 1728M, 2013M, 1424M, 1832M,
  50. Banderlogs Alliance with 123B ISK damage: 1658M, 1627M, 1108M, 1268M, 1351M, 2389M, 1312M, 1051M, 1179M, 2200M,
  51. Skyfire. with 120B ISK damage: 1198M, 1011M, 1074M, 1285M, 1153M, 1102M,
  52. P I R A T with 120B ISK damage: 1865M, 2079M, 1239M, 3718M, 1107M, 1526M, 1238M, 1551M, 2734M, 1475M, 1138M, 5973M, 1021M, 1188M, 1154M, 1077M, 1089M, 1295M, 1166M, 1112M,
  53. #Corp: Anime Masters with 120B ISK damage: 1123M, 1090M, 1183M, 1052M, 1128M, 1631M, 1007M, 1321M, 1866M,
  54. Only For Fun with 111B ISK damage: 2918M, 1052M, 1785M, 39B, 10B, 12B, 2414M, 2630M, 5434M, 1080M, 1037M,
  55. Space Warriors with 110B ISK damage: 1071M, 1244M, 1722M, 1615M, 1158M, 1252M, 2841M, 2928M, 2972M, 2181M, 1119M, 1588M, 1344M, 1375M, 2404M, 1210M, 1184M, 1183M, 2223M, 1123M, 2857M,
  56. The G0dfathers with 107B ISK damage: 1109M, 1186M, 3414M, 1300M, 1217M, 1274M, 1180M,
  57. M.I.F with 105B ISK damage: 1698M, 1639M, 1055M, 1263M, 1037M, 1919M, 1503M, 1647M, 1222M, 1257M, 1223M, 1036M, 1177M, 1980M, 1327M,
  58. Synergy of Steel with 104B ISK damage: 1297M, 1852M, 1083M, 4023M, 1341M, 1676M, 1888M, 1580M, 3225M, 1079M,
  59. Shadow of xXDEATHXx with 102B ISK damage: 1329M, 1319M, 2373M, 4279M, 1859M, 1401M, 1021M, 1408M, 1635M,
  60. Ev0ke with 102B ISK damage: 7684M, 1951M, 1291M, 1378M, 3146M, 2427M, 2601M, 1114M,
  61. Lethal Intent. with 100B ISK damage: 1418M, 1055M, 2376M, 2145M, 1128M, 2104M, 1942M, 2020M, 1141M, 1399M, 1082M, 1851M, 1628M, 2439M, 1825M,
  62. The Camel Empire with 99B ISK damage: 1028M, 1182M, 1440M, 2036M, 2621M, 1187M, 3010M, 2107M, 1002M, 1126M, 2347M, 1069M,
  63. Shadow Cartel with 96B ISK damage: 1356M, 2528M, 2538M, 1778M, 1792M, 3542M, 20B, 1483M, 1802M, 1719M, 2243M,
  64. Sev3rance with 96B ISK damage: 1712M, 2046M, 1051M, 1168M, 1227M,
  65. Dangerous Voltage with 95B ISK damage: 1297M, 1826M, 4968M, 1618M, 1886M, 1727M, 1197M,
  66. Fatal Ascension with 94B ISK damage: 1454M, 3807M, 2429M, 2345M, 2201M, 1836M, 1035M, 1603M, 2532M, 2626M, 1249M, 2324M, 1120M, 2486M, 2025M, 1255M, 1337M, 2258M, 1024M, 1078M, 2168M, 2040M, 1313M, 2012M, 3098M,
  67. Brothers in Arms Alliance with 92B ISK damage: 1036M, 1065M, 1037M, 1707M, 1827M, 1076M, 1006M, 1401M, 1489M, 1162M,
  68. Advent of Fate with 92B ISK damage: 1762M, 1221M, 1990M, 3901M, 1022M,
  69. Fidelas Constans with 92B ISK damage: 3124M, 1932M, 3091M, 1573M, 1295M, 1096M, 1854M, 1119M, 1031M, 1091M, 2167M, 1426M, 1834M, 1297M, 1452M, 1436M, 1441M, 1453M, 1986M, 1256M, 2322M, 1874M, 1383M, 1257M,
  70. Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork with 90B ISK damage: 1099M, 1610M, 1574M, 1536M, 1182M, 1346M, 1974M, 2302M, 1567M, 1016M, 1544M, 1271M, 1050M,
  71. Irresponsible Use of Capital. with 87B ISK damage: 1356M, 1304M, 1877M, 1276M, 1963M, 2076M, 1271M, 3408M, 2200M, 2102M, 1998M, 2017M, 1824M, 1155M, 1219M, 2450M, 1011M, 2518M, 1126M, 2800M, 1326M,
