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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April GRR project update

Another month, another report. As usual, I received the monthly data of Lemmings and Marmites and processed it to remove both whoring (if you did 0.1% damage on a 100B titan, you get 100M kills booked and not 100B) and to check which CFC element was hit. The sum of the kills matched the alliance statistics pages. To upkeep consistency with old data, Concord whoring is not decoupled. It's also not significant, a few % and the data doesn't have info if it was ECM (gank-stop) or gun (whoring).

The Marmite Collective total activity decreased once again: 425B kills, 38B losses. Their insane ISK ratio stayed. They did 93.6B CFC damage, received 5B (1.4B RvB-Red, 0.5B GSF, 0.5B Gents), which means significant decrease from last month on the CFC front too. However my Marmite wardec costs are around 4B/week, approximately 17B for April, so I still get 5.4B dead CFC for every B ISK paid, so I keep using their mercenary services. That said, I was a much happier customer when they did 150B+ for the same cost.

Darwins Lemmings has a slight activity decrease: 193B kills, 22B losses. They did 88B CFC damage, received 8B (3.0B GSF, 1.6B FCON, 1.1B RvB-Red), which means significant decrease from last month on the CFC front too. The Lemming wardec costs were lower than Marmite, so the 5x ISK multiplier is valid here too, along with my continued support and the "that said" part.

Everything has ups and downs. March was an awesome month, April, not so much. Please note that "not so much" is a relative term, 180B damage in a month isn't laughable. I hope the leaders of these alliances will find solutions to the problems. To support that, I sent them detailed corp and pilot info extracted from the files. Actually there are already signs that May will be better.

PS: someone really wants that song. He won't get it:


Provi Miner said...

you're interesting. I always enjoy finding out what someone wants. But you, no...... you just block them.

Foo said...

Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.

Listen to what he has to say. If only go grant them sufficient rope to hang themselves with.

Alternatively there may be grounds of common cause that you discover.

As the moment, I have a real life betrayal, which we consider significant. The details of which are less relevant to an Eve community.

However, I am prepared to meet with representatives of this organisation.

I am taking notes of what they say, and attempting (not always successfully) to say little.

These notes will be used later in a court of law.

Gevlon said...

@Provi Miner: do you think talking to them brings you closer to find out what they want?

@Foo: in real life you have very few enemies and traitors you must deal with. I doubt if an average person has more than 3-5 lawsuits and criminal charges during his whole life. In EVE they are legion. I don't have time chatting with them.

Provi Miner said...

Oh I don't know, six of one and half dozen of the other. Sometimes it is like "meh wasted 10 min" sometimes it is "hmmm thats interesting" and then sometimes it is "oh I hadn't thought of that. So assume worst case he blathers on you now have more foder for you blog. So assume best case you learn something of value to you. Most likely it will be exactly what you think it will be and you will consider it a waste of time. Despite your pre-disposition. Despite the small chance of a postive outcome. Despite everthing. Are you not in the least bit curious to hear their rationals? Their excuses? nothing says you have to communicate/talk to them a simple "I unblocked you because I want you stop bothering me, so say what you 'feel' you need to say" and say nothing further. You can learn alot by simply saying nothing. But meh whatever, I admit I am always curious by nature, and postive by experience.

I am not you

Oh and to answer your question: no me talking does nothing, but me listening well thats different.

Louis Robichaud said...

You've made mistakes before Gevlon... and I am telling you, you are wrong about equating Erotica1 and Corbexx. But if you don't even speak to him once, it's like you are plugging your ears going "lalalala".

Don't you want more data?

Gevlon said...

Data comes from objective sources like killboards. These observe the ACTIONS of people. Their words are the opposite of data: misinformation. And yes, I consider his words equally valuable as "lalalala".

A Goon slave guaranteeing that NOHO is better than Erotica 1 isn't helping their case more than Goons vouching for Noir when they were the target.

Chris K. said...

It is normal for April to have less activity, it was Easter in some parts of the world, which is primarily a family holiday.

Anonymous said...

April has been quiet for everyone in eve. Its not just Darwins Lemmings or The Marmite Collective.

Karen Galeo said...

I would just add that I got to spend time chatting with Corbexx during the CSM campaign, and he's really a decent guy. It's possible he was just trying to clear the air. I certainly can't tell you what to do, but I don't think it'd hurt to at least find out what he wants to say.