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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

September MoA report

At first, the obligatory chart about MoA monthly Imperium kills. Isn't this chart an investor's dream?!
Be part of this miracle! Donate and watch the minions of Evil burn! If this chart goes high enough, their line ratters will seek other region to live in.

Below you can see the performance of the pilots against the Evil Imperium. Kills and losses are de-inflated, so if a pilot got 10% damage on a 300M AFK Ishtar, he gets 30M booked. Only damage done to and losses from the Evil Imperium are listed. The table below lists the top pilots, sorted by damage done
# Pilot Name M to Imp M by Imp Ratio Top kills Top losses
1 h4x0r84 8095 1008 89% 665M, 639M, 437M, 437M, 426M, 247M, 81M, 62M, 59M, 48M,
2 whysoserios Andrard 6859 0 100% 4438M, 1030M, 466M, 311M, 280M,
3 Erebus SilentKill 6290 1787 78% 999M, 274M, 155M, 129M, 129M, 199M, 152M, 149M, 97M, 93M,
4 Barknor 5331 4648 53% 293M, 288M, 257M, 216M, 209M, 3410M, 256M, 192M, 144M, 142M,
5 Anya Ivanova 4738 278 94% 331M, 285M, 191M, 185M, 125M, 125M, 31M, 31M, 30M, 26M,
6 kroniksenvy 4555 849 84% 637M, 259M, 204M, 195M, 166M, 677M, 38M, 37M, 36M, 30M,
7 Qc Abrutis 4436 568 89% 271M, 246M, 235M, 166M, 129M, 73M, 66M, 56M, 41M, 39M,
8 Tocan Netrow 4429 2517 64% 299M, 255M, 247M, 210M, 206M, 502M, 327M, 259M, 255M, 207M,
9 weat bix 4377 1403 76% 2000M, 194M, 170M, 138M, 119M, 1031M, 78M, 58M, 53M, 33M,
10 sashamoreeeeeeeeeee 4223 678 86% 194M, 180M, 174M, 146M, 145M, 66M, 61M, 52M, 50M, 45M,
11 stunkerd II 4128 842 83% 1126M, 289M, 231M, 183M, 176M, 315M, 87M, 80M, 76M, 62M,
12 Kaciana 4043 437 90% 3137M, 381M, 66M, 58M, 47M, 220M, 54M, 37M, 37M, 34M,
13 Akballah Kassan 3854 386 91% 731M, 265M, 225M, 171M, 135M, 74M, 60M, 58M, 57M, 27M,
14 Seven Frost 3702 838 82% 396M, 324M, 289M, 202M, 171M, 377M, 99M, 97M, 96M, 62M,
15 Fragwit 3618 305 92% 184M, 164M, 155M, 137M, 130M, 77M, 76M, 55M, 55M, 13M,
16 Gwen Reaper 3446 994 78% 470M, 145M, 137M, 130M, 107M, 163M, 83M, 78M, 73M, 61M,
17 Selena Nolen 3419 457 88% 264M, 244M, 230M, 161M, 158M, 110M, 86M, 74M, 43M, 42M,
18 Khan Farshatok 3177 1757 64% 160M, 153M, 144M, 141M, 134M, 473M, 333M, 178M, 104M, 75M,
19 Paul Kevin-Short 3126 411 88% 889M, 181M, 124M, 121M, 111M, 80M, 76M, 70M, 39M, 34M,
20 Gen Eve 2812 138 95% 165M, 138M, 109M, 103M, 99M, 37M, 30M, 12M, 12M, 12M,
21 Nik IV 2662 2709 50% 343M, 307M, 252M, 213M, 168M, 854M, 376M, 362M, 354M, 179M,
22 Earendix 2616 838 76% 195M, 175M, 159M, 151M, 126M, 118M, 89M, 53M, 53M, 52M,
23 tropic154 2586 624 81% 736M, 452M, 319M, 266M, 131M, 292M, 182M, 56M, 55M, 37M,
24 Picard X 2570 762 77% 957M, 493M, 257M, 133M, 98M, 335M, 153M, 125M, 81M, 68M,
25 Sergei Veydin 2567 1116 70% 743M, 212M, 138M, 135M, 115M, 332M, 208M, 91M, 78M, 31M,
26 Menov92 2524 848 75% 381M, 109M, 97M, 91M, 81M, 221M, 62M, 60M, 60M, 60M,
