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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day 22: Feeling nerfed

Went to Ashenvale to quest some. All the quests in Astranaar were gray. Went to Forest Song outpost. Found some quests there, greens, except for 1 yellow. Done some, now I'm 33 1/2. Went to Stonetalon Peak, found only grey quests. And I've never grinded for honor, strike that, I tried to avoid pulling unnecessary mobs, also tried to quest together with others on kill X quests. Still, I can outgrow whole lands. One may say the questing was nerfed in 2.3, but no, our questing experience is nerfed. I really pity those who start playing now and miss so much of this land. But goblin thinking helps, even if not to change, but to understand why did this happened. Already wrote about it, but struck me again today. I created a "fun" label and post today under this. To cheer me up. (and everyone else who need it).

I also quested some in Dustwallow Marsh, reaching 34.

About business: much slower then expected. People seem to stopped selling and buying and raiding and living. The depression before the Wrath is greater than I've expected. I would say that the analysis for today is about that, but that would be a far too great topic. So I took just a little bit of the human errors in Azeroth for today.

Balance: 1260G, 168 auctions, 15 bids, approx 900 at Thelnia.

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