  72. Circle-Of-Two with 86B ISK damage: 1080M, 3907M, 2741M, 1527M, 3059M, 2806M, 2337M, 1005M, 1094M, 1057M, 1872M, 1509M, 2180M, 4087M, 2493M, 1013M, 2840M, 1449M,
  73. C0VEN with 84B ISK damage: 2323M, 1790M, 1472M, 2776M, 1785M, 1881M, 3120M, 1143M,
  74. #Corp: Appetite 4 Destruction with 81B ISK damage: 2155M, 1137M, 1083M, 1919M,
  75. Pasta Syndicate with 81B ISK damage: 2181M, 1908M, 1125M, 1211M, 2558M, 1434M, 1270M, 2293M,
  76. Of Sound Mind with 77B ISK damage: 1472M, 1416M, 1656M, 1305M, 1032M,
  77. #Corp: Tarnak inc. with 73B ISK damage: 1442M, 1143M, 2396M, 1359M, 2260M, 1156M, 1116M, 1186M, 1709M, 1472M, 2517M,
  78. The Gorgon Spawn with 72B ISK damage: 1162M, 1029M, 1109M,
  79. TERRA REGNUM with 72B ISK damage: 2032M, 1144M, 7104M, 1665M, 7781M, 1113M,
  80. THE R0NIN with 69B ISK damage: 1490M, 7091M, 1467M,
  81. Spaceship Bebop with 69B ISK damage: 1103M, 2521M,
  82. SpaceMonkey's Alliance with 68B ISK damage: 1386M, 2526M, 2330M, 1662M, 2426M, 2696M, 1001M, 1303M, 2080M, 2098M, 2298M, 2298M, 2446M, 1061M, 1375M, 1955M,
  83. The Minions. with 67B ISK damage: 1090M, 2282M, 1014M, 1367M, 1237M, 2103M, 1214M, 1649M, 1327M,
  84. Thermodynamics with 67B ISK damage: 2868M, 1583M, 1101M, 1122M, 1064M, 1033M, 1516M, 1288M, 1004M, 1047M, 2216M, 1559M,
  85. No Holes Barred with 67B ISK damage: 1187M, 1141M, 1309M, 1061M, 2369M, 1170M, 1004M, 1128M, 2231M, 1889M, 1743M,
  86. Exodus. with 65B ISK damage: 2318M, 1766M, 1098M, 1419M, 1849M, 1154M, 1400M, 2517M, 2655M,
  87. Hard Alliance with 64B ISK damage: 1091M, 1823M, 1250M, 1432M, 1338M,
  88. Soviet-Union with 63B ISK damage: 1821M, 1334M, 1150M,
  89. Fraternity. with 63B ISK damage: 1428M, 1087M, 1194M, 3116M,
  90. Ivy League with 62B ISK damage: 1095M, 1116M, 1499M, 1165M, 2011M, 1376M, 1068M, 2491M, 2760M,
  91. Tactical Narcotics Team with 62B ISK damage: 3042M, 5023M, 1194M, 2022M, 1438M, 1311M, 1037M, 1065M, 2110M, 1826M, 1586M, 1129M, 1461M, 1739M,
  92. #Corp: Piratas Leprosos Guineanos with 62B ISK damage: 1153M, 1106M, 1636M, 1018M, 3994M, 6346M, 2314M, 1795M, 1442M,
  93. #Corp: MAENNLICH UND GEFAEHRLICH with 61B ISK damage: 1031M, 1672M, 1014M, 1946M, 1599M,
  94. Blood Raider's Corsairs with 60B ISK damage: 1280M, 1911M, 1599M,
  95. A Nest of Vipers with 59B ISK damage: 1873M, 1794M, 2461M, 1357M, 1071M, 1214M, 1205M, 1886M, 1835M,
  96. V.L.A.S.T with 59B ISK damage:
  97. Dirt Nap Squad. with 59B ISK damage: 1050M,
  98. Outbreak. with 58B ISK damage: 2250M,
  99. Spears of Destiny with 57B ISK damage: 1148M, 1247M,
  100. The Bastion with 57B ISK damage: 1340M, 3370M, 3747M, 1010M, 2179M, 1166M, 2028M, 2125M, 2053M, 1344M, 2353M,
  101. #Corp: Furnace with 57B ISK damage: 1038M, 1637M, 1004M, 1030M, 2719M,
