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Monday, October 6, 2014

Who killed the most CFC in September?

Using the September CFC loss data, here is the report of the last month of CFC losses, similar to July. As always, the kills are de-whored, so if you did 1% damage of a 100B titan, you get 1B damage booked and not 100B. 49297 API-verified losses were processed, let's see their ISK distribution among alliances:
1 - Aegis Requiem
2 - Blohm and Voss Shipyards Alliance
243 - Circle-Of-Two
42 - Executive Outcomes
179 - Fatal Ascension
159 - Fidelas Constans
45 - Forged of Fire
134 - Get Off My Lawn
571 - Goonswarm Federation
224 - Greater Western Co-Prosperity Sphere
39 - I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth
43 - Initiative Associates
24 - Initiative Mercenaries
225 - RAZOR Alliance
135 - RvB - BLUE Republic
153 - RvB - RED Federation
104 - SpaceMonkey's Alliance
105 - Tactical Narcotics Team
91 - The Initiative.
190 - The Bastion
2829 total CFC losses. This is 10% smaller than usual.

Let's see who killed them:
The main problem is the dissolving of Battlement coalition, their members - except MoA - were merged into the "Everyone else".

The Marmite Collective is still receiving higsec wardec funds from me. The 132B kills in September isn't their best month, I hope they'll fix whatever problems they are facing. Still, these 500M+ contribution kills aren't laughable. Oh wait, they are here exactly for you to laugh on the dumb ones who bring expensive ships to highsec with the mark of Evil on them: 520M, 695M, 805M, 1387M, 543M, 643M, 733M, 531M, 774M, 1063M, 614M, 544M, 1316M, 987M, 1618M, 871M, 1795M, 817M, 532M, 747M, 730M, 713M, 575M, 718M, 534M, 531M, 1838M, 516M, 1551M, 872M, 2496M, 3481M, 566M, 713M, 1119M, 826M, 1477M, 656M, 1108M, 738M, 693M, 1076M, 756M, 540M, 1044M, 1442M, 1534M, 1619M, 1558M, 1040M, 3509M, 4529M, 2247M, 733M, 2047M.

When their coalition members ran, when their weaker corps ran, when a 50x outnumbering enemy hellcamped them, Mordus Angels still undocked and killed more CFC than any other alliance among the low/null pirates (112B, Marmite had more in highsec, and Legion of xxDeath among sov-holders). If you are a Nullsec PvP-er who wants to fly with the best, this is where you should join. Don't forget that after the next expansion the whole CFC can't come from regions away to help their beaten fleets, so local pirates will gain large advantage. If you have ISK, support them in their amazing adventure defying the largest coalition of New Eden. Behold their 500M+ kills: 661M, 1010M, 1350M, 737M, 541M, 582M, 818M, 584M, 1941M, 882M, 1330M, 813M, 531M, 1357M, 798M, 543M, 1326M, 1690M, 546M, 673M, 1056M, 962M, 567M, 912M, 596M, 637M, 608M, 1933M, 1387M, 682M, 1713M, 555M, 782M, 553M, 1141M, 816M, 884M, 604M, 765M, 558M, 666M.

