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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Weekend minipost: GRR in May

I processed the CFC losses for April, the post will be up on Monday. This minipost only touches the donations.
The top CFC killer was yet again Mordus Angels with 153B.
Sorry We're In Your Space Eh did 94B, no wonder CFC ran from Fountain. Too bad -EH- doesn't follow them to the North, so my support is discontinued.
Out of Sight. did 128B, I need to learn more about these guys.
Then a surprise top killer: The Marmite Collective with 94B. Tora mentioned that someone hired them against CFC (except against GSF, which is quite strange), but hey, kills are kills. So I choose to make Marmite the new May recipient. I'd like to emphasize that I didn't hire them (they demand way too much for deccing all CFC), I'm just giving them this money because I'm happy to see this number and keep giving them while I'm happy. Of course I hope this money will motivate them to kill more CFC, as the June money distribution will be done based on May kill number.

So the May payments are 7.4B to MoA and 4.6B to Marmite:


99smite said...

Hahaha, Tora pulled this one of nicely, someone paid him to kill gewns and Gevlon rains his iskies on him FOR FREE...
I wish Tora would write a blog about making ISK... :)

glenarvan said...

DEKLEIN intel. R-DUKS coming...

Anonymous said...

Out of sight are russians living in venal

they fight cfc pretty regularly

Manserk said...

You should make it a contest where you give weighted amount of the 12b ISK pool to the top 3 CFC killers.