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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Morons of the week 2

CPI of Warsong-US got the old trick: empty threats from a moron. However I don't get why he sent free arrows to the moron:

Another busy arrow monopolist, with a fitting guildname (by Repaxan):

One would think that price fixing primordial saronite is bad idea after Blizzard announced increased droprate. But hey, it's a free world, one can voice his opinion (by Thedeuce)!

Do you know why bank alts are guildless? Because dirty tricks ruined their reputations so no decent group would take them! Or maybe because they are bank alts (by Vernichtung, US-Gorganash)

It was a long time when I saw something like that. I thought that at least the MMO-champion article removed them. But they are here (by Nicholas):


Anonymous said...

I try to keep my bank alt guildless so that he can get 5-10 gold for signing a charter. Of course I make them come to me so I spend a second or two clicking the charter and the trade. I gquit as soon as the guild forms.

Anti said...

personally i prefer the utility of a guild vault.

but i have the luxury of dual accounts so i can invite my own toons without needing a friend with invite privaledges.

of course if the offer is high enough and / or the person with the guild charter is polite enough i can drop guild and reinvite myself later.

Justin said...

I recently removed my bank alt from my guild specifically because of the ammunition deal. I saw no reason my guild leader should have to deal with the folks who take offense to how I price what I sell. Granted, they couldn't have armoried that toon anyway, but if they happened to see me running around Stormwind they would have seen the guild name, and that's already too much information.

All of the flak I've gotten so far, oddly, has been from people smart enough to avoid buying the ammo. I haven't gotten any annoyed messages from people who bought it and then realized that they weren't paying attention. I even saw my bank alt's name in lights in trade chat from a rogue warning "all hunters" about what I'd posted...but he also said that he wished he had thought of it himself! I checked the auctions later and found out that someone else must have realized that it was a good idea. I'd been undercut!

All in all, I think this trick probably has a shelf life measured in weeks instead of months, but I'll ride it until it's done (and I'm stuck with a bunch of bullets I don't have any use for).

Nick S. said...

I keep my scribe and multiple bank alts guildless or in a throwaway bank-only guild very much on purpose. People like Bosendorfer are annoying enough without giving them a guild leader to complain to.

DANIEL said...

after seeing the iceblade arrow screenshot, i bought 200 arrows for about 1.5g then put them bak in AH in 100's for the price of 1000's. guess wat within an hour someone bought both the 100's

Tonus said...

Best part of that first shot with the guy spamming angry whispers is his guild name, -semi serious-. You'd have to be semi serious to guild someone so annoying.

Funniest part of that thread that was linked to was two things. First, the idiot who says that undercutting to manipulate a market is 'bannable in game.' Second is the logic that goes like this:

Player A: So I list my item at XXX gold, then someone undercuts by 100, so I undercut by 100 and soon it costs a lot less! I don't understand why people do this!

Player B: In order to sell them faster, of course.

Player A: But they sell just as fast at XXX price!!!

Player B: If they sell so fast, then why did you spend so much time undercutting? Looks like they did not sell at all.

Player A: Well... er... um...

David said...

This may qualify me as an idiot. I had no idea where else to ask. Does Auctioneer know the difference between your Horde scans and Aliance scans on the same server?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what that addon is in the last picture? The one that shows gold gained.

I would love to have something like that,

Talderas said...

I use two "bank" alts...

I have my main bank alt. Under this alt I have my guild bank and perform most of my auction listings. No one else is in the guild, though the alt name -may- be linked back to my main account. However this is irrelevant as I don't do any auctions that the M&S would consider shady or scamming from this character.

My second bank alt is where I run all my auctions that I figure the M&S would be likely to cry about. It's guildless and the name has absolutely no connection to my main account or any of my accounts.

Anonymity, it's great.

Lee Quillen said...

I've recieved similar in game mails, and when I realized that responding with a serious reason behind undercutting so much with hit my sales... I stopped. Seriously, next time I get an email like that I'm going to respond like I'm an idiot so they don't alter their auction strategy. I certainly wouldn't refer them here and risk them getting good tips from those that mock them.

I'm glad others do as it is good reading. I'm too selfish to oblige as my money making is only possible due to the stupidity of others. I should be ridiculously easy to drive from the market on my server and folks just seem to darn short sighted to do it.

If I could count the number of times I have been called out on how much money can be made on inscription even at low prices...