Let's see the biggest killers from coalitions:
151 - Legion of xXDEATHXx
52 - The Kadeshi
34 - Nulli Secunda
33 - Infinity Space.
27 - Northern Coalition.
20 - Brave Collective
19 - Northern Associates.
18 - Pandemic Legion
18 - The Explicit Alliance
14 - Hard Alliance
14 - Synergy of Steel
13 - The Unthinkables
11 - Brothers of Tangra
10 - Babylon 5..
Here you can see the 500M+ kills of PL Block: 2038M, 523M, 1215M, 2306M, 952M, 545M, 958M, 1866M, 871M, 758M, 502M, 633M, 512M, 532M, 549M, 802M
Here are the N3 500M+ kills: 625M, 756M, 1745M, 1506M, 1942M, 2417M, 2970M, 2624M, 3020M, 949M, 720M, 998M, 771M, 832M, 1235M, 1221M, 1859M, 514M, 519M, 602M, 1450M, 736M, 571M, 524M, 910M, 2135M, 2006M, 1054M, 914M, 606M, 2838M, 569M, 709M, 1361M, 696M, 676M, 547M, 2395M, 1199M, 1412M, 812M, 603M, 1091M.
Proviblock 500M+ kills: 892M, 1359M, 619M, 680M, 531M, 512M.
HERO 500M+ kills: 1971M, 772M, 1081M, 832M, 1114M, 858M.
Legion of xxDeath 500M+ kills: 611M, 805M, 532M, 524M, 674M, 529M, 1774M, 660M, 876M, 8960M, 560M, 537M, 548M, 1427M, 629M, 509M, 677M, 1078M, 1730M, 1379M, 1187M, 1354M, 675M, 503M, 893M, 674M, 697M, 534M, 4632M, 2886M, 2386M, 2085M, 2875M, 2919M, 2850M, 2834M, 2939M, 2785M, 2872M, 3118M, 2905M, 2408M, 2936M, 2878M, 2889M, 2917M, 630M, 580M, 959M, 956M, 1041M, 653M, 2109M, 507M, 3139M, 553M, 983M, 502M, 1016M, 1003M, 579M, 1048M, 570M, 521M.

Goons had a huge awoxing event, greatly increasing the awox-loss list of this month: 827M, 747M, 749M, 1812M, 2026M, 500M, 814M, 532M, 2442M, 717M, 828M, 747M, 709M, 2556M, 2228M, 530M, 514M, 510M, 2322M, 1906M, 1368M, 4393M, 1196M, 2961M, 3861M, 2225M, 792M, 2839M, 541M, 3409M, 2746M, 1739M, 1744M, 1732M, 1739M, 738M, 1644M, 980M, 2202M, 1958M, 2761M, 2827M, 900M, 2163M, 983M, 720M, 2853M, 3967M, 1446M, 832M, 4307M, 3683M, 2017M, 2788M, 2796M, 2643M, 513M, 1471M, 730M, 1101M, 593M, 1071M, 610M, 586M, 684M, 848M, 514M, 832M, 1582M, 1494M, 1610M, 1569M, 559M, 1900M, 1303M, 2943M, 815M, 575M, 832M, 707M, 686M, 1034M, 654M, 593M, 638M, 1773M, 514M, 894M, 1484M, 715M, 715M, 1448M, 747M, 1759M, 754M, 1360M, 1619M, 1674M, 1821M, 1780M, 1314M, 1845M