  102. Honorable Third Party with 56B ISK damage: 1849M, 1118M, 4699M, 1393M, 1097M, 6765M, 1044M, 1562M, 1032M, 1337M, 1371M, 1419M, 2351M, 1861M, 2529M, 1353M, 1069M, 1330M,
  103. Red Alliance with 56B ISK damage: 3490M, 1133M, 1793M, 1910M,
  104. #Corp: No Laws Apply with 55B ISK damage: 1887M, 1915M, 1145M, 1284M,
  105. #Corp: Isogen 5 with 55B ISK damage: 1198M, 2513M, 1490M, 1381M, 1896M, 1109M, 1002M, 1089M,
  106. E X P L O S I O N with 54B ISK damage: 1452M, 3989M, 1639M, 1663M, 1082M, 3884M, 1249M, 1298M, 2090M, 1115M, 3130M, 4814M,
  107. V.e.G.A. with 53B ISK damage: 1573M, 1374M, 1199M, 1189M, 2175M, 3033M, 1526M, 1353M,
  108. #Corp: Rapid Withdrawal with 52B ISK damage: 1592M, 1094M, 1030M,
  109. Suddenly Spaceships. with 51B ISK damage: 1386M, 1183M, 1122M, 2423M, 2160M, 1828M, 1599M,
  110. WormHole Occupation and Resource Exploitation with 51B ISK damage: 2429M, 3099M, 1212M, 1067M, 1419M, 2403M, 1096M, 1430M, 1842M, 1066M, 1042M,
Let's see the top 100 individual killers and their 500M+ kill contributions (remember, 10% damage on 1B ship is 100M)! Please note that their corp/alliance listed as their first kill of the year, even if they spent most of the year in another corp/alliance.
  1. Bomb3r AJS (Somalian Coast Guard Authority, The Marmite Collective) with 121B ISK damage: 6067M, 6248M, 4484M, 5638M, 8250M, 3267M, 6468M, 3337M, 6765M, 4742M, 6520M, 7689M, 8274M, 6631M, 5984M, 5730M, 2833M, 7372M, 1149M, 1657M, 3853M, 1953M, 2132M, 3672M,
  2. Sa Matra (Dreddit, Test Alliance Please Ignore) with 117B ISK damage: 510M, 823M, 1073M, 2413M, 617M, 524M, 594M, 631M, 1094M,
  3. Brad Sather (We Stand Here, Greater Western Co-Prosperity Sphere) with 107B ISK damage: 1150M, 660M, 1506M, 836M, 682M, 543M, 760M, 2606M, 552M, 507M, 1289M, 598M, 1612M, 529M, 1173M, 688M, 678M, 520M, 531M, 1027M, 973M, 502M, 508M, 543M, 582M, 1422M, 1412M, 787M, 805M, 701M,
  4. Doctor Per (Space Knights Templar, Space Warriors) with 103B ISK damage: 886M, 2841M, 558M, 527M, 514M, 751M, 885M, 2878M, 2533M, 733M, 2404M, 1210M, 636M, 1184M, 820M, 621M, 1123M, 546M, 675M, 753M, 1820M, 642M, 502M, 1550M, 722M, 507M, 593M, 635M, 636M, 642M, 755M, 569M, 1943M, 2345M, 739M, 740M, 506M, 851M, 564M, 560M, 788M, 524M, 572M, 754M, 1795M, 1682M, 610M, 534M, 813M,
  5. Teh Tripple (MINI-PAX, -) with 101B ISK damage: 602M, 1473M, 1208M, 609M, 1858M, 602M, 686M, 516M, 1795M, 518M, 679M, 581M, 755M, 552M, 670M, 1074M, 571M, 870M, 624M, 582M, 694M, 605M, 2158M, 589M, 566M, 935M, 607M, 1066M, 758M, 656M, 612M, 565M, 768M,
  6. Poitot Dot (Dreddit, Test Alliance Please Ignore) with 97B ISK damage: 853M, 587M, 608M, 524M, 515M, 543M, 506M, 586M,
  7. Stunt Flores (Anime Masters, Confederation of xXPIZZAXx) with 96B ISK damage: 1521M, 806M, 567M, 521M, 1057M, 652M, 521M, 696M, 820M, 619M, 510M, 984M, 1123M, 1090M, 613M, 892M, 1183M, 502M, 749M, 853M, 806M, 1128M, 606M, 655M, 964M, 925M, 871M, 611M, 553M, 717M, 1270M, 552M,
