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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Weekend minipost: Goons will never change

I've just wrote that the crazy supercarrier ratting started with the Goon-led coalition signing the "document of shame".

They didn't change a bit. In this piece on their propaganda site they declare that ratting income shouldn't be limited because "what will happen with the little guy"?

If this doesn't open the eyes of those who still bug me to go back to EVE, I don't know what.


Provi Miner said...

heh so let me squint even harder. The whole point of wanting you back is not to win on an even playing field. First off forget that shit, 10K v 1 is uneven as hades, or PL supers v anyone else, or Pan fam vs anyone. So the first step to coming back is accepting the field is not and won't be level for a long time. The second step is to still do it anyways.

Hey I won in what amounts to coin flip "golf clap"

Hey I won in spite of all their advantages, I beat them though they had a huge massive head start, I beat them even though they had dev's on their side, I beat them even though they had more titans than I had ships in my hanger. "a cheer heard around the gamming world"

Gobs who beat folks on level playing field is boring and uninteresting "oh hum drum he beat M&S folks"

Gobs who ended goons/pl/nc/ broke up the null power blocks turned w space into the wild west instead of the animal preserve it is today "even though everything was staked against him by using isk and applying said isk correctly he broke XY and Z"

nightgerbil said...

I dont get that from that article. As an impartial bystander I think you have cognitive bias. Your perceiving all eve debates as part of some evil dev corrupted conspiracy meta. Actually the article makes a good case as to why a fan proposed mechanism for dealing with sov space being "too good" ie degrading a regions profitability the more its used, would in fact hurt only the smaller "little guys" not the big blocs, because as the author puts, this would just make the big boys evict the little guys and use a crop rotation system to farm all of null sec. This would be counter productive to the goal of making null sec the end game that CCp want everyone to aspire to.

I think the author made some good points, I could quibble a little but that would be off topic. On topic I think he made a valid contribution to the on going debates about direction. I personally wish CCP would stop regarding null sec as some kind of wowesque raiding end game cos frankly I think they are missing the point of why so many people play. If they focused on other areas(high sec!) for once... Oh whats the point? they wont :(

Anyway You should really try to stop writing about eve if you can't be constructive. I know you know this. Your just drawn back to it like ALL the dam time. Articles like this don't help your cause though. It like your nit picking and your not being a force for positive change any more.

Gevlon said...

@Provi Miner: the field isn't simply "uneven". It's constantly adjusted. Every time you defeat the "right people", the game is patched or they get a couple hundred CONCORD ships or simply your best PvPers get banned for a stupid but harmless meme while the enemy is spamming Nazi insults without consequences.

Falcon isn't "stronger" than you. He is a GOD. Unless you stop playing, because then he is just a GM on a dying game.

@Nightgerbil: "the big boys evict the little guys" is called war. Everyone should ASPIRE for null sec. Currently it's "anyone is invited", it's not endgame, it's baseline. Literally 1 day old pilots are recruited to nullsec alliances.

I understand that this post doesn't help. I'm just annoyed that people keep asking me back to EVE. I WILL NOT COME BACK TO PLAY A CCP GAME. It doesn't mean I won't play EVE, assuming CCP goes bankrupt and a big company picks it up.

Anonymous said...

Dracos Rhagar of Iron Armada is a goon?

Gevlon said...

All "content creators" are united in their goal of avoiding wars and get rich on RMT

Anonymous said...

Were you not a content creator?

Gevlon said...

@Anon: "content creator" is a politically correct term for RMT-er/ad-monetizer.