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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weekend minipost: Goons will be Goons

Mordus was doing what Mordus is doing: slaying CFC. They met a carrier.
Ratting: check.
Horrible fit: check.
Dead: check.
Goons will be Goons... until they'll be nothing.

Another example, this time using a perfect fit for the core activity of Goons.

Also in the news: what's the best ship to kill 10-30M frigs? A 930M ship that has no chance against anything not a frig.


Anonymous said...

Second fit isn't perfet. You don't need extra resistance on ISKtar in Gurista space.

Anonymous said...

Other notables from yesterday: (fit of the month)

Anonymous said...

Yes, your MOA campaign has the goons SO scared they no longer dare rat in blinged out carriers while afk.

Anonymous said...


I could rat i my Tengu worth ~1.5B noone would comment it.
I could rat in my Ishtar worth~1B
same thing.

If it took my Carrier out refitted it for ratting and ratted and got juiced ... everyone would complain? Why? Capitals lost is a bigger "target mark" that's it ...

BTW please tell me whats so wrong with the Orthrus?
some stats for it:
466DPS -> 63.3Km
34.3K EHP

MWD 2522m/s
OH MWD 3616m/s

OH Scram range: 18.9Km
Point range: 45Km
Oh Point range: 54Km

Yes its expensive but its a Kite boat ... they can be expensive as they normaly DON'T get caught.
its hillarious that it got caught however as he have to have done something wrong.
with a 18k Scram range he should be able to brush off anyone trying to pin him down.