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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Weekend minipost: Changing your alliance tag makes you good in EVE

Probably that led BOVRIL bOREers Mining CO-OP to quit "bad" BRAVE and join "elite" Razor.
Well, it didn't really work.
But, hey, let's try again.

I wonder what were RAZOR leaders thinking taking these failures. I mean ex-PBLRDs at least safe up instead of lining up for execution.

PS: cap stable!


A Baboon said...

Well, Bovril always undock, even when they don't have the right ships to fight what the enemy brings. They got to try to mine blood for the Blood God. But I guess two more rattlesnakes after the first one wasn't the best of their decisions. Always undocking isn't something you can comprehend, huh?

Unknown said...

Gevlon can comprehend "always undocking", he called it a failure.

I dont know why people praise so much -carelessness- and -stupidity for lolz- over thinking in game focused on thinking.

Oh I remember now.

Cause its lets them consider themselves "fun" and "cool" rather than "stupid" or even more embarassing in their eyes: "I played this game for few years and I still dont know how to play it".

Anonymous said...

I assume they are trying to fill ranks with warm bodies to play the new whack-a-mole sov game. There's literally no other reason to take them.

Anonymous said...

miners raise indexes

Gevlon said...

Miners raise indexes. But miners aren't that stupid to form up against PvP gangs and feed them billions of kills.