27 KillUJim 2523 540 82% 209M, 208M, 197M, 113M, 99M, 129M, 41M, 40M, 40M, 38M,
28 Crimson Draufgange 2511 487 84% 1450M, 192M, 80M, 55M, 55M, 235M, 188M, 31M, 26M,
29 Stapaina 2498 236 91% 424M, 239M, 154M, 119M, 96M, 57M, 57M, 39M, 30M, 18M,
30 JimSkyleder 2494 350 88% 1026M, 261M, 249M, 241M, 160M, 181M, 86M, 70M, 12M,
31 Athalwolf 2484 349 88% 548M, 365M, 289M, 131M, 125M, 150M, 66M, 43M, 22M, 22M,
32 Zefirnii Koks 2427 1227 66% 482M, 371M, 301M, 128M, 117M, 211M, 178M, 149M, 96M, 95M,
33 Teth Razor 2420 316 88% 304M, 246M, 217M, 215M, 178M, 90M, 43M, 41M, 33M, 29M,
34 BonkersY2K 2311 796 74% 344M, 191M, 83M, 82M, 70M, 168M, 106M, 84M, 45M, 36M,
35 TrotaconventoX 2185 758 74% 165M, 115M, 106M, 102M, 83M, 234M, 101M, 93M, 62M, 61M,
36 Arseys Blackfox 2123 284 88% 1175M, 93M, 90M, 85M, 82M, 64M, 57M, 49M, 48M, 30M,
37 BivarI 2114 150 93% 177M, 146M, 136M, 112M, 110M, 77M, 19M, 18M, 18M, 12M,
38 Lupus Aurelius 2086 307 87% 274M, 144M, 112M, 111M, 106M, 90M, 87M, 79M, 20M, 18M,
39 El comepiedras Jastaspista 2079 1308 61% 832M, 336M, 145M, 104M, 78M, 379M, 316M, 237M, 115M, 97M,
40 Dalts 2057 776 73% 355M, 233M, 156M, 149M, 128M, 243M, 184M, 170M, 71M, 53M,
41 Samael Curtis 2047 456 82% 503M, 325M, 320M, 246M, 94M, 59M, 42M, 39M, 38M, 37M,
42 xBRANEx 1843 752 71% 243M, 208M, 174M, 95M, 61M, 165M, 149M, 78M, 73M, 60M,
43 KiloAlpha 1834 1394 57% 273M, 189M, 170M, 130M, 82M, 338M, 201M, 154M, 79M, 75M,
44 xXCojakXx 1791 462 79% 172M, 111M, 108M, 100M, 88M, 218M, 57M, 56M, 54M, 21M,
45 Sir Rexor 1759 273 87% 149M, 98M, 95M, 94M, 88M, 76M, 61M, 36M, 34M, 26M,
46 L0ne Wulf 1731 0 100% 1420M, 218M, 29M, 17M, 14M,
47 Dirk Thellere 1718 15 99% 1043M, 91M, 83M, 59M, 59M, 15M,
48 Kayi Brixius 1705 1293 57% 143M, 131M, 124M, 84M, 80M, 1016M, 60M, 35M, 34M, 34M,
49 antip Soikutsu 1644 526 76% 299M, 193M, 172M, 106M, 104M, 247M, 67M, 61M, 58M, 34M,
50 one3one 1628 193 89% 312M, 183M, 171M, 166M, 140M, 56M, 55M, 41M, 21M, 20M,
51 Kinis Deren 1616 253 86% 231M, 128M, 106M, 102M, 98M, 165M, 41M, 15M, 14M, 12M,
52 Kalstir 1609 1382 54% 144M, 129M, 90M, 88M, 65M, 415M, 174M, 110M, 89M, 79M,
53 Leia Todako 1526 340 82% 131M, 92M, 77M, 71M, 65M, 58M, 57M, 43M, 34M, 34M,
54 Neok1337 1488 1153 56% 230M, 144M, 65M, 57M, 53M, 369M, 183M, 94M, 75M, 67M,
55 Count Austheim 1486 161 90% 123M, 97M, 78M, 69M, 65M, 64M, 55M, 16M, 15M, 12M,
56 kenfut 1483 45 97% 144M, 123M, 113M, 73M, 63M, 30M, 15M,
57 So Laki 1453 1729 46% 740M, 161M, 94M, 85M, 74M, 544M, 527M, 136M, 123M, 99M,
58 Karch 1439 1806 44% 259M, 107M, 89M, 74M, 66M, 1008M, 737M, 37M, 12M, 12M,
59 Jokelerie 1381 149 90% 461M, 165M, 159M, 85M, 78M, 75M, 56M, 18M,
60 Satek Oreye 1350 117 92% 209M, 197M, 154M, 73M, 70M, 43M, 24M, 24M, 23M,
61 Sath Om 1342 496 73% 179M, 85M, 76M, 67M, 44M, 81M, 42M, 40M, 38M, 36M,
62 Kheblin Keikira 1334 111 92% 306M, 111M, 59M, 52M, 44M, 27M, 20M, 20M, 16M, 16M,
