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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

July GRR report and losses of the Evil

Using the July CFC loss data, here is the report of the last month of CFC losses, similar to June. As always, the kills are de-whored, so if you did 1% damage of a 100B titan, you get 1B damage booked and not 100B. 53217 API-verified losses were processed, let's see their ISK distribution:
9 - Aegis Requiem
1 - Blohm and Voss Shipyards Alliance
191 - Circle-Of-Two
31 - Executive Outcomes
136 - Fatal Ascension
282 - Fidelas Constans
33 - Forged of Fire
129 - Get Off My Lawn
732 - Goonswarm Federation
374 - Greater Western Co-Prosperity Sphere
59 - I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth
31 - Initiative Associates
12 - Initiative Mercenaries
305 - RAZOR Alliance
120 - RvB - BLUE Republic
118 - RvB - RED Federation
154 - SpaceMonkey's Alliance
108 - Tactical Narcotics Team
69 - The Initiative.
233 - The Bastion
The minions of Evil didn't want that 3.25T anyway. Let's see who brought this massacre on them:

The other coalitions with "Apex Force" are still only responsible for 25% of the suffering of the Evil. But let's not ignore them and their 500M+ contribution kills:
113 - Legion of xXDEATHXx
110 - Northern Coalition.
84 - Nulli Secunda
73 - Pandemic Legion
61 - Brave Collective
44 - The Kadeshi
42 - Infinity Space.
36 - The Unthinkables
26 - Of Sound Mind
25 - Test Alliance Please Ignore
19 - The Explicit Alliance
16 - Northern Associates.
16 - Spaceship Samurai
16 - Hard Alliance
13 - Brothers of Tangra
10 - Babylon 5..
10 - Flame Bridge
774M, 1003M, 527M, 926M, 714M, 764M, 752M, 898M, 715M, 773M, 774M, 539M, 796M, 604M, 1536M, 828M, 1322M, 1093M, 772M, 783M, 578M, 1936M, 594M, 515M, 680M, 2587M, 634M, 608M, 697M, 508M, 585M, 1027M, 1292M, 507M, 541M, 557M, 750M, 768M, 556M, 992M, 762M, 764M, 904M, 1161M, 803M, 971M, 539M, 551M, 2260M, 569M, 2949M, 1639M, 1550M, 785M, 1886M, 3873M, 547M, 1479M, 698M, 894M, 1007M, 543M, 698M, 2057M, 1999M, 621M, 4609M, 2466M, 1437M, 589M, 513M, 834M, 1528M, 678M, 884M, 555M, 1289M, 869M, 1075M, 2931M, 1568M, 2095M, 981M, 823M, 908M, 592M, 790M, 2589M, 752M, 1151M, 671M, 1987M, 1129M, 868M, 652M, 1308M, 539M, 1831M, 2157M, 2565M, 2478M, 2004M, 1790M, 2305M, 2211M, 1765M, 2146M, 1850M, 2075M, 2031M, 713M, 911M, 1010M, 1235M, 1338M, 1538M, 1772M, 1601M, 566M, 508M, 2320M, 1025M, 720M, 996M, 966M, 2848M, 2566M, 2961M, 886M, 1017M, 3253M, 1037M, 1156M, 2186M, 560M, 1311M, 2682M, 707M, 1237M, 632M, 708M, 3034M, 812M, 571M, 1077M, 3042M, 563M, 610M, 727M, 1879M, 3018M, 2167M, 705M, 573M, 1097M, 548M

Let's continue with the GRR project, the PvP-ers who get my financial support to massacre the evil and its minions: The Marmite Collective killed 238B, Mordus Angels killed 97B. Both are less than last month, but I'm sure that August will be much better. Here are the kills with 500M+ GRR contribution which were surely nothing but good laugh for the CFC: 726M, 785M, 549M, 783M, 1130M, 964M, 627M, 555M, 1465M, 602M, 636M, 707M, 2980M, 766M, 737M, 651M, 1192M, 980M, 2131M, 3223M, 4862M, 739M, 7187M, 12116M, 707M, 18433M, 571M, 1239M, 650M, 830M, 10286M, 6184M, 775M, 880M, 660M, 638M, 1220M, 610M, 639M, 12178M, 634M, 622M, 7621M, 6267M, 6297M, 9627M, 1573M, 1513M, 622M, 571M, 1015M, 770M, 1371M, 2322M, 977M, 6963M, 609M, 7580M, 507M, 1098M, 553M, 504M, 569M, 783M, 2221M, 734M, 1000M, 1282M, 1274M, 14346M, 504M, 722M, 662M, 928M, 879M, 740M, 768M, 2037M, 565M, 1141M

Awoxing is still a great tradition within CFC, with the renters and GSF being on top of the list. Here are the the kills with 500M+ awox and RvB internal war contribution. Some kills are actually ganks and got here as ratters smartbombed each other: 503M, 2449M, 2286M, 1907M, 1857M, 1937M, 555M, 2458M, 2761M, 945M, 1624M, 1836M, 1845M, 1853M, 1803M, 1768M, 1753M, 1956M, 1960M, 518M, 1230M, 2106M, 2147M, 911M, 1427M, 1622M, 2035M, 1692M, 5818M, 4024M, 3520M, 2809M, 2424M, 1194M, 1712M, 2509M, 681M, 1004M, 846M, 843M, 556M, 568M, 1405M

