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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Weekend minipost: ship fitting advices from CFC

The best way to transport blueprints and bling ship fittings is not an interceptor or a T3, but a signature-boosted blockade runner.
Crystal implants help a lot with armor tanked ratting marauders.
Tank is overrated. Stacking penalties are for nerds. Cyno, neut, smartbomb are for pussies. Real men fit their carrier SMA style!
Why fit triage when you can fit two capital remote shield boosters?
3 armor plates, officer hardener, faction ENAMs, faction scram and web makes a blaster Vindicator an unstoppable station hugger. Or did he miss something for station games? A station in the system he died for example?
Have enough of every kind of sentries! Don't bother with anti-frigate drones, it's not like anyone would drop bombers on you.
Plated Bhaalgorns need every % of speed provided by Snake implants.

That's all for today kids, thanks for CFC pilots for these valuable lessons and Mordus Angels for bringing them to our attention. Please donate a few coins if you liked this class.

PS: I couldn't complete the May killboard analysis by today, and Saturday is payday. So I just give MoA 6B and keep the other 6B. When I'll have the data and know how much damage was done to CFC in April and be able to pick other participants, I'll send the other 6B properly.

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And remember, the beatings will continue until moral improves.