63 Soulweave 1317 643 67% 252M, 131M, 115M, 97M, 76M, 84M, 42M, 41M, 40M, 39M,
64 Iv d'Este 1311 711 65% 359M, 185M, 155M, 60M, 57M, 438M, 106M, 60M, 52M, 19M,
65 Sonja SherezadeX 1280 256 83% 223M, 109M, 79M, 59M, 54M, 35M, 35M, 33M, 33M, 32M,
66 MASSADEATH 1277 485 72% 267M, 143M, 90M, 59M, 53M, 166M, 70M, 58M, 53M, 41M,
67 DjShaman 61RUS 1254 145 90% 235M, 131M, 92M, 91M, 83M, 50M, 47M, 19M, 13M, 11M,
68 Kira Babe 1234 79 94% 70M, 65M, 57M, 57M, 57M, 46M, 18M, 13M,
69 DeCypherSphere 1219 1001 55% 147M, 118M, 94M, 59M, 57M, 286M, 146M, 101M, 93M, 65M,
70 Xepheer 1198 303 80% 137M, 86M, 83M, 54M, 48M, 66M, 48M, 32M, 29M, 27M,
71 Chew on Thisbaka 1178 220 84% 97M, 73M, 70M, 49M, 42M, 45M, 37M, 34M, 21M, 21M,
72 capt weeman 1174 399 75% 163M, 158M, 152M, 88M, 49M, 84M, 57M, 56M, 52M, 30M,
73 Ubiquarian 1145 408 74% 172M, 139M, 93M, 60M, 54M, 94M, 80M, 72M, 38M, 32M,
74 Allucination 1141 95 92% 149M, 114M, 112M, 79M, 73M, 82M, 13M,
75 Jon Eriker 1118 711 61% 291M, 89M, 79M, 70M, 38M, 270M, 177M, 80M, 40M, 37M,
76 aianami 1116 493 69% 266M, 239M, 202M, 79M, 72M, 455M, 37M,
77 fihs shark 1114 340 77% 111M, 98M, 94M, 84M, 81M, 244M, 32M, 32M, 32M,
78 Komuto Huevato 1084 75 93% 708M, 139M, 41M, 31M, 27M, 57M, 19M,
79 Castiel Visage 1065 0 100% 398M, 239M, 105M, 85M, 63M,
80 Xunantunich 1053 522 67% 204M, 157M, 74M, 72M, 69M, 229M, 141M, 71M, 43M, 30M,
81 Dallex 1048 476 69% 388M, 103M, 95M, 94M, 78M, 166M, 35M, 32M, 31M, 31M,
82 NOHEMI 1046 543 66% 232M, 97M, 71M, 69M, 50M, 260M, 64M, 43M, 42M, 35M,
83 Balalaika 3struna 1035 156 87% 185M, 130M, 125M, 113M, 106M, 93M, 32M, 25M,
84 Gris X 1031 308 77% 141M, 120M, 74M, 69M, 64M, 103M, 53M, 52M, 30M, 18M,
85 Gottl Gum 1009 335 75% 883M, 61M, 46M, 14M, 85M, 84M, 35M, 33M, 32M,
86 Hydra Oceanic 962 1125 46% 197M, 174M, 116M, 93M, 86M, 341M, 170M, 170M, 165M, 163M,
87 Efraya 948 110 90% 269M, 189M, 48M, 47M, 38M, 61M, 35M, 13M,
88 Nevil Kincade 943 397 70% 80M, 71M, 54M, 39M, 39M, 313M, 58M, 26M,
89 M3PHIST0 923 89 91% 437M, 76M, 69M, 57M, 37M, 75M, 14M,
90 Zorn Orlenard 922 1143 45% 135M, 89M, 59M, 54M, 48M, 292M, 235M, 168M, 86M, 48M,
91 Kiim scala 921 879 51% 104M, 95M, 76M, 68M, 65M, 126M, 42M, 42M, 42M, 41M,
92 TescoBunny Wunny 893 864 51% 237M, 91M, 78M, 56M, 39M, 93M, 85M, 83M, 57M, 55M,
93 VTyx Soul 890 211 81% 107M, 78M, 56M, 51M, 47M, 63M, 46M, 31M, 25M, 24M,
94 Dave911 869 293 75% 131M, 124M, 90M, 79M, 51M, 77M, 66M, 46M, 38M, 26M,
95 Patmy 867 187 82% 180M, 67M, 61M, 53M, 28M, 76M, 58M, 28M, 13M, 13M,
96 Elijah Onzo 863 105 89% 383M, 155M, 23M, 17M, 16M, 11M, 11M, 11M, 10M, 10M,
97 Thorn Eden 839 90 90% 113M, 94M, 35M, 35M, 33M, 49M, 24M, 17M,
98 Baahatoko Tsurpalen 834 740 53% 118M, 115M, 62M, 55M, 48M, 200M, 97M, 93M, 92M, 84M,
99 mardatias 815 108 88% 90M, 65M, 64M, 58M, 49M, 34M, 32M, 28M, 14M,
100 Hang Cavin-Guang 798 203 80% 60M, 53M, 51M, 39M, 29M, 37M, 35M, 34M, 30M, 21M,
101 Everyone else 65964 51846 56%
102 Total 277401 115281 71%

