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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Weekend minipost: GRR after Marmite

Despite the Goon propagandists heralded the end of GRR Project, not for the first time, it is fine and well. It cannot end until I run out of money or EVE runs out of people who need money to enable their PvP.

At first, the support for MoA is unaffected. As it's the fourth Saturday of January, I've donated 4*6=24B to MoA this month. Unfortunately others aren't busy donating. If everyone who hateposted about Goons had spent the time writing the post making ISK and donate that ISK to MoA, they'd be flying supers. By the way MoA just represented that - unlike Goons believe - the purpose of bombers is not structure grind and the purpose of Ishtars is not ratting.

I planned to increase the amount, but since I was ill, I couldn't earn much money this week. Also, Deadly Fingertips performs above my expectations. They are still growing and the pre-eliminary wars were performing so well that I gave them two more: Depending on performance on these wars over a longer period will decided if I hire them for more wars or spend more money in nullsec.


Anonymous said...

Your first statement included "Until I run out of money....."

Indicating you have plenty.

Then you say "I planned to increase the amount, but since I was ill, I couldn't earn much money this week"

Indicating you are paying out as you get it in.

Gevlon said...

Now combine the two: "until I lose my ability to earn money".

Anonymous said...

You are aware that recently the CFC used bombers to wipe out several enemy fleets and that the ishtar combat doctrine is standard for most null sec alliances?

That's the beauty of this game. there is no single winning way to use even a specific ship, let alone a 'perfect' playstyle.

Anonymous said...

Now, add CODE. to your little dec list and watch the Goon tears really flow.