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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The cheapest way to enchant to +15

As I've mentioned many times, the main gear progression in BDO is enchanting the basic crafted gear with black stones. For armor, it's a sure thing until level 5, needing one stone. But then it can fail. You can force enchant with 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, 17, 23 and 29 stones until you reach level 15. That's 110 black stones, with the current 197K armor stone price it costs 21.7M. During enchanting you also lose max durability, needing 1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 10 basic gear to fix it. That's 40 pieces of gear, with 60K each, another 2.4M. Sure, you can gamble with normal enchant and decrease the costs, but not much.

But there is a significantly cheaper method, which also needs much less time and much nicer on the nerves (hello 7x failed Pri Red Coral Ring):
Checking the last column tells that these aren't one-in-a-lifetime buys, such armors are available on the market regularly. Same for other items. Except for Pri Red Coral rings, you must make them yourself, bleh.

Who sells them? People who changed mains and the stats are no longer good for them. Or those who replace a green for a blue. Or... I don't care. They sell and they sell much cheaper than enchanting yourself. Buy them, like I did:
A few black stones into my helmet, buying a Kite Shield +15, replacing the Hexe earring with another Pri Ridell and my gear is ready with 200+ DP and 100+ AP. If only reaching lvl 52 would be that easy.


Anonymous said...

The cheapest way to enchant to +15 is to use the Hunter Seals you get for Boss Scrolls and Daily Quests and trade these for Black Stones and upgrade your gear. Because selling them and then buying +15 is simply not worth it.

Getting more than X failstacks is a gift as getting more than 30 Failstacks is really expensive.

Also Gevlon what is your Contribution at since you are focusing on building a worker empire as primary source of income? Once you get to a certain point the money you can make by building alchemy crates and move them from Calpheon to Mediah is really high and mostly afk as you only craft the crates yourself.

Gevlon said...

Of course your own stones should be used, but they are far from enough if you want to finish your gear in decent time.

I now have 259 contribution.

seanas said...

Reblath armour is what people use to build fail stacks - although why they sell it, I have no idea. There's a title that comes from having a +15 Reblath piece, maybe the achievement comes from owning said piece, not making it?

And yes: buying +15 (assuming you're not looking for Grunil) is far and away the cheapest way to +15.

Anonymous said...

I wonder.. if you get 7 Daily and 1 Weekly Boss Scroll that would equal if you do the Scrolls in groups 85 Hunter Seals and atleast 8 Armor Stones (most likly way more). That would mean that you should get full +15 in 4 weeks of work.
While most people level really slow as you are still not 55 (just grind at Elrics and spam pots) there is no need for a full +15 Armor.

Also 260 Contribution is pretty impressive. As i suck at grinding quests will you ever post a guide on how to get lots of Contribution (not just do the calpheon daily quests, ...).

Gevlon said...

I don't get this "in groups" part with scrolls. I joined groups and didn't get anything from the boss that I didn't summon.

Anonymous said...

I don't get this "in groups" part with scrolls. I joined groups and didn't get anything from the boss that I didn't summon.

grp setting must be free looting! so everyone can loot their stuff.

every boss kill has a hunters seal or more and can drop weapon or armor black stones for every grp member. if you cast you also get these red bags.

with Randoms
look for identical scrolls only. "LF3M [Imp Captain...] x 5 "
also make sure everyone posts their scroll shift+click.
if you want to be sure, rotate lead. especially on multiple relic and cartian.

a guild can have the advantage that everyone sticks arround. The only reason I joined one, I don't really care about guildbosses. Sure there are RPers and some M&S but have a "no TS or other voicechat" rule so that is nice. But I managed a solid group with decent gear and horses so we stomp through every one scrolls once a week within decent time.

relic cartian scrolls have memoryfragments.
daily weekly scrolls black stones and hunter seals. I guess they have boss specific dropes But I din't get one till now.