This is the summary of corps against the Imperium. Please note that Raging Angels joined mid-month, and Raging Ducks, their ancestor had 22B damage this month.
Rank Corp B Damage done B Damage taken ISK ratio
1 MASS A DEATH 62 31 67
2 Dissident Aggressors 31 14 69
3 Yuhu al Medio - Overlodea Primo 26 9 73
4 PiU PiU oLoLo I am driver UFO 19 10 65
5 20th Legion 22 6 78
6 Mosquito Squadron 17 4 82
7 SwEaTy ArMpIT RaIDeRs 11 4 72
8 Guardians of Toutatis 8 6 57
9 Raging Angels 10 3 79
10 Delta vane Corp. 7 3 69
11 Sods 5 5 47
12 Perimeter Defense Systems 7 2 74
13 Under Heavy Fire 7 2 74
14 Komintern. 6 2 75
15 Tellurian Works 7 1 91
16 Kiwi's and Company 5 1 76
17 Los Primitivos 4 2 65
18 Chicks on Speed 5 1 90
- Sum of small ones 19 8 72
- Total 277 115 71

This is the summary against alliances of the Evil Imperium, over 5B kills:
Evil Alliance B Damage done B Damage taken ISK ratio
Goonswarm Federation 138 54 72
SpaceMonkey's Alliance 68 14 83
Tactical Narcotics Team 31 29 52
Circle-Of-Two 16 7 69
Fidelas Constans 7 5 60
The Bastion 10 1 87

Finally the focus on the Evil: 36% of their losses were from the Evil Imperium, thanks to that idiot that managed to lose more ISK in one move than whole MoA to the Evil. Here is the toplist of non-Imperium enemies:
  • Snuffed Out: 110B
  • Northern Coalition.: 10B
  • Spaceship Samurai: 7B
  • Warlords of the Deep: 7B
  • Banderlogs Alliance: 7B
  • Separatists: 4B
  • Brotherhood of Spacers: 3B
  • Advent of Fate: 3B
  • #NPC Corporations: 2B
  • Did he say Jump: 2B
  • #Corp: Method Synergy: 2B


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised goons do kick corps like raging. It seems a common theme in eve that ex's will turn bitter. Surely better to let them stay under the roof benignly than have them turn on you when kicked outside.

daniel said...

