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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

It's because EVE is dying sillies

The Goon propaganda site is still very bad in market analysis. If you can even call that one as they offer no explanation for the "analyzed" issue. Which is that PLEX farming alts are constantly losing profitability and very soon they stop being useful. At the same time, PLEX price (in ISK) grows fast.

Since r/eve is also puzzled, let me explain: both ISK and skill points are consumed by casual players and produced by "very dedicated players" and bots. The casuals buy PLEX for $ and trade it for farmed ISK and injectors coming from SP farms. The traded volume graph shrinks visibly so either the demand or the supply must have decreased. If the price went down, it was the demand. Simply since casuals are gone, there is no one to buy the injectors and sell the PLEX-es to hardcore players so injector price goes down, PLEX price goes up.

The long catering to the "content creators", neglecting or openly attacking those who wasn't in these game-monetizing cartel finally paid off: everyone else left. Now we just have to watch as they try to monetize each other. Hint: they aren't going to buy injectors or sell PLEX. Before you'd comment, yes, I'm aware that I was also a content creator and was allowed to play for free. No, it wasn't a good idea to let me. And no, I shouldn't have done it, since I knew for long that

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Slawomir Chmielewski said...

Isn't it kinda obvious that PLEX and Injectors must reach some kind of parity eventually? They have an exact currency ratio hard coded into the game(that is, the number of SP one PLEX can produce).

A farmed char can be used for other purposes as well, so injector prices can fall a bit below PLEX and still be very useful for multiboxers as extra revenue. This will probably spell the end of mega-farming of SP and a little bounce in Injectors as a result.

The best test of game's health is still CCP revenues (not profit) and the number of unused PLEXes