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Friday, June 23, 2017

The Archeage project is almost done

I'll soon post the "how to make gold in Archeage" page, though I have doubts if many people care. I don't blame them. Archeage doesn't contain any feature that BDO doesn't and that game has better graphics and more "skill" based combat. I've found worthy results, mainly the "pay-for-less-than-zero" pricing method.

The moneymaking method I'll outline is simple, zero-brain and "per account". I make about 600G/day on top of APEX for subscription with a few clicks, zero risk and I could increase it by starting up more accounts. This is a problem alone and deserves a post.

However I've also faced that such projects are neither engaging, nor interesting for more than a small core following. I reached much more people in my EVE years, because I was interacting with other projects. Here I buy from the anonymous AH and sell back the products. If I'd be replaced by a bot, no one would notice. In the Archeage community (assuming there is any) I'm totally irrelevant and even if I'd run 30 accounts instead of 3, making 5K/day (takes $70/day to P2W such money), I would still be totally irrelevant. I have to admit that I miss the days when a dozen Goons yelled me that I'm irrelevant.

The reason of this project was the hope that one of the then-beta games grow up to at least "beta but release date set" state. It didn't happen. There is no such news about Life is Feudal, Crowfall and co. If you know of such game, by all means, tell me! I also hoped that some miracle happens with Albion, but no, the final patch before release arrived with no removal of the premium currency speculation.

I also realized, both in game and by spending way too much time on Huffington post and Breitbart that talking changes nothing. I need a project where people can get involved, practicing the ideas instead of talking about it. Only action helps improvement. Also, I'm even more sure that the next project must be creative instead of destructive. Sure, those who are contesting our goals must be slain, but finding an "evil" and going out of my way to fight it is something I won't do again.

So I'm out again looking for a "home", a game which I can play together with others, building something. I still suffer from the "compare it to EVE" syndrome, but at least I know it's false and EVE never had what I attributed to it. But I'm also leaving Archeage with renewed confidence that there can be games where the developers aren't manipulating things silently. Everything here works as it supposed to work. It's maybe shallow, but it's giving what it's offering.


Destabilizator said...

While you are correct and I'm in the same No-valid-MMO-on-the-horizon ship, why not trying Albion (releases 17.7.) and proving your speculation theory (let's call it that)?

If it gets proven right, the game might get improved... essentially in line with "I need a project where people can get involved, practicing the ideas instead of talking about it. Only action helps improvement." (if you really need ppl involved, I'm sure there's a dumb whale eager to board on an adventure)

Gevlon said...

The Albion speculation - like all speculations - live on insider information. The devs have perfect information about what will be in the shop (demand for premium currency) and what is the payment schedule of the players (supply). This is the JOB of the marketing/sales department to design products that sell and to boost purchases via properly placed sales.

Any "player" who gets his hand on this info can predict the premium vs in-game price. Since there is no tax on it, one can make profit even on 0.1% price changes. There is no way that someone without internal info can compete that.

And even if I could, that would only mean that I am good in predicting real world sales and payments, which has nothing to do with an MMO.

Hanura H'arasch said...

Albion devs are weird, the Hector update contains a huge amount of changes, with less than 1.5 months till release. That's just too little time to work out all the kinks.

Nevertheless I'll return to Albion at launch. It may be flawed, but I've yet too see a better alternative.

Kurtizzle said...

It is a big shame that there isn't a game out there yet for you.

I went back to playing BDO for a little while after being AFK for ten months and thanks to your advice I've gone from scrub status to full end game gear simply by your advice of buy the gear already enhanced.

I see players all the time saying you must have boss gear, liverto, X, Y, Z but when you read in to it these players are flat broke they're stuck with a +9 Liverto Weapon because the game gives them bad advice.

If you ever did return to EVE, perhaps you could consider making an appearance within the EVE Uni.

You massively under assess one of your skills and that is teaching. You could create a brand new Alpha Account and remain unaffiliated with your former persona.

If you can not birth a project from within that Environment and it be meaningful then perhaps there are no opportunities for meaningful projects any more.

Also in reference to one of your earlier posts, CCP in the height of their non corruption apparently have awarded players via twitch their game subscriptions to their main account (paid to play content creators).

