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Monday, May 4, 2015

Losses of the Evil in April

Like last month, I received the killboard loss data for all CFC. As always, killboard inflation is removed, so if you did 1% damage of a 100B titan, you get 1B kills and not 100B. 50914 API verified kills were processed and distributed among the alliances:
Alliance B ISK lost
Circle-Of-Two 269
Executive Outcomes 42
Fatal Ascension 174
Fidelas Constans 216
Forged of Fire 44
Get Off My Lawn 154
Goonswarm Federation 763
Greater Western Co-Prosperity Sphere 213
I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth 37
Initiative Mercenaries 1
RAZOR Alliance 63
RvB - BLUE Republic 95
RvB - RED Federation 97
SpaceMonkey's Alliance 381
Tactical Narcotics Team 118
The Initiative. 109
The Bastion 223
Total CFC losses 3000

Below you can see which groups caused damage to the minions of Evil:
Group B ISK destroyed
RvB Interwar 135
Awox 101
The Pirates 360
PL block 32
N3 281
Proviblock 27
xxDeath 75
Everyone else 1922

We know for long that the "useless NPC trash" is the biggest thorn in the side of CFC: Mordus Angels (153B), Black Legion. (91B), Triumvirate. (20B), Sorry We're In Your Space Eh (95B), are massacring the CFC. Look at their 500M+ contribution kills!
1412M, 658M, 2043M, 853M, 805M, 890M, 888M, 1079M, 861M, 779M, 1594M, 719M, 1389M, 682M, 696M, 3486M, 565M, 1548M, 530M, 2723M, 2205M, 967M, 1310M, 928M, 1131M, 1688M, 8044M, 1327M, 1430M, 1224M, 7180M, 1433M, 903M, 1074M, 589M, 1441M, 3149M, 1474M, 842M, 1678M, 749M, 2162M, 681M, 1726M, 2863M, 592M, 2007M, 1265M, 1483M, 564M, 869M, 2063M, 1110M, 984M, 784M, 2092M, 580M, 1149M, 1686M, 733M, 677M, 511M, 517M, 1799M, 605M, 1952M, 779M, 902M, 947M, 624M, 612M, 531M, 1845M, 994M, 1486M, 1482M, 506M, 523M, 500M, 1010M, 1263M, 857M, 806M, 1518M, 644M, 586M, 671M, 502M, 781M, 757M, 3039M, 2080M, 654M, 575M, 2884M, 1122M, 646M, 1149M, 1135M, 13742M, 1137M, 805M.

N3 is the "biggest enemy of CFC", yet they usually perform worse than the NPC pirates. Below you can see their members who did 20B+ and their 500M+ contribution kills.
Gentlemen's.Club: 39B
Northern Coalition.: 64B
The Kadeshi: 53B
1150M, 553M, 691M, 631M, 529M, 601M, 1636M, 660M, 554M, 511M, 728M, 1506M, 514M, 836M, 2183M, 871M, 1013M, 752M, 2734M, 1536M, 2668M, 1197M, 2916M, 596M, 529M, 899M, 1272M, 1544M, 2051M, 963M, 2724M, 2532M, 2580M, 543M, 700M, 719M, 1558M, 729M, 2491M, 518M, 685M, 942M, 785M, 555M, 2406M, 1199M, 1172M, 1398M, 1297M, 1193M, 1144M, 947M, 547M.

RvB is still doing their thing, and CFC is still killing blues: 2337M, 1005M, 1094M, 1057M, 2325M, 1336M, 1337M, 2258M, 1024M, 1078M, 2168M, 2040M, 1313M, 2012M, 3098M, 1212M, 1494M, 1141M, 1007M, 2287M, 2209M, 1291M, 1757M, 868M, 935M, 770M, 718M, 768M, 799M, 619M, 806M, 769M, 554M, 694M, 1606M, 555M, 3959M, 2426M, 2696M.
The other coalitions do little damage to CFC. Below you can see their members who did 20B+ and their 500M+ contribution kills.
Brave Collective: 29B
Test Alliance Please Ignore: 33B
Legion of xXDEATHXx: 31B
526M, 600M, 3080M, 583M, 583M, 945M, 1187M, 504M, 758M, 583M.
672M, 2706M, 554M, 1542M, 611M, 815M, 923M, 568M, 578M, 520M.
687M, 2142M, 566M, 3770M, 813M, 810M, 709M, 1161M, 603M, 640M, 541M, 1196M, 569M, 544M.
1352M, 1250M, 2343M, 681M, 1341M, 799M, 1683M, 642M, 697M, 5214M, 984M, 1996M, 1069M, 774M, 1432M, 595M, 1676M, 670M, 705M, 832M, 1338M, 1086M, 551M, 575M, 513M, 699M, 947M, 515M, 858M, 1161M.