Finally the sovless ones. You know, the little guys who don't have a chance against the big and strong coalitions with Apex Forces:
166 - Pasta Syndicate
115 - Black Legion.
80 - Mortuus.
61 - Sorry We're In Your Space Eh
56 - No Value
48 - Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork
47 - Triumvirate.
37 - Ixtab.
33 - The Camel Empire
29 - GaNg BaNg TeAm
25 - Ev0ke
23 - The Gorgon Empire
22 - Gentlemen's.Club
21 - THE R0NIN
20 - LowSechnaya Sholupen
19 - Choke Point
19 - Advent of Fate
18 - C0VEN
18 - Banderlogs Alliance
18 - pwn-O-graphy
14 - Sleeper Social Club
13 - Space Warriors
12 - Red Alliance
12 - YARRR and CO
11 - The Exiled Gaming
11 - Psychosomatic.
10 - Dominatus Atrum Mortis
2769M, 3141M, 2680M, 789M, 637M, 595M, 692M, 1418M, 571M, 1497M, 1230M, 679M, 1021M, 879M, 646M, 509M, 558M, 1017M, 2467M, 733M, 572M, 939M, 569M, 632M, 1044M, 1738M, 572M, 1550M, 822M, 888M, 2910M, 691M, 1910M, 872M, 517M, 986M, 908M, 631M, 1984M, 703M, 1084M, 789M, 620M, 1026M, 501M, 2461M, 514M, 1194M, 1428M, 1183M, 937M, 2408M, 834M, 3131M, 4709M, 871M, 596M, 2274M, 769M, 619M, 872M, 737M, 1208M, 864M, 1721M, 1706M, 2149M, 2379M, 2402M, 3837M, 2826M, 825M, 583M, 1780M, 518M, 2706M, 837M, 577M, 1562M, 562M, 841M, 3184M, 3127M, 3071M, 705M, 594M, 593M, 526M, 3715M, 2050M, 704M, 1324M, 535M, 572M, 2737M, 2647M, 1116M, 506M, 1026M, 1288M, 1057M, 896M, 795M, 938M, 524M, 995M, 918M, 1192M, 4193M, 568M, 1402M, 606M, 1418M, 3146M, 855M, 695M, 830M, 733M, 2394M, 1040M, 4072M, 1089M, 601M, 2230M, 519M, 1078M, 538M, 610M, 1740M, 3390M, 970M, 505M, 2093M, 505M, 818M, 2123M, 2762M, 4328M, 700M, 891M, 1664M, 948M, 641M, 551M, 1156M, 554M, 645M, 540M, 1231M, 545M, 719M, 6598M, 1010M, 525M, 1959M, 509M, 580M, 528M, 545M, 1112M, 3089M, 2160M, 2364M, 2224M, 2427M, 782M, 806M, 1767M, 1009M, 662M, 989M, 1345M, 6092M, 1006M, 946M, 878M, 546M, 704M, 565M, 2742M, 1844M, 1056M, 611M, 516M, 779M, 531M, 735M, 582M, 660M, 504M, 1655M, 1822M, 1745M, 1692M, 756M, 520M, 652M, 519M, 1145M, 698M, 1166M, 2842M, 2807M, 2900M, 2878M, 3057M, 625M, 627M, 1437M, 511M, 506M, 866M, 721M, 516M, 559M, 774M, 506M, 851M, 624M, 541M, 2072M, 684M, 3167M, 2699M, 774M, 2973M, 841M, 776M, 575M, 3084M, 513M, 566M, 922M, 685M, 1635M, 1753M, 833M, 993M, 607M, 835M, 1148M, 768M, 767M, 528M, 575M, 864M, 842M, 2014M, 676M, 668M, 670M, 861M, 572M, 806M, 522M, 755M, 999M, 2128M, 1706M, 3877M, 1311M, 912M, 512M, 811M, 1350M, 1406M, 1228M, 657M, 513M, 1694M, 601M, 1497M, 1279M, 756M, 696M, 1654M, 2093M, 1388M, 768M, 1031M, 3518M, 2830M, 824M, 987M, 986M, 648M, 631M, 598M, 531M, 1000M, 1441M, 1647M, 951M, 1387M, 2588M, 2484M, 733M, 2990M, 2862M, 516M, 565M, 1793M, 610M, 652M, 2017M, 1649M, 587M, 711M, 1007M, 809M, 774M, 3648M, 745M, 591M, 938M, 1635M, 2447M, 527M, 972M, 749M, 588M, 750M, 541M, 954M, 3685M, 1933M, 2167M, 614M, 544M, 666M, 927M, 1134M, 593M, 500M, 582M, 751M, 1274M, 525M, 676M, 995M, 2347M, 8142M, 1653M, 678M, 1490M, 585M, 827M, 549M, 1052M, 2102M, 514M, 510M, 3093M, 2742M, 2721M, 1958M, 2171M, 855M, 1077M, 585M, 867M, 550M, 791M, 1147M, 1874M, 912M, 1422M, 514M, 967M, 1745M, 2801M, 720M, 1242M, 503M, 2647M, 990M, 581M, 514M, 2630M, 803M, 794M, 686M, 741M, 627M, 1243M, 829M, 1915M, 642M, 523M, 790M, 952M, 1184M, 863M, 1549M, 611M, 608M, 3489M, 544M, 1009M, 729M, 1109M, 557M, 826M, 1849M, 1782M, 1301M, 2950M, 1713M, 3219M, 2432M, 738M, 731M, 1212M, 942M, 1922M, 1276M, 934M, 835M, 1133M, 595M, 3403M, 713M, 1374M, 650M, 595M, 1068M, 2742M, 1268M, 509M, 1592M, 1270M, 854M, 663M, 1061M, 532M, 917M, 1026M, 634M, 558M, 562M, 829M, 738M, 812M, 3571M, 2634M, 965M, 602M, 916M, 868M, 665M, 1328M, 658M, 1048M, 747M, 503M, 944M, 517M, 696M, 964M, 1325M, 1293M, 714M, 749M, 1186M, 1035M, 524M, 2316M, 685M, 2964M, 821M, 560M, 810M, 585M, 1856M, 700M, 953M, 672M, 601M, 722M, 1820M, 863M, 2345M, 611M

