Greedy Goblin

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weekend minipost: but, but, but Mittens pinged it's over

When Tora Bushido, leader of Marmite collective lost his mind, The Mittani himself pinged to the CFC that the wars that caused them 2T damage are over.

So Sysca, the happy Goon took the opportunity to fly to Jita with her JF. I guess Mittens forgot to mention that wars end at the end of the week. So despite unwillingly, Marmite delivered on my contract.


Anonymous said...

Oh hey! This is the same rocket scientist that tried to deliver nearly a billion isk worth of datacores in a Bestower.

Just check that pro fit!

Anonymous said...

I didn't see a ping (on comms for the war is over).
There was a ping about the article in MittaniDOTcom

however as stated before
only DUMB and realy DUMB ppl take a JF or a Indy ship to highsec during a war .. Smart ppl use Neutral alts to move Lowsec -> Jita.

There is Alliance services for the trip Jita --> (Stageing system)
Yes you pay for the convinience.

Still you see stupid ppl doing stupid things ....
or ppl taking a calculated risk.
i wouldn't say taking a JF to highsec during a war is a calculated risk more of a calculated death.