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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Burn Branch September

When I made the September CFC loss report, I saw only 124B kills in Branch, which is a low number. Dotlan stats say 8M rat kills in Branch, which is shockingly high. So I planned to pay this month and pull the project, seeing that it made absolutely no difference. Then I made the list and noticed something interesting, something worth 20B more to explore:
The killer toplist is very different from the one last month. The top killers killed 3x more this month than in the previous. Of course it means that the August top killers killed less. This can mean two things. One is that people roam totally randomly and this month another people got to Branch. If it's true, then in October we'll see a similar reshuffle: new people taking the top locations. This case I gifted 40B to random people who happened to roam to Branch by accident. It wouldn't be the first time I gave away 40B to people who didn't worth it.

The alternative is that October the same corps will be on the toplist. This means that due to the bounty, some pirates choose to focus on Branch. This is reinforced by the fact that pilots from the top 3 killers contacted me and asked about details of the bounty. Such Branch resident pirates worth supporting, because Branch is the second busiest Null ratting region and a pretty distant one, probably the most distant from NPC stations in CFC hands, so the hardest to roam. So I'm not surprised that the top killer is the WH based Hard Knocks who just appear out of nowhere.

So despite the abysmal September results, the project will go on for one more month for sure with possible continuation. It is clear that something needs to be done or the PvE groups FCON and PBLRD will fill the coffers of CFC. Money is power. CFC must not get it!

124.2B CFC were killed in Branch, 69.7 of them were FCON, 53.9 PBLRD, only 0.6B different kind of CFC. 101.6B were eligible for bounty (150M+, not awox, not NPC corp, not against structures). Below you can see the kills, with ID for non-winners and ISK contribution for winners. The same kill can appear in multiple places with according to contributions: All the bounties are paid:
Keep killing CFC in Branch, another 20B will be distributed after October! Remember that with current activity you get 1/3 of the kill value as bounty! The rules are the same, let's get to work! Death to the minions of Goons!


Draciste said...

well, it seems that only one of our pilot - Plukovnik and his NPC alt - - can earned 1.6b using only Ceptors...

GJ Plukovnik ;)

A concerned Minmatar said...

You can probably conclude that Hard Knocks is random rather than any deliberate effort on their part. They will raid whatever space they connect to, who holds it is of no concern to them.

some wormholer said...

Well, technically we wormholers all "happened to roam to Branch by accident".
Sometimes you find plenty of exits to CFC ratting space and sometimes you don't find any for days.
Of course the bounty gives an extra incentive to look a bit harder for a suitable exit or fly those 10 more jumps. ;-)

Engelheim said...

If you look closely you'll notice the top corps are WH r├ęsidents.

From my perspective as a member of one of said WH corp:
We prefer roaming in Branch. But we don't always do.

Also concerning the shuffle. If you know the connections between the top corps from previous month and september you'll actually notice it's not a total shuffle.

ElSuerte said...

Have you checked out how the NPC kills in Branch are distributed geographically? The kills are very concentrated. About half the constellations have negligible kills. In the remaining constellations the kills are concentrated in a handful of systems like D4R-H7 and PUWL-4
I would have thought that FCON would have been using more of their systems since they are one of the most efficient ratters space-wise according to your chart.

Can you put together some historical numbers for branch? It was at 8.7 mill and No 10 in Eve in May 2014, then it stayed below 7 during the summer before hitting 8 mill Sep 2014.