  8. Zoq Fot (Dreddit, Test Alliance Please Ignore) with 82B ISK damage: 579M, 503M, 585M,
  9. The Druuge (Dreddit, Test Alliance Please Ignore) with 73B ISK damage: 624M, 666M,
  10. chris lares (V0LTA, Triumvirate.) with 72B ISK damage: 546M, 705M, 2234M, 500M, 1567M, 539M, 670M, 547M, 551M, 501M, 580M, 813M, 558M, 950M, 565M, 532M, 1153M, 1176M, 507M, 1058M,
  11. Kaleesa (Eve Supermodels Inc., Choke Point) with 70B ISK damage: 540M, 628M, 581M, 1330M, 594M, 959M, 558M, 634M, 524M, 854M, 673M, 560M, 610M, 620M, 883M, 679M, 514M, 1337M, 834M, 879M, 574M, 608M,
  12. HippoWhisperer (Red Federation, RvB - RED Federation) with 68B ISK damage: 580M, 640M, 716M, 829M, 865M, 613M, 721M, 1076M, 711M, 1560M, 589M, 804M, 1090M, 1816M, 500M, 705M, 1457M,
  13. Rictus Hep (Khanid Navy inc, Amarr Navy.) with 60B ISK damage: 564M, 501M, 2432M, 705M, 524M, 534M, 974M, 521M, 555M, 791M, 528M,
  14. Gladik (My Little Pony Industries Inc., Out of Sight.) with 60B ISK damage: 4312M, 946M, 573M, 528M, 723M, 1965M, 568M, 586M,
  15. GoDziIIa (My Little Pony Industries Inc., Out of Sight.) with 57B ISK damage: 1391M, 10749M, 1788M, 602M, 546M, 1098M, 763M, 594M, 555M, 734M, 12344M, 2796M, 3223M,
  16. Gina Taroen (United System's Commonwealth, -) with 56B ISK damage: 2205M, 815M, 717M, 22813M, 606M, 956M, 805M, 1201M, 1091M, 894M, 543M, 607M, 569M,
  17. Erebus SilentKill (Synapse., The Kadeshi) with 55B ISK damage: 804M, 1531M, 734M, 2485M, 587M, 504M, 667M, 999M,
  18. LaserzPewPew (Hard Knocks Inc., -) with 54B ISK damage: 791M, 1042M, 718M, 725M, 843M, 1219M, 2450M, 804M, 990M, 679M, 1326M, 509M, 1071M, 726M, 567M, 751M, 1298M, 1789M, 511M, 999M, 664M, 1053M, 672M,
  19. Yngvarr Khshayarsha (Blue Republic, RvB - BLUE Republic) with 53B ISK damage: 623M, 766M, 865M,
  20. Guillejejeje XDD (Yuhu al Medio - Overlodea Primo, Mordus Angels) with 51B ISK damage: 621M, 806M, 1440M, 532M, 510M, 3770M, 855M, 582M, 1440M, 1304M, 1493M, 551M,
  21. Earendix (Yuhu al Medio - Overlodea Primo, Mordus Angels) with 50B ISK damage: 847M, 2762M, 571M, 703M, 866M,
  22. JakeMiester (Viziam, #NPC Corporations) with 50B ISK damage: 505M, 661M, 817M, 20565M, 1065M, 763M, 1230M, 851M, 852M, 536M, 1019M, 621M, 1005M, 574M,
  23. Maxda48010 (TEC-NOLOGY, Sorry We're In Your Space Eh) with 48B ISK damage: 598M, 725M, 517M, 780M, 761M, 594M, 534M, 581M, 706M,
  24. Cosmo Blink (Blue Republic, RvB - BLUE Republic) with 48B ISK damage: 532M,
  25. Tau AD (Piwat CO, -) with 47B ISK damage: 2650M, 538M, 963M, 607M, 767M, 798M, 1076M, 831M, 536M, 529M, 1141M,
  26. G Genetic (Paradox Collective, Choke Point) with 46B ISK damage: 738M, 532M, 1321M, 696M, 1356M, 500M, 527M, 669M, 671M,
  27. Wszyscy (Perkone, #NPC Corporations) with 46B ISK damage: 26783M, 18793M,
