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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mean guys of the week

This is the new Sunday column. From now on, the morons will be on Saturdays, exactly the 8 best, not more.

On Sundays you can see the 8 best "being mean with moron" posts. To have these post, I need you to send screenshots where you are (or other groupmember is) mean with M&S.

  • The target must do some group content with others (thereby forcing them to boost him). HC, raid or BG. If he is soloing as a 0/71/0 holy nova priest, it's his $15.
  • The target must be lvl 80 or must have heirloom items, proving that he is not new to the game. Every hunter did melee before lvl10.
  • The target must do something stupid or useless, not carrying his weight. If he purposefully does something you don't like (for example some achievement in a BG), it doesn't qualify. Nor if he is good enough for the content, for example a new lvl 80 in enchanted-gemmed quest rewards doing 1500DPS in an old HC, even if he is below the tank. It's not him being bad, it's the tank being overgeared and Blizzard being lazy rewarding i245 players going to to i200 places instead of making i245 places.
  • You (or some other groupmember) must confront the target calling him out on his non-performance.
  • You (or the other groupmember) must do it in a civilized, error-focused manner, so "you suck cock n00b lol" doesn't fly.
  • He must not accept your advice or promise to fix his mistakes. If he does, he might be ignorant, but not a moron.
  • The more primitive he is, the better, but you must not sink to his level. So profanities, racism or mentioning his relatives on your side are forbidden.
  • Evidence must be provided in form of screenshot and armory link of the moron. The names of possible witnesses (the other guys in the group) must not be blanked out.
  • You can also not be anonymous, must not blank your name out either.
  • If you get him kicked from the group or make him ignore you, it greatly increase the chance that your picture get into the top 8 therefore to the blog.


Anonymous said...

Why didnt this post come a couple of hours earlier!?! Just had a full hierloom spellpower geard rogue in my instance group...

The fun part is that he was acutally alot more skilled than the druid tank dooing starfires and tranquility for aggro...

Repaxan said...

Damn, I should have taken a screenshot of tuesday's guild attempts at 25-marrowgar. Priest healer died early every attempt in the fire, contested the accusations when she was called out, and when I whispered her the recount death logs, she didn't respond.

Townes said...

Those are some tough rules. I grouped with a paladin tank today, in greens and blues, no enchants, no gems, that included a couple of pieces of healing gear, a healing glyph or two on armory, and 17K health, wondering why he was getting killed on the first trash pulls in OK. But he did listen to the group suggesting that was not enough health to tank heroics, did leave, and may have taken the advice to gear up. I suppose it was our responsibility to look at his health, something I do when I'm a healer, but I was playing an alt and assuming the best. Until I found myself tanking a few spiders (even as dps I have a lot more health than that).

Anonymous said...

Sunday's are going to be sweet

Evgeny said...

There is an addon called RankWatch that whispers lvl80 toons if they are using a spell that is not at maximum rank.

It does it in a civilized manner, so responses for that /w spam should probably fit into this section as well.

FjunskÀgg said...

I once got ignored by a gold begger. Tho, I was a bit immature acting like a "1gplz!11"-type of goldbegger.
It was fun tho. :D

haylie said...

Argh, if only I'd known about this a couple of weeks ago. I joined a PUG for heroic FoS, and after the last boss a Rimefang's Claw dropped. The rogue needed it. when I asked him why, his answer was, "I'm sword spec, it's better than my mace." I was too tired/annoyed with humanity to try to pursue the topic however.

Anti said...

Tip: being polite to others will get you invited back!

Anonymous said...

I can safely say I didnt use my little axe once when leveling hunter alt.

Anonymous said...

Wow, with the people who have already responded saying they just missed someone this looks to be a very entertaining segment.
I really like the rules you put up, Morons not ignorent people. :)

Anonymous said...

Before Ulduar, Broken Promise from 4-Horsemen in Naxx-10 was considered a very good DPS sword even with defense on it. The next best thing was Silent Crusader from trash in Naxx-25. You go with what drops. Although this sword in not listed on Shadowpanther's charts, it might still be an upgrade for your rogue.

Now is logic is totally another thing.

Anonymous said...

Tip: random pugs are random, ie no inviting back needed

Tree said...

If your comments are error-focused, polite and civilised, how on earth are they mean? Constructive criticism is hardly "mean". Mean implies cruelty, whereas honest criticism is ultimately to the recipient's benefit.

Anonymous said...

Another "Damn you should have posted this last week" Thread.

The bloodlust battlegroup seems to provide morons of exceptional quality.
I had to heal this shining example of crap on my poor Resto Druid.
We were in Heroic Nexus.


Ellifain @ Khaz'Goroth

Peter said...


At least he got a nice trinket and a girdle off of Keristrasza, ;)

The fact that my rogue has the same amount of HP unbuffed is another question.

des said...


At least you got to heal a bit comparing to throwing a random heal maybe once every minute on these 40k+ unbuffed ToC/ICC gearead tanks.

And also I was sooo expecting some plate healing pieces :)

Maybe he is just trying to figure out how far can you get gem-less and enchant-less with minimum avoidance as tank... you never know :D

Anonymous said...

Oh, damn, now I wish I had a screenshot of this feral DPS druid who was DPS-ing in bear form... while I was tanking... kept stealing aggro and getting killed. Had no idea what we meant by 'shouldn't you be in cat form?' Pathetic. Good thing it was only CoS.

I get worried when the tank has as much HP as my warlock... it's gotten to the point where I'll only do randoms with guild tanks.

My guild is actually keeping a list of the worst guilds we've had groups with on our battlegroup. So far it's a long list, with one particular realm/guild standing out. On the flip side, my friend and I keep getting randoms with folks from one particular guild of amazing players, all of whom are Death's Demise. Druid keeping us all topped off and not even in tree form... we started getting careless on purpose, and it didn't matter. Those kinds of PuGs make up for the shitty ones.

My leveling priest has gotten into some decent 75-79 groups for regulars, and the people in them seem to either be knowledgeable or willing to learn. I had to walk the tank through Old Kingdom (how to pull, where to pull, what the mobs do) but he was very happy to listen and do. However, we had a rogue who just wouldn't pay attention to anything and kept dying. How hard is it to stay out of the fire? I need a macro that spams "if there's something on the ground that's hurting you, don't fucking stand there!" These are the kinds of people who stand in the blue shit on Marrowgar and then die on a spike.

Anyway. Sundays are going to be epic.

Stephanie said...

Can we also qualify people with collector's edition pets along with the level 80/heirloom gear? I can't tell you how many moron's I've been with in groups that yank out their panda/diablo/zergling when they see mine, which tells me they've been around a while.

Narx said...

Yeah I should have gotten the guildie who was a healing druid in ST fighting over intellect gear with a rogue -.- to screenie/pst me his name.


I myself tanked with a DK who was in half defense, half dps gear...