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Monday, May 5, 2014

Business post: 2600+ ISK/LP in highsec

Unrelated note: I never used twitter or facebook, nor referred to these sites from my blog.

If you look at the LP store prices, you see that you can't really make good money in higsec. For example HG-1005, popular implant for armor capital pilots can be sold for 135M ISK in Jita. In the LP store you pay 79M ISK for it, so your income is actually 56M ISK. You also have to pay 79.3K loyalty point to get the implant, making the conversion ratio 700 ISK/LP. This is common for most highsec corps that has security missions.

Industrial implants like RX-804 are a bit better. They are also sold in the 140M range, but at the LP store you have to pay 32M ISK and 79.3K LP, making the conversion ratio 1200-1300 ISK. These items are more profitable, since the corps selling it are industrial, offering no security missions, just mining and distribution.

You probably know about Sisters of EVE, who have much better ISK/LP conversion, close to 2000. But I've found an even better faction: Thukker Tribe. Most of their implants are shared with the other factions, therefore not better. But they also sell low-grade nomad implants. Let's look at the crown jewel, the omega. You can sell it for 1100M, pay 214M at the LP store and a 25M implant (EM-703). You also need 321K LP, making the conversion ratio 2680 LP. The other implants are also 2600+.

I will later post a large business post how to farm LP without shooting crosses, but that post isn't connected to this faction, despite obviously I used the best faction I could, this is how I found them. I'm getting 40M/hour/pilot without any risks or significant keyboard activity. IN a normal highsec corp, it would be 15-17M.

Thukkers have level 4 agents in security, mining and distribution departments, all in Minmatar space. They have slight positive reputation connection to Minmatar, so if you have high Minmatar standings, you probably can start missioning to them. If you missioned to other factions, you better start learning diplomacy as they hate you like the plague. As they have no COSMOS, career or datacenter agents, getting standings to them needs the hard way: starting from lvl 1, doing missions. They have two corporations, Trust Partners and Thukker Mix, choose one and mission to that, to reach enough corporation standings to do lvl4s. Your faction standings will catch up later as you get lvl4 storylines. Of course in this phase you can't reject missions as they would decrease your corp standing.

As you can see these LP prices aren't a price surge but a constant high reward. If you are missioning in highsec, consider moving to Thukkers!

PS: I received the Burn Jita and GRR project April killboard data, I hope I can process them for tomorrow and Wednesday. Until then, let us hope that Goon house slaves don't get any smarter.


Arrendis said...

If they had the time to do that with only two ships, then that there's a boy who didn't once holler out on any channels for help, and deserves to die.

We could've formed up inties in Deklein and been out in Autaris before 2 ships could chew him up.

Anonymous said...

Khanid innovations has a level 4 security agent in a .9 system and do sell the RX-804 implant. In addition, the region is rather sparsely populated, with very open markets despite being connect to two Nul regions.

Anonymous said...

ORE corp has extremely high Isk/LP conversion (LPSTOCK.RU) but it's all nullsec and heavily populated by miner gankers.

The prospect frig might change that, alternatively, you might be able to get a mining BC or BS and "avoid" being ganked. Not sure if it's worth it.

I should also mention that Thukker bases a lot in NPC Null. Meaning short waits for ME and PE. As long as you are there anyway....

EO2 was a fantastic station for me.


Provi Miner said...

hmm I've been thinking and you are kinda wrong. But not for reason you might think. Considering the time it takes to get an omega implant is fairly long. you lose a ton of opportunity along the way. How about an item that is fairly steady at 1500 to 2000 isk per lp. and has a cost of only 2000 lp. Now this is not a cure all, as you know if the market floods the price goes down. Also location is far more important than anything with this item. For instance the difference between jita and another place can be as much as 1000 isk per lp making it fairly worthless in jita. But in the right market over the course of 2-4 days you will consistantly sell 20-40 items at 3 mil plus.