Greedy Goblin

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day 21: Gnomergan

I ran Gnomeregan with a random group. We killed the endboss 3 men. Memo to self (and everyone else): never go to low level instance without a warlock. While you can find huge amount of noobs on 70, on low levels you can find completely useless kids, who not only cannot use their character, but can't even stop running forward (continuously jumping) pulling new and new enemies then say "sry m8s gtg" and disappear. By the way, I'm closing to the conclusion to automatically ignore everyone who use "m8, gtg, lo, peeps" and such nonsense. They are good signs that the other guy is either a kid, or a very childish (or drunk, or high) young adult, therefor with 90% chance a useless mess.

I created 10 stacks of steel, sold them all. Tomorrow more steel to come. Sent another 3 bags of deposit to Thelnia. She sent back the cloths I bought in the weekdays so I can sell them too. Sold most of my wool cloth for the hordies, listed some more. The Primal Mights sold too, leaving me 1191G, 193 auctions, 20 bids, approximately 800G at Thelnia.


Gaming Diva said...

This post made me laugh...
What's with the continuous jumping? :-)

Re: Abbreviations
In the beginning I had a hard time figuring out what people were going on about.

I really don't like Gnomeregan but I'll be running it with my priest. I've already run two instances so trying to get as much experience healing as possible so by the time I'm high it won't be a big deal.

Wool cloth does very well on my server. I'm Horde although wool did ok on the other servers the markup on this server is at least 300% higher. I got a lot of wool running around with a higher level hunter, he wanted heals, I gave him that. My priest has about 4 blue items now one I bought the others I got from running instances.

Do you get pestered for gold? All my toons have and now that my priest is in great gear (for her level) I get it somewhat, but my banktoon (who is in grey armor) gets hammered constantly. I'm betting people know that is a bank alt and when I am on her I have three spots; Mail, bank, auction house :-)

Gevlon said...

On horde the wool is always 3-4x higher than on alliance. The reason is that hordies have not many places to quest where wool drops. Unless they farm it on on purpose, they don't get much. On the other hand ally have lot of quests involving Defias, who drop wool. That's the reason why trading wool in the neutral AH makes me so much profit. I buy them for 1.6G/stack, sell for 4 in Booty Bay.

And yes, those annoying beggars always find me. My ignore list is two pages long. BTW this beggar-thing reminded me of an old memory. I'll post it tomorrow!

Gaming Diva said...

Perhaps there is a higher amount of Horde on your server so the demand for it is higher? I haven't advanced far with my priest, currently level 28, but I have done quite a few quests Horde side in Hillsbrad Foothills.

There is a little town not to far from Tarren Mill (Horde spot) and there are a fair amount of quest there. I've gotten a few stacks of wool.

Additionally Durnholde Keep has a quest which isn't far from Tarren Mill either. The mob drop wool also. I'll definitely be going around that way to fish, skin, and farm wool.

Not sure how it is as I advance but the wool, thus far, has been plentiful. :-)