Greedy Goblin

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Weekend minipost: ox on the run

Yep, I pre-purchased Albion Online. This was clearly a leap of faith as the game is not ready yet. But I failed to find any good published game with non-zero playerbase. So far Albion looks good, but of course I'm just in the beginning. There are very few items, so there aren't many niches. We'll see if I can make a fortune without gathering or killing mobs (bleh).


David Caddock said...

Good luck with this game. I have been following it myself, as the economy looks like it would reward intelligence, as well as the guild functions definitely valuing someone who can generate wealth, as well as the effect on the game world an organized motivated guild can have. It seems like a good world for a goblin.

Anonymous said...

if you break the economy in beta they might make it more robust in live. but realistically is beta still in development or just a way to charge more for a game before it goes f2p. $$beta -> $live -> f2p

Smokeman said...

Nice Ox! I take it that that and the Gold "G" in Gevlon (Nice touch, by the way, having a name that starts with a G. I know it's completely coincidental, so serendipity!) means you bought the legendary package. Good choice, I would have done the same.

So, you started with a big bag 'o gold (not silver, the in game currency.) What can you buy with your gold? I know you can but "Premium services" (Essentially a required sub if you're a crafter / trader.) with gold, but what else? Can you buy silver or gear / craft materials with it?

Also, are you concerned the big gold G will make you a target? Can you hide that?

Gevlon said...

@smokeman: no, I bought the Epic Founder Pack