Finally, let's see what everyone else did to the CFC:
107 - Black Legion.
46 - Pasta Syndicate
42 - Dangerous Voltage
38 - Triumvirate.
35 - #Corp Hard Knocks Inc.
33 - The Camel Empire
30 - The Exiled Gaming
27 - Choke Point
25 - Advent of Fate
23 - LowSechnaya Sholupen
23 - GaNg BaNg TeAm
21 - THE R0NIN
18 - #Corp Hostis Humani Generis.
17 - Sorry We're In Your Space Eh
17 - Overload Everything
17 - The Gorgon Empire
16 - The G0dfathers
15 - Mortuus.
15 - Ineluctable.
15 - #Corp AdAstra.
14 - #Corp Super Cr3w
13 - Out of Sight.
13 - No Value
13 - senseless intentions 12 - C0VEN
12 - Sleeper Social Club
11 - Ivy League
10 - #Corp Appetite 4 Destruction
10 - YARRR and CO
Here are the 500M+ kills of the pirate groups: 634M, 701M, 617M, 604M, 883M, 662M, 559M, 1163M, 550M, 620M, 539M, 986M, 1854M, 657M, 972M, 781M, 903M, 1096M, 1223M, 894M, 799M, 808M, 538M, 508M, 1899M, 1159M, 3313M, 566M, 787M, 559M, 1021M, 683M, 503M, 670M, 739M, 676M, 996M, 904M, 715M, 624M, 620M, 641M, 630M, 531M, 512M, 1587M, 1596M, 562M, 991M, 8451M, 505M, 782M, 1318M, 1319M, 1305M, 2028M, 814M, 529M, 648M, 533M, 707M, 700M, 738M, 605M, 2246M, 2193M, 608M, 542M, 2204M, 679M, 574M, 1290M, 1201M, 577M, 2088M, 2723M, 582M, 539M, 765M, 7830M, 635M, 2087M, 1514M, 555M, 1072M, 1041M, 1069M, 1649M, 580M, 594M, 527M, 865M, 1311M, 2027M, 3105M, 2270M, 3104M, 1175M, 739M, 2360M, 593M, 1253M, 948M, 1430M, 1092M, 2508M, 2324M, 2110M, 2267M, 3556M, 3490M, 3149M, 3175M, 3487M, 3428M, 2925M, 3683M, 2545M, 3407M, 3191M, 3178M, 3278M, 3085M, 2386M, 2152M, 3244M, 2826M, 531M, 615M, 1987M, 2159M, 2105M, 906M, 2564M, 610M, 1538M, 673M, 3103M, 568M, 1093M, 2590M, 626M, 1173M, 620M, 814M, 2178M, 568M, 718M, 5294M, 1496M, 1050M, 1073M, 507M, 2037M, 532M, 675M, 594M, 762M, 778M, 1360M, 1473M, 1121M, 1497M, 1165M, 1809M, 613M, 614M, 733M, 949M, 650M, 684M, 1711M, 2780M, 534M, 733M, 856M, 1277M, 619M, 673M, 593M, 888M, 813M, 997M, 2070M, 548M, 740M, 1094M, 1746M, 1284M, 510M, 1669M, 642M, 627M, 567M, 2103M, 1758M, 551M, 554M, 1089M, 968M, 1720M, 1268M, 645M, 751M, 542M, 842M, 1003M, 541M, 527M, 1334M, 2244M, 1326M, 1754M, 1580M, 1956M, 1220M, 2010M, 795M, 915M, 1167M, 885M, 644M, 588M, 1996M, 530M, 1063M, 620M, 935M, 540M, 1622M, 1021M, 2263M, 573M, 551M, 518M, 2109M, 526M, 1058M, 1516M, 628M, 625M, 547M, 531M, 814M, 533M, 577M, 2329M, 1170M, 926M, 2897M, 757M, 1398M, 604M, 756M, 1419M, 836M, 1455M, 518M, 568M, 716M, 606M, 1849M, 2897M, 500M, 513M, 2148M, 1199M, 920M, 2546M, 602M, 2720M, 617M, 1892M, 526M, 1986M, 596M, 4846M, 2319M, 666M, 2913M, 2904M, 592M, 2348M, 858M, 584M, 2242M, 2181M, 2781M, 662M, 772M, 551M, 2184M, 1688M, 605M, 667M, 507M, 824M, 783M, 2331M, 737M, 1167M, 3240M, 3625M, 878M, 887M, 503M, 2093M, 533M, 2112M, 1349M, 3412M, 1750M, 2387M, 605M, 1997M, 2100M, 2344M, 2708M, 809M, 1075M, 654M, 632M, 933M, 635M, 1604M, 543M, 1343M, 536M, 826M, 965M, 597M, 1713M, 906M, 927M, 899M, 2421M, 541M, 866M, 2801M, 897M, 1491M, 1636M, 971M, 700M, 542M, 872M, 2039M, 2068M, 573M, 701M, 1656M, 1229M, 769M, 664M, 560M, 546M, 1105M, 626M, 1181M, 2339M, 1796M, 1017M, 1897M, 1723M, 1113M, 582M, 830M, 1317M, 6123M, 1734M, 2031M, 805M, 700M, 520M, 2663M, 1785M, 636M, 963M, 614M, 568M, 1920M, 809M, 2306M, 516M, 730M, 1609M.