Finally, let us see what everyone else did to the CFC and those who got above 20B:
Out of Sight.: 128B
#NPC loss#: 108B
The Marmite Collective: 94B
Project.Mayhem.: 78B
Enigma Project: 69B
#NPC Corporations: 52B
Space Warriors: 52B
The Gorgon Empire: 51B
Hard Knocks Citizens: 47B
Verge of Collapse: 46B
GaNg BaNg TeAm: 46B
Bora Alis: 36B
Shadow Cartel: 35B
Forsaken Asylum: 33B
LowSechnaya Sholupen: 30B
Total Absolution: 25B
792M, 851M, 853M, 874M, 1563M, 669M, 745M, 572M, 3181M, 4288M, 516M, 3032M, 522M, 783M, 782M, 1688M, 1886M, 564M, 1089M, 1184M, 852M, 694M, 819M, 1136M, 1848M, 2129M, 2618M, 1019M, 2191M, 673M, 527M, 1505M, 874M, 509M, 1793M, 909M, 541M, 552M, 631M, 1351M, 891M, 700M, 751M, 508M, 1302M, 1296M, 670M, 882M, 994M, 962M, 3571M, 1418M, 704M, 907M, 918M, 910M, 526M, 736M, 1322M, 519M, 1719M, 1573M, 554M, 865M, 643M, 557M, 636M, 5437M, 4312M, 871M, 1381M, 561M, 963M, 985M, 561M, 624M, 590M, 533M, 686M, 539M, 1211M, 1588M, 885M, 1344M, 552M, 759M, 756M, 1088M, 1974M, 2302M, 2878M, 612M, 638M, 2144M, 641M, 812M, 778M, 566M, 516M, 515M, 504M, 914M, 822M, 847M, 633M, 911M, 600M, 607M, 557M, 1105M, 515M, 539M, 3227M, 520M, 1436M, 537M, 991M, 597M, 601M, 704M, 517M, 1661M, 2015M, 1549M, 1787M, 2560M, 590M, 645M, 1074M, 1074M, 1936M, 15811M, 515M, 611M, 1071M, 742M, 1567M, 704M, 2494M, 588M, 1147M, 1597M, 631M, 559M, 680M, 1000M, 1375M, 1343M, 1329M, 883M, 1028M, 502M, 4345M, 2802M, 4431M, 1004M, 530M, 4335M, 700M, 538M, 853M, 992M, 660M, 767M, 1649M, 984M, 532M, 2469M, 9784M, 8474M, 9002M, 676M, 543M, 665M, 839M, 3406M, 1859M, 3955M, 677M, 829M, 672M, 668M, 898M, 1519M, 1539M, 724M, 541M, 1045M, 517M, 612M, 1016M, 832M, 607M, 2195M, 2162M, 1911M, 670M, 2533M, 1064M, 654M, 1683M, 830M, 541M, 648M, 1032M, 1219M, 546M, 1709M, 842M, 808M, 599M, 532M, 585M, 1144M, 725M, 597M, 645M, 974M, 1704M, 1599M, 1562M, 3595M, 2280M, 683M, 2183M, 1315M, 716M, 632M, 1692M, 978M, 977M, 629M, 815M, 1199M, 3800M, 594M, 547M, 873M, 1737M, 952M, 733M, 832M, 664M, 803M, 838M, 576M, 1920M, 1888M, 3542M, 25884M, 1557M, 815M, 688M, 705M, 822M, 666M, 979M, 1006M, 554M, 725M, 2170M, 1236M, 671M, 956M, 659M, 1017M, 749M, 917M, 2809M, 2388M, 2871M, 3148M, 503M, 580M, 11473M, 537M, 633M, 798M, 1441M, 7720M, 509M, 1210M, 955M, 532M, 1018M, 724M, 510M, 687M, 526M, 540M, 526M, 526M, 526M, 690M, 2085M, 1713M, 2328M, 1875M, 1870M, 506M, 641M, 885M, 2710M, 2016M, 639M, 1616M, 1543M, 2089M, 1034M, 684M, 1108M, 696M, 1181M, 1020M, 545M, 1027M, 511M, 989M, 654M, 1955M, 3801M, 12358M, 632M, 1626M, 880M, 898M, 2824M, 1892M, 905M, 2111M, 1486M, 1472M, 1428M, 585M, 1041M, 662M, 1827M, 516M, 936M, 1039M, 1527M, 1817M, 1192M, 949M, 870M, 695M, 550M, 908M, 2268M, 1767M, 1594M, 581M, 1541M, 1945M, 529M, 1014M, 1276M, 575M, 574M, 517M, 798M, 927M, 624M, 704M, 1295M, 1936M, 839M, 756M, 640M, 1821M, 592M, 527M, 747M, 1571M, 681M, 944M, 694M, 687M, 511M, 553M, 624M, 1140M, 530M, 809M, 665M, 1379M, 547M, 683M, 829M, 780M, 550M, 619M, 511M, 1214M, 797M, 760M, 623M, 634M, 1990M, 1556M, 768M, 652M, 1016M, 661M, 576M, 728M, 531M, 636M, 801M, 510M, 1184M, 589M, 608M, 559M, 1183M, 543M, 798M, 2223M, 918M, 834M, 621M, 1361M, 595M, 2745M, 1989M, 506M, 580M, 584M, 542M, 8019M, 1389M, 1131M, 644M, 534M, 739M, 817M, 784M, 598M, 757M, 8334M, 7001M, 1405M, 1144M, 1032M, 981M, 1085M, 634M, 536M, 759M, 10817M, 1059M, 807M, 603M, 500M, 2093M, 717M, 28234M, 639M, 2977M, 699M, 531M, 571M, 1247M, 1196M, 537M, 1419M, 2403M, 1805M, 696M, 1123M, 1375M, 824M, 2857M, 573M, 1242M, 6937M, 509M, 1614M, 855M, 645M, 1157M, 921M, 985M, 825M, 10360M, 1308M, 1246M, 1427M, 1481M, 1624M, 1818M, 1803M, 1785M, 2220M, 516M, 2025M, 1867M, 1585M, 2705M, 1926M, 2082M, 3015M, 3013M, 506M, 1799M, 585M, 730M, 849M, 600M, 1238M, 798M, 716M, 1144M, 646M, 1324M, 1173M, 912M, 8882M, 7907M, 813M, 695M, 539M, 611M, 502M, 606M, 526M, 582M, 2061M, 811M, 683M, 1946M, 777M, 1554M, 502M, 1205M, 595M, 538M, 517M, 718M, 545M, 831M, 1361M, 679M, 800M, 1149M, 8165M, 525M, 1099M, 1243M, 2754M, 553M, 2390M, 987M, 786M, 829M, 676M, 546M, 736M, 749M, 635M, 1448M, 592M, 1155M, 589M, 546M, 553M, 15376M, 898M, 930M, 841M, 747M, 581M, 614M, 647M, 3088M, 1201M, 965M.
Below you can see how many killers were on their kill reports, proving that solo and small gang are not dead:
Size category B ISK destroyed
Solo 667
2..3 650
4..5 460
6..10 449
11..30 532
31+ 243

