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Monday, July 13, 2015

If you recruit renters, you'll have lot of renters

One of the FCON leaders, aarc sent the following broadcast:
I do apologize for being so blunt as I'm going to be right now: About 30 minutes ago I broadcasted a forums topic. Over 75 people have already viewed the topic but only 2 have managed to answer the simple questions found in said topic. Right now all I can see is that the alliance members are nothing more but a bunch of money grabbing, selfish, egocentric bastards. Yes, i've said it and I mean it. C'mon people, we're a close to 5000 character alliance. YOU are the alliance. How are we support to move forward if such a simple task like answering a few question is too much to ask? What about Fleet form ups? FCON used to be able to wield 100~125 man fleets at a moments notice. And now? We'd be lucky if we get 20 man at a moments notice. Would you like to keep the space we earned? Then by all means, keep doing what you are doing. It's the quickest way to loose the space. Demoralize the whole alliance even further. Do we want to go back to low-sec? Fine. Lets do nothing, because that is what this turns out to be if WE, emphasis on WE(!), keep going the way we are going.
Then comes this opinion piece from one of the members with a nice title:
What does the alliance stand for for you?
At the moment; this alliance stands for those in power keeping their jobs for as long as possible, by any means possible. More than half the leadership of this alliance is either clueless, incompetent, or both (looking at your Tark). All I see every fucking day lately is some clueless asshole spewing some bullshit either in alliance chat or on the forums about how everything in FCON is sunshine lollipops and rainbows everywhere, and it goddamn isn't. Everything about a lot of the alliance leadership is about maintaining the status quo, no real interest in changing things for the better, or adapting to our ever changing situation in eve (Fozziesov). What we need DESPERATELY right now is to replace half our leadership with people who aren't fuckheads and who actually will do something for the goddamn alliance. Here's a short list of who need's to go and WHY:
- Tarkinius: He does fucking nothing, ever. He is absolutely clueless about the upcoming changes to the games meta, and provides non-answer-answers to any legitimate questions/problems thrown at him. Look at his forum posts, everything he posts is some spin on "now now, everybody get along. Lets all ignore the fact that I completely ignored the topic of the thread". Or, "Oh we don't need to change our tactics for (insert anything important here), because nothing changes in eve ever, carry on folks".
- Kari Thrace: This guy is one of the group who suggested that we ignore home defense in favor of bashing POSs in Venal when there were 10+ neuts roaming branch. Also, this is the same guy who thinks that the alliance shouldn't SRP caps that get lost on a strat op to save a SUPER. He needs to go.
- Angelica Divine: Who the fuck is this? I have never seen this person in alliance chat or on the forums EVER. I even convo'd a member of her corp and asked who the fuck this was, and even that guy didn't know? Why do we have ghosts in leadership? He/She needs to go.
- AARC: Do I even need to explain why?
- Briette: I've heard through the grapevine that the reason this guy (link) left alliance and joined BL was because Briette refused to provide the sov upgrade needed for this dudes towers to produce supers. What a coincidence that Briette would refuse such a great deal for the alliance when he builds Supers for profit himself. If there is any truth to this, Briette needs to be thrown out on his ass.
- pSychoaa: FCON logistics are absolute SHIT. Also, MULECON is a private entity, not an alliance entity. They are out for profit for their corp, not assisting the alliance. SO where exactly is our ACTUAL alliance logistic service? We don't have one, nuff said.

I for one suggest we put forth a vote of no confidence for those listed above and replace them immediately with people who can actually do their fucking job. We need to end the days of inactive/incompetent leadership right NOW.

All this shit aside, the current social situation of FCON is a mess. We are no "alliance" we are a group of balkanized corps who all happen to live in the same place atm. There is SO MUCH FUCKING BEEF between so many corps in this alliance it isn't even funny. A lot of it is over some really petty shit too. Take for example the Old members vs. those who were previously renters. Frankly the fact that people would have so much hate for the previous-renters even though they are pulling their weight in pap stats (from what I hear) is disgusting. This type of stupid infighting and being at eachothers throats over the most retarded bullshit needs to stop, but I sure as fuck don't see anybody in leadership taking a proactive stance on it. Oh and also, we have fuckfaces refusing to join HD fleets to combat the 15 neuts in branch as I post this comment, because they don't want to lose their place in the incursion fleet.
The guy is an obvious leech as he calls logistics non-existent just because it wants profit and also cries about neutrals during a strat op, who can be ignored since they can't kill anyone as everyone is on stratop - in a decent alliance, not FCON. However he is genuinely upset about the situation and I don't get it why.

The leadership is clearly successful in one thing: when I started tracking ratting, FCON was the #5 ratter with 4M rats/month. Now FCON is second behind the masters of ratting with 8M rats. Way to go FCON! Of course this direction of the alliance annoys those who want PvP. And annoys those more who want to rat and expect others to protect them instead of taking their anoms. But I wonder what the hell were they expecting when two thousand renters were recruited. I mean if a shop recruits bakers, you expect it to be a bakery and not a greengrocer or a computer shop. Expecting PvP from people who used to pay rent to avoid PvP is nothing sort of madness. Expecting anything but ratting from the #2 ratter of the whole universe is also pretty dumb. I mean if someone has an Olympic silver medal, would you guess "he is in quantum physics" or rather "he is an athlete"?

Captain Obvious is pretty puzzled on the people who whine and moan about FCON.

PS: someone in CO2 was thinking (bad start) "a Muninn has 3 medium and 6 low slots and 25% more native armor then shield. Let's shield tank it! It'll be so awesome that only 2 badly tanked Scimi will keep them up!" I don't know if he also gave this doctrine a cool name, but I'd suggest ALODcats!


Provi Miner said...

FCON and fozzi sov is a bit of nightmare, one day all of FCON laughed at renters as scum the next day someone realized "hey index's matter, then another person said "how can we raise index's" this was answered by the third person "hey I know lets invite those scum ball renters to join us" So FCON did exactly that. Now they are bitching about it? I love FCON they are former Provi Bro's and Sista's. For any in FCON once this False Emperor thing is over and you want a Home come back to provi, YF and -7- are always looking for dudes and ladies who want to pew pew or do indy with some pew pew. Come home.

Anonymous said...

In before it implodes. The funny thing is FCON is not the only bad alliance in CFC. There are others as bad.