Could a Goblin rise through the Ranks of Eve Uni and force CCP Falcon to Eat Humble Pie?

Long time follower.


Kurtizzle said...

Further to my last post.

Your Miner Ganking posts are still cited by Eve Uni and could do with a tiny update.

I suspect those guys would make you very welcome.

Nullsec is still the land of CCP 'favourites'.

Gevlon said...

@Hanura H'arasch: there is a better alternative: read a book. Or play Overwatch "for fun"

@Kurtizzle: Falcon wasn't after the "Gevlon" persona. He was protecting his RMT-ing "friends". ANY project that would have ANY effect would threaten their income, so Falcon would come down on it.

Gevlon said...

@Kurtizzle: even if I'd find a highsec niche where I'm not hunted by Falcon, I would dumbly contribute to his salary by subscribing and by providing content to other subscribers. No way in hell! Would you dine in a restaurant where a waiter spat on you, even at tables where other waiter serves?

Hanura H'arasch said...

@Gevlon yes and no.

I still play HOTS, which isn't rigged, but obviously a twitch game, for this reason.

But I've not seen any visible corrupt in Albion yet. Not fixing gold speculation can be simple ignorance, or "the market will take care of it". Perhaps Albion will go "full EVE" in the future, but I might as well play the game until that happens.

Gevlon said...

@Hanura: it's hard to see corruption in a beta game. No one buys gold in beta which will be wiped.

Also, unless they go full Falcon/Sion, you wouldn't know. I mean if Sion wouldn't brag about Falcon saving them from the monument vandalism backslash and Falcon wouldn't go all toxic on GRR, we would keep lying ourselves that "CCP is being CCP" and the unbalances will be "ironed out".

Kurtizzle said...

@Gevlon Response One:

Falcon was after anyone hunting down his friends and at that time this included their biggest threat at the time.... The Gevlon Persona.

Should you return to Eve and create a image (still goblin / anti-M&S) where you find your CONSTRUCTIVE project. Training New Bro's you then become not only a CCP valued customer but the coveted content creator.

A few o7 shows ago CCP actually interviewed a random FC/Corp CEO in EVE Uni simply because he'd been part of a new bro mass recruitment program.

I think you would reach some status within that organisation by the nature of the way it is run, the 'professors' are drawn away to coalitions for more fun fights eventually.

Also I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss EVE Uni as a High Sec Niche, they do have Low Sec and I believe some NPC Null at the least operations.

General Eve Update:

Enemy Number One is the disease of Highsec Citadels.

Enemy Number Two is the CCP incompetence (corruption) with things such as 'Ghost Training' and rewards accidental being sent to over 200 accounts affiliated to just one player.

It amazes me that the community managed to shout loud enough to get those rewards 'investigated'. But the Ghost training has taken far to long to be acknowledged let alone fixed.

Enemy Number Three would be PL/N3 'fun fights' blue ball hot dropping any alliance in the south trying to defend any timers or install any structures.

@Gevlon Response Two:

Interesting Metaphor. Perhaps if you viewed it this way you might see differently.

Falcon is the bounce at the restaurant/club and refuses you entry because he doesn't like the way you dress and you're not on of his friends.

You can refuse to go back on principle, or you can be of a service to his employer that then requires his employer to put their dog back on a leash or bring him in to line.

I'm not sure many people understand the 'eat humble pie' saying, perhaps the meaning was lost on you.

Gevlon said...

@Kurtizzle: and teach "newbros" what? Hey guys, here is how can you make good ISK, but don't overdo it because then the RMTers lose money and Falcon comes after you?

If you do ANYTHING and get ANY good, you'll be a trouble to someone "important" and smacked down by CCP devs.

Or, you can get smacked down, just for fun. Remember when they made those "event fleets" and led highsec players into nullsec gatecamps, killing everyone for lols?

EVE is an anti-utopia where the GODS are corrupt and take active role of protecting the worst people. They are untouchable and all-seeing. The only reasonable action in such world is suicide, ending your misery and denying them fun. As EVE is not real, you can just not play.

Anonymous said...

Let me know what you find Gevlon, I have followed behind you in a couple games and agree with your conclusions. Does something like GTA V online spark your interest?