  28. Bombicx (Incobe Solaris, Against ALL Anomalies) with 44B ISK damage: 537M, 813M, 598M, 641M, 1280M, 551M, 625M, 1911M, 529M,
  29. avlis 77 (RUS FIGHTERS, Out of Sight.) with 44B ISK damage: 7537M, 557M, 1633M, 1155M, 12703M, 2607M,
  30. Joe Grayne (Red Federation, RvB - RED Federation) with 44B ISK damage: 526M, 542M, 624M, 517M, 868M, 935M, 699M,
  31. PiXEL UA (Krasnodar sweet, -) with 44B ISK damage: 937M, 558M, 735M, 640M, 795M, 835M,
  32. El comepiedras Jastaspista (Yuhu al Medio - Overlodea Primo, -) with 43B ISK damage: 786M, 1046M, 625M, 774M, 614M, 1367M, 832M,
  33. Fibrizo Kravitz (Thou shalt not kill, A Nest of Vipers) with 43B ISK damage: 939M, 644M, 650M, 1631M, 585M, 534M, 878M, 1321M, 759M, 725M,
  34. Emizeko Chai (Freight Club, The Marmite Collective) with 42B ISK damage: 671M, 3504M, 2294M, 7731M, 4826M, 6835M, 8530M, 3764M, 3833M,
  35. Airia Linn (Paradox Collective, Triumvirate.) with 40B ISK damage: 909M, 1346M, 1088M, 627M, 676M, 511M, 880M, 571M, 1409M, 640M,
  36. End'jinn (Red Federation, RvB - RED Federation) with 40B ISK damage:
  37. GROUND XERO (Rennfeuer, Triumvirate.) with 40B ISK damage: 1122M, 645M, 679M, 656M, 621M, 553M, 839M, 1818M, 2062M,
  38. h4x0r84 (Mosquito Squadron, Mordus Angels) with 40B ISK damage: 730M, 2545M, 944M, 898M, 702M, 642M, 639M, 665M,
  39. Stealth eve (Sequent Industry, Out of Sight.) with 40B ISK damage: 19764M, 2854M, 612M, 689M, 1119M, 502M, 829M, 846M, 558M, 4835M,
  40. Moore Death (Hard Knocks Inc., Hard Knocks Citizens) with 40B ISK damage: 23471M, 15681M,
  41. Lussy Lou (Pod Liberation Authority, HYDRA RELOADED) with 39B ISK damage: 1284M, 615M, 525M, 666M, 507M,
  42. Beat Balin (EASTERN BLOC, Legion of xXDEATHXx) with 39B ISK damage: 518M, 622M, 550M, 1012M, 512M, 934M, 572M, 569M, 760M, 574M, 806M, 939M, 781M, 747M, 704M,
  43. Seven Frost (Yuhu al Medio - Overlodea Primo, -) with 39B ISK damage: 740M, 707M, 513M, 812M, 812M, 974M, 556M, 788M,
  44. ZigZagMan (Rim Collection RC, Sorry We're In Your Space Eh) with 39B ISK damage: 551M, 690M, 1005M, 615M, 570M, 500M, 869M,
  45. Chris Mas (Aperture Harmonics, No Holes Barred) with 38B ISK damage: 1141M, 1559M, 558M, 809M, 538M, 562M, 868M, 519M, 555M, 3519M, 1139M, 626M, 1192M,
  46. CtrlFreak (SnaiLs aNd FroGs, -) with 37B ISK damage: 575M, 555M, 591M, 743M, 1859M, 1290M, 595M, 819M,
  47. Shp3 (TEC-NOLOGY, Sorry We're In Your Space Eh) with 35B ISK damage: 713M, 506M, 1410M, 535M,
  48. Neok1337 (MASS A DEATH, Mordus Angels) with 35B ISK damage: 1010M, 630M, 1052M, 626M, 607M, 567M, 521M, 620M,
  49. Crackaapat geegee (Absolute Chaos, -) with 35B ISK damage: 718M, 4719M, 677M, 908M, 814M, 768M, 1651M, 1091M, 514M, 1507M, 714M,
  50. Predator 666 (Zima Corp, Infinity Space.) with 34B ISK damage: 786M, 1405M, 688M, 2847M, 591M, 612M, 1079M, 742M,
