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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Weekend minipost: new hope

The much anticipated open World PvP game Crowfall seems to be closing to closed beta:

Since I realize how bad the current games became, I have to abandon my previous condition of no pre-released games. If Crowfall drags itself into closed beta, I'll pay and jump in.


Anonymous said...

I have no idea whether CF would be a game you or I would like. But it has some respected, experienced devs behind it so I would be surprised if it were objectively bad. From what I read, I am not sure whether to think of it as an MMO or a lobby PvP game.

If you are relaxing your beta rule, then Camelot Unchained (Mark Jacobs, creator of Dark Age of Camelot) is about the same age as CF and is also be worth a look. Old school, no cash shop, dedicated crafter class.

Anonymous said...

If beta games are on the table, Albion Online just opened it's final beta with release slated for July. It's got open world full loot PVP, territory control, and a free market.

Alvi said...

Then you should totally try Albion Online. It is pretty similar to eve.

Anonymous said...

I second Camelot Unchained. It looks like they've built a solid engine to work with that will definitively support hundreds of players within the same location, where every player is rendered no matter the distance (unless something extreme), whereas CF has come across short-handed in the "massive" aspect of PvP in earlier tests. Plus dedicated crafting classes in CU are sure to shake up things.

Anonymous said...

If so, then you should check out Camelot Unchained too.

Smokeman said...

Crowfall looks like an awesome RMT opportunity. From what I understand, it's leveless... and your "skills" increase over time like EvE. So its just you, your total time as a character, and your gear.

In addition, it's "Buy once, play forever." So the obvious cash path is clear: Create a bunch of characters, let them build "skills" as you work to craft gear for all of them, then sell them on E-bay for a huge premium.

I'm sure the market for that will basically be priced per month of character age, with the oldest characters bringing in the real money.

The game's model promises HUGE sales at launch, as people want in on the oldest possible characters, and people speculating as above. However, after the sales peak, and account transfers start undercutting new revenue, I wonder what they will do to maintain the cash flow.

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