@anom0359: unless you need more enemies for the enterteinment of your linemembers.

Anonymous said...

Gevlon, why don't you donate top 10 MOA pilots?
It would be nice - 1-2bil each.

Gevlon said...

Why top MoA pilots then, not top 10 pilots of all EVE?
The answer is that I'm not sure that they can achieve this without the support of "lesser" pilots (scouts, JF haulers). If the support pilots die out, the top performers can stop performing.

Of course there is a reason why a "top 100 pilots" is listed on the monthly CFC losses post. It's the backup plan if MoA would for whatever reason fail. Currently I don't see that happening, but having a backup plan is always great.

Anonymous said...

So an increase in AFK ratters to kill for MOA = success in destroying the Imperium?
I'd expect success to mean LESS ratters are killed as they either stop logging in or at least start paying attention to local intel.

But I'm sure the Imperium will collapse 'real soon'(tm)

Gevlon said...

More killed = stronger. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

At what point on the graph did you start investing in MOA?

Anonymous said...

(I'm a different anon). Things don't exist in a vacuum. It's entirely possible that the imperium has gotten stronger in spite of your efforts. It's worth considering, at least, that after all this time if MoA was having a meaningful impact then it would be reflected in line member behavior by now. You have been going full-bore at these guys for the past year and it seems that they are ratting in, largely, the same places. Even "morons and slackers" don't run straight to their deaths while trying to kill NPCs for a year straight. Because of this there are two answers that become obvious.

1: The MoA campaign has been largely ineffective, failing to kill ratters often enough to produce a desirable result.

2: The Imperium has not remained stagnant and has become stronger, rendering the MoA campaign ineffective. Even morons and slackers get better at what they do. It's entirely possible that the line members of the imperium have gotten better at making Isi and that ratting is no longer their only source of income. Additionally, a numbe of people have stated that they get reimbursed for ratting losses under the right circumstances. If true, this practice would be unlikely to stop, due to the impact that ratting has with Fozziesov.

Gevlon, I say this next part as someone who isn't particularly fond of the imperium. If you don't want to be posting Imperium ratting losses in October of 2016 then you need to get a more effective method of hurting your opponents. The current method hasn't seen results the way anyone would like. The imperium hasn't dropped any regions hasn't collapsed hasn't split into smaller groups hasn't seen a massive or even meaningful loss of members or even anything more significant than a station camp as a response from the imperium. Those "hellcamps" are the only response that your enemy has really put up. Please I implore you think about that for a minute. You have spent over a year and untold billions of isk and have very little to show for it. As good as MoA is, even the casuals aren't inconvenienced enough to make meaningful changes to where they go AFK to shoot NPCs. On its own that really should tell you something.

Again I really do respect the concerted effort that has been made to destroy the Imperium. I just ask that you really take a good look at how limited the impact you have made is and consider a better strategy. The fact that you post here on this blog that MoA consistently kills people in the same areas in increasing numbers shows that you have yet to make an impact that will make your enemy care. And when you do hit that point, what then? You will have spent billions upon billions to make ratters change their habits slightly. Do you know what happens when a ratter isn't AFK sees a hostile fleet enter system? He rocks up, reports on the Intel channel and a defense fleet swats the problem away, provided the invaders are there long enough to warrant a response. The Imperium wins here. If we're being honest, the Imperium has you outgunned by a long shot. MoA just isn't currently capable of fighting off a halfway decent defense fleet in the Imperium's heartland. By now I'm sure you are writing a response, and I'm sure you have thought of what happens at this point when you actually have some measure of success. Please realize one thing. Before you can ever become more than a pest, MoA will need to get a lot better. The Imperium has you vastly outnumbered, out funded and out equipped. (Supercap fleet anyone?).

Look, all I'm saying is that you will need to convince MoA to adapt in order to inflict any real, meaningful, and lasting damage.

Gevlon said...

I started to support them in 2014 June.

@Last anon: Your whole page of "you did nothing" indicate serious butthurt. Was it a carrier?

Anonymous said...

I'm in TEST, so no.