  51. Teutonius Descartes (MAENNLICH UND GEFAEHRLICH, -) with 34B ISK damage: 932M, 532M, 977M, 599M, 1946M, 1599M,
  52. Piir8 (The Conference Elite, CODE.) with 34B ISK damage: 1063M, 824M, 533M, 2154M, 2856M, 1299M, 2625M, 735M, 557M, 518M, 2566M, 579M, 796M, 533M, 2669M,
  53. Hairy Sour Grapes (The Suicide Kings, Black Legion.) with 34B ISK damage: 8390M, 3450M, 6077M, 4565M, 2095M, 1121M, 567M, 507M, 2575M,
  54. fihs shark (Yuhu al Medio - Overlodea Primo, -) with 33B ISK damage: 588M, 553M, 575M, 2240M,
  55. Baali Tekitsu (Pod Liberation Authority, HYDRA RELOADED) with 33B ISK damage: 570M, 576M, 754M, 832M, 917M, 571M, 598M, 662M, 563M,
  56. Shadow Wyrm (Hard Knocks Inc., Irresponsible Use of Capital.) with 33B ISK damage: 20600M, 10710M,
  57. Shopa s topa (BRUTAL GENESIS, GaNg BaNg TeAm) with 32B ISK damage: 853M, 527M, 978M,
  58. Luukje (The Phoenix Rising, Forsaken Asylum) with 32B ISK damage: 4535M, 3072M, 3588M, 3299M, 3565M, 3507M, 2496M, 710M, 603M, 3155M, 529M,
  59. Angel Drade (TEC-NOLOGY, Sorry We're In Your Space Eh) with 32B ISK damage: 735M, 759M, 735M, 506M, 719M, 3767M, 4093M, 2996M,
  60. LeeChanka (Tr0pa de elite., Pandemic Legion) with 31B ISK damage: 1000M, 886M, 653M, 827M, 940M, 592M, 1260M, 571M, 531M, 902M, 882M,
  61. rsantos (TEC-NOLOGY, Sorry We're In Your Space Eh) with 31B ISK damage: 697M, 1055M, 631M, 761M,
  62. blackbird01 (EVE Corporation 987654321-POP, The Marmite Collective) with 31B ISK damage: 509M, 517M, 533M, 811M, 590M, 957M, 513M, 669M, 1531M, 526M, 735M, 703M, 717M, 2162M, 542M, 1360M,
  63. Wurdalac (Disassembly workshop, Out of Sight.) with 30B ISK damage: 1080M, 2028M, 2149M, 1358M, 1654M, 809M, 819M, 523M, 655M, 4119M, 2864M,
  64. Fake Arm (Origin., Black Legion.) with 30B ISK damage: 7669M, 2593M, 3022M, 4746M, 1955M, 1899M, 592M, 932M, 1630M,
  65. Salvage Rat (TEC-NOLOGY, Sorry We're In Your Space Eh) with 30B ISK damage: 514M, 1688M, 1149M, 7413M,
  66. Paige Beleren (Tarnak inc., -) with 30B ISK damage: 501M, 1152M, 961M, 567M, 633M, 1030M, 574M, 870M, 1527M, 986M, 687M,
  67. Angeylahdevi (Blue Republic, RvB - BLUE Republic) with 29B ISK damage: 783M, 820M, 808M, 557M, 653M,
  68. Harvey Skywarker (Higher Than Everest, Black Legion.) with 29B ISK damage:
  69. Lord Drakandu (Piratas Leprosos Guineanos, -) with 29B ISK damage: 520M, 538M, 2398M, 857M, 666M, 4225M, 1537M, 564M,
  70. Selena Nolen (Atmosphere Victory, -) with 29B ISK damage: 870M, 813M, 757M, 510M, 518M,
  71. Rawstyle (Caldari Provisions, #NPC Corporations) with 29B ISK damage: 757M, 576M, 604M, 828M, 1071M,
  72. viperkick (Somalian Coast Guard Authority, The Marmite Collective) with 29B ISK damage: 2407M, 5950M, 4088M, 4590M, 2312M, 1973M, 2504M, 2469M, 1475M,
  73. MASSADEATH (MASS A DEATH, Mordus Angels) with 29B ISK damage: 614M, 723M, 532M, 603M,