Below you can see how many ships and ISK they lost in different ship value groups:
Size category Ships lost B ISK destroyed
-40M 39456 345
40M-125M 6500 471
125M-250M 2772 537
250M-400M 1129 339
400M-1500M+ 826 574
1500M+ 231 735

Finally, the zone distribution that shows that CFC mostly dies at home, usually while ratting:
Zone B ISK destroyed
Fountain 371
HighThe Forge 257
Deklein 248
Vale of the Silent 185
Branch 175
Fade 168
Venal 160
Pure Blind 148
Delve 140
Tribute 132
Low_Lonetrek 92
Low_Aridia 80
HighLonetrek 61
Querious 51
Immensea 50
Sum of small ones 682
Total 3000


Anonymous said...

you go trough the trouble of KM deflation. but list kills from 500m+ onwards without dmg contribution of your supported group(s). why don't you just list 80%+ dmg contribution kills? The point of all this is to not care about KM whoring still to get into your 500m+ list nothing else is necessary.
Sure dead whales from CFC is good .. so it probably doesn't matter.

Gevlon said...

The 500M+ kills mean 500M+ contribution. For example is a 1941M kill, but only listed with 853M for Mordus.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why RvB is included in this, since when are they a member of Imperium?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous > I think it was since they started to accept war dec orders for both red and blue on whoever mittens points.