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Thursday, June 2, 2016

You are a onehit for most geared players

After buying a nearly full set of +15 gear, I had no more excuses against grinding to lvl 52. I delayed it as much as I could, because grinding mobs is less fun for me than a sack of potato. And I mean it literally, even if my dog rolls on the floor seeing it:

But no more excuses. I even invested in the node of Elric Shrine to make some money on the side and went killing the cultists (I made over a million just in collectibles over an hour and a half):

After levelup, the Black Spirit reported in with a quest: to go to Red Battlefield. I was hesitant. The title of the post came in a comment from a "geared elite" player. While I always suspected it can't be right, since no dev in his right mind would make such game, but I still didn't want to be a fodder. But hey, I might get some knowledge for going there.

Yes, it went pretty well. And not at all by luck. At first I wanted to snipe from behind the "big and geared", but then I noticed that everyone else are doing the same and I'm not dying at all. So I changed tactics: I ran building by building close to the front, popped Rage Absorption, Guard (strong tanking abilities of a Valkyre) and charged into the middle of the enemy, trying to stun and knockdown them, popping PvP potions. Then I either died or not, but as they focused on me, they were massacred by the snipers behind me. Every such charge meant a push in the points for us. So the "little useless lvl 52" turned a 300 points behind match into a win. Later, I could even look out for not delivering killing blows, since it would increase my point value, rewarding the enemy when I eventually die. Those points served the wizzard who started to follow me around much better.

What about the "geared PvP-ers"? Meet Bolek, a top PvP-er of our server, from one of the top guilds:

Another picture of him:

Not only I wasn't "onehit" for him. I wasn't a onehit for the half dozen snipers behind him either. Sure, I never killed him myself, but he didn't catch any glass cannons when I was around and he died several times when was busy with me. So much for the myth of the geared elite. By the way I memorized his name because he was the only one besides me who weren't sniping, so we met in the middle a lot.

As a bonus, I got 200 energy for the daily quest of winning a Red Battlefield. So I'll be visiting it daily. So shall you. Don't be afraid that you aren't "geared"! All you need is a functioning brain and you are already ahead of most players.

PS: I crafted a bunch of herbal juice while not consuming any energy? Is it intended? I stopped crafting it as I don't want to exploit if it's a bug.

PS2: I found a nice little addition to my worker empire, named pro workers.


nightgerbil said...

Congrats for discovering the joy of mmo pvp tanking. Its alot of fun isn't it? I still suffer withdrawl symptoms over my Tankassin in 2.x swtor. Hand down the most enjoyable and rewarding class/spec I ever played from any of the mmos. You'd think it wasn't possible to tank players seeing as how you can't taunt them right? turns out most are stupider then the ai mobs and hold aggro on you over several deaths: theirs and your own.

Destabilizator said...

Simple Cooking & Simple Alchemy no longer uses energy, since yday patch ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi this is the Anon that talked shit to you.

Bolek is a warrior. As a warrior he isn't a burst focused class so all he can do is his warrior combos that don't hit that hard.

As a Sorc all you do is spam iframe -> knockdown -> back + lmb -> back + lmb + rmb -> spam iframe and every Ranger, Sorc, Tamer, Wizzard, Witch, Musa, Mewah is dead if you are geared. Also most players in the red battleground have around 130 to 140AP. This doesn't eaqual geared (i have 166 AP now as i now own a DUO: Ogre Ring (yes i was quite lucky) instead of my Bares Necklace)... Geared means full DUO Marks/Witches, PRI Tree Belt, Ogre Ring, +15 Liverto/Zarka, +15 Ultimate Armor. It's easy to achive this gear in a month work with 4 to 6 hrs of grinding every day.

In the Red Battleground a Sorc will NEVER go after a Valk when you can just wear a camo and kill Rangers/Wizzard/Witches all day.

Gevlon said...

@Anon: it doesn't change the fact that I was absolutely competitive in red battleground, therefore I'm fine against 99% of the players. I understand that a nolifer with 6 hours a day grinding can build a gear that needs 2 of "me" to kill, but I don't really care. Now piss off to Sausan Garrison!

Anonymous said...

ohh, and here I thought I chose the wrong class. I'm a freshly 51 Valk (90AP 140DP, agerian +15 helm, +15 armor, +8 hand and talis +5 shoes. I didn't spend much time researching accesories because they can give alot of stats like stun resistsance and grapple resistance and I didn't find much on how important these are. Right now I have a mix of ACC and AP. is it true that the token accesories on enchant also give DP? so they have AP+DP. Is it worth to farm these or is there a better alternative that can be bought on the Marketplace?)
you can only do this battle field with 52? I'm looking forward to it.

Gevlon said...

@Anon: I guess it's available from lvl 50.
I'd strongly suggest 2 pieces of "of heve", that +250 HP is a lot.
Accessories are good to browse on the market, just to see what kinds are available.

Anonymous said...

Red Battlegrounds are a mindless Zerg with stupid rules (because if you are a carry you have to play super passive and the catchup mechanics are just stupid (funny enough the only reason I and alsmost everyone I know goes there is because of the 200 free energy).

Also doesn't nolfing mean that you have nolife?! I can't understand why i have a healthy social life, do well at my job and have a Girlfriend then.