  74. Fern Skord (Disassembly workshop, Out of Sight.) with 29B ISK damage: 1307M, 682M, 946M, 1973M, 579M, 603M, 1398M, 639M, 609M, 919M,
  75. DonRider (Russian Wings, Skyfire.) with 29B ISK damage: 634M, 695M, 618M, 754M, 704M, 1153M,
  76. Gen Eve (Dissident Aggressors, Mordus Angels) with 28B ISK damage: 877M, 629M,
  77. ALIEN GTR (Solar Guards., SOLAR FLEET) with 28B ISK damage: 1073M, 906M, 615M, 731M, 2807M,
  78. Monster Dude (Raging Ducks, Goonswarm Federation) with 28B ISK damage: 518M, 673M, 635M, 704M, 1850M,
  79. Vargo17b (Sacred Templars, DARKNESS.) with 27B ISK damage: 504M, 725M, 1036M, 1002M, 554M, 1199M, 588M, 791M, 1207M, 681M,
  80. Xantcha Valla (Blue Republic, RvB - BLUE Republic) with 27B ISK damage: 734M, 588M,
  81. Suitonia (Corp 54, Curatores Veritatis Alliance) with 27B ISK damage: 936M, 662M,
  82. 2hertz (Super Cr3w, -) with 27B ISK damage: 547M, 585M, 786M,
  83. Birdlike (Dreamcasters, Dreamix.) with 27B ISK damage: 1877M, 570M, 1029M,
  84. Loeni (The Phoenix Rising, Forsaken Asylum) with 27B ISK damage: 995M, 869M, 1671M, 1892M, 2435M, 800M, 2676M, 8600M, 6627M,
  85. Tiberia Mansacks (Snuff Box, Snuffed Out) with 27B ISK damage: 13919M, 12923M,
  86. DarthMaximuz (Far East Inc, The Gorgon Empire) with 27B ISK damage: 513M, 2371M, 514M, 610M, 1004M, 703M, 1045M, 992M, 1206M, 700M, 719M,
  87. bobba fhett (PvP Nation, Anti Supercapital Movement) with 26B ISK damage: 696M, 514M,
  88. RollinDutchMasters (Blue Republic, RvB - BLUE Republic) with 26B ISK damage: 511M, 591M,
  89. Rengas (AQUILA INC, Verge of Collapse) with 26B ISK damage: 538M, 715M, 1387M, 581M,
  90. Tsoli (Tr0pa de elite., Pandemic Legion) with 26B ISK damage: 522M, 535M, 1184M, 925M, 695M, 594M,
  91. Ionelka (Elite pilots, Project.Mayhem.) with 26B ISK damage: 504M, 887M, 815M, 656M, 1530M, 2217M, 1787M, 908M, 2020M, 2648M, 980M, 551M,
  92. nync (My Little Pony Industries Inc., Out of Sight.) with 26B ISK damage: 560M, 1831M, 12113M, 748M, 551M, 5233M,
  93. Stryder78 (LDK, Sorry We're In Your Space Eh) with 26B ISK damage: 680M, 808M, 2723M,
  94. Iredude (Blue Republic, RvB - BLUE Republic) with 25B ISK damage:
  95. organi (Snuff Box, Snuffed Out) with 25B ISK damage: 3779M, 1996M, 815M, 15407M,
  96. ROSSLINDEN0 (Origin., Black Legion.) with 25B ISK damage: 2611M, 2890M, 1135M, 737M, 543M, 746M,
  97. Sh0nsu (First Vanguard, The Gorgon Spawn) with 25B ISK damage: 537M, 1162M, 1926M, 611M,
  98. Darth Sanguis (Singularity Incorporated., Hard Knocks Citizens) with 25B ISK damage: 18439M, 6625M,
  99. Twistedboy SICK (15's, The G0dfathers) with 25B ISK damage: 639M,
  100. Vincent Pepp (Snuff Box, Snuffed Out) with 25B ISK damage: 5415M, 1099M, 1070M, 522M, 13855M,
Total damage of the top 50 individuals is 2802B ISK.
Total damage of the second 50 individuals is 1432B ISK.