Here is a toplist of ships exploded with the mark of Evil (B ISK):
Capsule: 350
Ishtar: 165
Tengu: 117
Naglfar: 88
Archon: 78
Rattlesnake: 52
Thanatos: 51
Dominix: 46
Crow: 46
Gila: 40
Deimos: 40
Sabre: 37
Loki: 33
Vexor: 33
Moros: 31
Machariel: 28
Stratios: 27
Zealot: 27
Vexor Navy Issue: 26
Proteus: 25
Drake: 24
Caracal: 24
Capsule - Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant: 23
Vagabond: 22
Dramiel: 21
Cynabal: 21
Mobile Tractor Unit: 20
Scimitar: 20

Let's see the killer fleet sizes and lost ship costs. Both pies are ISK value, the numbers in the second pie tell how many individual kill happened in that ship size range. We can see that most CFC losses happened in small gang:

The regional distribution is here:
Highsec - 410
Deklein - 406
Foreign Null - 352
Lowsec - 317
Delve - 205
Vale Of The Silent - 199
Tribute - 194
Fountain - 166
Branch - 124
Querious - 113
Syndicate - 81
PureBlind - 80
Venal - 55
Fade - 50
PeriodBasis - 27
Tenal - 25
CloudRing - 14
OuterRing - 12
Not very different from last month. I'm not at all happy with the low Branch number, you'll see the "Burn Branch" results tomorrow.

Finally, the timelines:


CFC Grunt said...

I think you should try getting a story behind most of those killmails. The cases of awoxing you listed aren't really awoxes - they're just a case where a blue is on the killmail (smartbomb, ESS bubble or the Vile Rat Night.)

Nulli-Pilot said...

I think MOA is in for another donation, pretty impressive they can pull such numbers while hellcamped

Foo said...

@cfc grunt. My limited understanding of vile rat night is that the purpose is sanctioned awoxing

Anonymous said...

"so local pirates will gain large advantage"
Uhhh, no they won't. What changes are you reading? The jump changes coming in are going to make it even harder for small groups to assault the coalitions. We use bridges too you know, and after the changes not only will we be restricted on how deep into the CFC we can go, they don't have to worry about PL getting involved so they can actually field carriers against us when defending structures.

Gevlon said...

CFC is highly centralized. A few very good FCs leading legions of F1-monkeys. But they can't be in more than one place at a time. If they station in Deklein, then every other region is free game, they simply can't go there in time.

Anonymous said...

Marmite has no problems at all, unless someone forgot to tell me about it :P. And the biggest problem we are facing now is our own success. Hit someone hard enough and he wont come back. Thats what you see here after 10-11 months of war. CFC are afraid to come to high sec.


Anonymous said...

Any interest in opening up an industrial front in the war on Goons? A recent mittani article, intended perhaps as a threat, reveals that you can hurt the Goons by hiring up key industry teams and idling them. We have long know that Goons rely heavily on the ice and fuel industry for income and/or operations: hence the annual market scare surrounding ice interdiction. So if you keep all the fuel teams tied up where Goons can't or won't use them, you're punching them in the face.

CFC Grunt said...

@Foo - no, Vile Rat night is just sanctioned blue-on-blue.

"Awoxing" refers to intentionally burning a spy to provide warp-ins/initial tackle on a target.

Blue-on-blue is a much wider category - accidentally bombing a blue off the field is not awoxing, neither is being on someone's killmail because you fired off smartbombs to clear drones/firewall bombs.

Vile Rat night for instance, is just authorized blue on blue - no spies are involved, and instead of causing harm the purpose of this event is to have fun.