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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Limiting force projection in wormholes

CCP is finally fixing the most unbalanced space: WH. The rage is huge, which means CCP managed to hit the heart of the bad guys who made WH space practically deserted. The API no longer provides kill data for wormhole space, but we can look at the 2013 data: Nullsec seen 25x more NPC kills and 6x more ship kills than WH space. The problem alone isn't the lower population, despite Null has equal amount of systems as WH, but the very skewed NPC:ship ratio. WH PvE is practically dead, which lead to low population, which lead to less PvP too.

Why? Because C4+ WH space is as far from the original design as it could be (C1-3 is OK). It was meant to be a great unknown, where unexpected things happen, due to the random connections. This randomness was destroyed by the "ragerolling" process. In this a ganker group repeatedly overloads their static wormhole with capital ships, creating a new one, until they got which they wanted. This turned "extreme randomness" into "certainty". If you were ratting with capitals and there was a scout in local (that you couldn't see), the gankers surely rolled your hole and ganked you. Currently ratting in C4-C6 is like ratting in nullsec, one jump away from the staging system of every serious Null group, with multiple neutrals on local. In capital ships.

To make it worse, while ganking is trivial, evicting a group is very hard. So there can't even be one or two superpowers so you could rent from them. A somewhat competent group can gank everyone in all C4-C6 with no serious risk of revenge (they can be ganked while ratting too, but that's not revenge, it would happen anyway).

With the planned changes WH players would have to accept what Bob deals, instead of just roll until they get what they want. This will make WH space livable again: you could still get unlucky with a ganker rolling into you, but you'll have a nice chance that it won't happen. This change will allow players to live in wormholes with the same risks as you can live in nullsec.

What will happen with the gankers who enjoyed killing everyone in sight while being safe in their fortresses from invasions and safe from small gangs who couldn't roll holes? Who cares?! Their interest is to keep 30 regions of New Eden as their private playground. Listening to them would be just as madness as listening to The Mittani about "how to make nullsec accessible to the little guys" or James 315 about "how to make highsec mining more fun".

PS: The implants in this pod match the role of the owner's alliance within CFC. Also, the name would be much cooler with one "n" less.
What the hell is this? I mean no one can be this stupid.
This also needs serious amount of dumbness.
Why the smartbombs? And why officer? Why so dumb?
Just keep ratting, minions of evil!


Von Keigai said...

Actually, capitals cannot enter C4. Anom-running in C4 is similar to that in C3, except harder to do fleetwise because the rats are tougher, more remunerative, and a little more secure because there are fewer connections. You pay for the lack of connections in other ways. Doing logistics is hard.

I don't have a strong opinion about the Sisi code as far as its effect on capitals. There are good arguments against it that do not boil down to wah-I-got-mine. I don't think the problem up there is rage-rolling. It is rampant use of escalations for farming. That is what hurts the little guys in wspace -- the flood of nanoribbons from high up.

Being dunked by capitals is part of the game up in C5/C6. Don't settle there if you can't or don't want to engage with it. I know I would never put up a tower there unless I had 10x as many men in my corp.

BTW, part of the reason the rage is huge is that CCP already has this implemented, on Sisi, and they never even told anyone. Someone just discovered it. This is not the model of developer interaction with the players that we've come to expect.

Here is my criticism of the changed wormhole mechanics. My problem with it is that in making you always appear outside of the wormhole's decloak range, it makes stealthy ships essentially uncatchable without bubbles. And I feel that is very bad for solo PVP, at least as I do it.

Anonymous said...

The Proteus km: you should maybe check the victim's killboard and you will understand why his fit is far from being dumb for the quite unique obsession he has. In Placid lowsec, everyone kniws this guy (and propably has lost a pod to him or two ...)

Anonymous said...

You obviously do not know how wormhole mechanics work. Go watch clarion call 3 to see the chances of rolling into a specific c6, then look at the number of c5s out there.And C4 statics are a pain to roll.
Same goes for whPvE being dead, just look at the Isk sinks and faucets numbers or the prices of nanoribbons/t3s. There is more farming then ever before.

And also, smartbombing proty in lowsec is to kill pods since you warp faster than they do.

Ryanis said...

"My problem with it is that in making you always appear outside of the wormhole's decloak range, it makes stealthy ships essentially uncatchable without bubbles. And I feel that is very bad for solo PVP, at least as I do it."
=> Even a bubble won't catch most cloaky ships as they will appear further from the WH than from gates: they will go out of them easily and declaokers deviation will be amplified.
Of course, I'm not even talking about nullified T3 which are so common in WHs.

As Gevlon said, C1/2/3 are fine. C4 are fine too, actually C4s are the deepest WHs which make them a pain for logistics. But they are far better for making ISK than null.
If you're not lazy, there is only one way to lose ships there: PvPers logging in directly in your hole with cloaky ships. Else, just watch scanner and you are safe. Ganking a good wormholer is about as hard as killing a super without HIC and neuts...

Null is more populated because:
1. Null people are lazy, often unskilled and don't know how to use DScan
2. Null is populated by large alliance which cannot live in WH spaces as meeting each other in different systems would be unpractical.

C5/C6 are the best ISK making zones in the game and loosing some capitals there should not be a problem considering they can be bought back within a day or two..

CCP's change is just a variable tweak tested on SISI, no need to cry about it untill CCP announces it will be put in production.
I don't think it will change a lot of things anyway:
1. Rolling will be a bit longer, maybe +5 mn per roll.
2. Cloaky ships will be uncatchable, especially nullified T3s.

Ralph said...

CCP should listen to James 315. James 315 knows what is best for highsec, he is our saviour and guiding light in the dark emptiness of New Eden.

All hail James 315!