Finally two statistics, killer fleet sizes and victim sizes. Both pies are ISK value, the numbers in the second pie tell how many individual kill happened in that ship size range. We can see that most CFC losses happened in small gang and you don't need a large group of "friends" to be relevant, like the Goon propaganda says:
The list of deadliest solar systems for CFC, in order of losses: F2OY-X (154B), Josameto (83B) VSJ-PP (68B), 5ZXX-K (65B) Jita (53B), K-6K16, Liekuri, Isikano, Otela, ZXB-VC (41B), P3EN-E, BWF-ZZ, TVN-FM, M-OEE8, Poinen (30B), V-3YG7, Oimmo, PR-8CA, A-ELE2, NOL-M9, QYZM-W, HY-RWO, 1DH-SX, L-TOFR, Amarr, D-3GIQ, Y-2ANO, BU-IU4 (20B), JU-OWQ, 08S-39, Huola, Q-U96U, W-4FA9, Korama, RLSI-V, GE-8JV, LS-JEP, W-4NUU, Parses, G9D-XW, 4-07MU, 9P4O-F, EQI2-2, CZDJ-1, S-DN5M, Nonni, KVN-36, PF-346, EC-P8R, 319-3D, HM-XR2, 6-4V20, 3JN9-Q, O-2RNZ, EX6-AO, 1-SMEB, JE-D5U, RG9-7U, C-7SBM, MPPA-A, T-GCGL

Finally the loss timeline and the time distribution. It's hard to tell if the CFC themselves are a weekend-EUTZ group or their killers are, but these are the facts:


CFC Grunt said...

Firstly, not all of those kills are awoxes. Take this one for instance:

They were smartie-ratting, and dealt damage to each other before getting killed. That's not an awox. It would be one if they were tackled by a blue and he lit a cyno.

You should research kills indepth before claiming anything about them.

Many of those "Little guys" you listed are actually working together. PASTA works with NC. and Black Legion - forming coalitions of their own.

Finally, it's natural highest kill amounts occur on weekends. It's where the largest amount of players have time to log in and play some spaceships.

Gevlon said...

Yes, I'll totally check 52K kill reports to filter out idiots who damage each other without awoxing intent.

The "little guys" are little in a sense that they have no "apex force" and would have no chance against CFC or N3PL in a timer battle. Obviously they are not little and they are very good at what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

"The "little guys" are little in a sense that they have no "apex force" and would have no chance against CFC or N3PL in a timer battle. Obviously they are not little and they are very good at what they are doing."

yes, but they dont make a difference. Do they impact our sov??? NO.

You never made an evidence that your project made any difference. PASTA and Mordus was also there before you, and also marmite was there before you paid them.

Also in coalition fights +500mill kills are not so often, you must consider any kill there. most doctrines are cheaper.

also pasta&bl are forming together, they are not only fighting in small sizes by their own.

also you should show the losses they faced :)

Anonymous said...

"Do they impact our sov?"

your sov is so valueless no one wants to take it. you only have 3k renters and that is declining. highsec is the place to make isk which is why your leaders sponsor the code to try and disrupt all the nullsec alts making isk in highsec.

"doctrines are cheaper"

because your broke arse pilots cant afford anything else.

CFC Grunt said...

"Yes, I'll totally check 52K kill reports to filter out idiots who damage each other without awoxing intent."

That is perfectly reasonable, but you can't present this data as proof of awoxing without ironing out the error. Or, at least, clarifying that it may not be 100% accurate.

I wouldn't also say PASTA are good at what they're doing. Black Legion is, but PASTA not so much.

Anonymous said...

so moa are using bombless bombers now. interesting development.

Anonymous said...

Pretty much anyone that has ever done blackops ever flys bombless bomber, and it's idiotic to think this is interesting, or even uncommon.