It's strange: 2.8 damage from the top 50 pilots while every month 0.5T is done by the top 50 pilots and 0.5*12=6. The solution is that pilots on this list rotate a lot, in some months someone gets lucky and gets on the list with one kill. In other months some very busy Imperium killer goes inactive.


anonymous said...

I think that most of people that like "hopeless rebels win" neither can PvP or make ISK.

Stan vanderVille said...

You spend Billions to MOA, just to see after that, that more than 50% of the total losses were made by only 50 individuals? An in this list of top 50 individuals the first MOA pilot is in the ranks of 20+?
You should really review your strategy and not burn the money to the epic troll of EVE, but to dedicated single pilots.

I would really like to see a comparision of "gank the afk ratter in deklein" vs "gank the afk freighters and miners in highsec". My guess: the amount of stupidity is the same across the game. If you see the time and ISK effort of Code, the fact that a big part of the gameplay revolves around stupidity of others, you have to realize, that you never will beat this by paying MOA or anyone else.

Gevlon said...

@Stan: actually not, as I've said, the affiliation of pilots are listed as their first kill report. For example Erebus SilentKill (Synapse., The Kadeshi) is one of the top MoA pilots and joined MoA in 2014/11/04 19:42. The code was written for montly reports.

The top 50 individuals obviously outperformed EVERY alliances, that's common sense, I don't really see your point here.

Anonymous said...

>The top 50 individuals obviously outperformed EVERY alliances, that's common sense, I don't really see your point here.

His point is, why are you paying money to an organisation, when it is 50 pilots who are making the difference. Why not pay the money to them directly?

Gevlon said...

Because they rotate a lot. For example the #1 Bomb3r AJS haven't killed any Imperium since May. How much should I give him?

Anonymous said...

This month, nor at all. You are not a charity. Work out a formula regarding how much you are willing to spend per top 50 (or realistically per top 25) position and publish those numbers.

People will compete with each other trying to get the most kills. The damage caused will skyrocket when pilots will know that they are in no3 spot, and they need around 30 kills in 2 days to lock that no1 spot and the 5 billion that come with it.

Gevlon said...

And they burn out the next month. While I was long thinking about such scheme, I simply couldn't figure out anything that actually works.

Anonymous said...

How you spend your money is totally up to you Gev. I know the guys and gals at MoA appreciate your funding, almost as much as they enjoy killing goons. :)

I know the U.S. Navy puts a much coveted letter 'E' on the sides of their ships when they earn the "Battle Effectiveness Award". Maybe something similar could be in order? The "Gevlon Effectiveness Award" perhaps, a letter G? Here me out on this, it's a hybrid solution:

1. Best alliances at killing goons get funding.
2. Best corporations get funding.
3. Best pilots get funding.

This will stir up competition. Alliance leaders will continue to actively search out the best corps and the best FC's (already happening in MoA). CEO's will dedicate more time finding the best pilots as opposed to riding the coat tails of other more active corps in the alliance (recruiting is hard). And pilots will compete with each other, and log in more often.

Eve is played by at least 90% guys, so what stokes testosterone more than competition? Gamefication of the game.

In my opinion a hybrid solution will motivate and maximize effectiveness across the board and raise all three levels together.

I better post this anonymously. Don't want to step on toes here. :)

Stan vanderVille said...

@Goblin: Sorry, didn't had in mind, that the yearly reporting spoils the alliance view. You are right.

In relation to your todays post, i could only state again, that a focus on individual pilots might be considered. That's fitting perfect to your appendix requirements. And in contradiction to a donation to a Alli, you have no dead weight or stupid ISK sinks in between donation and reciever.