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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

BDO production node maps

The net is full of BDO node maps, but I was quite dissatisfied with them, as they did not visualize the most important information: node prices. Not all nodes are made equal and a longer path can easily be cheaper in terms of contribution points. Also - to my surprise - the price of the farming nodes themselves weren't equal. An iron node is 1 contribution near Velia and 3 in Mediah. So for my own purposes I made screenshots and wrote the node prices on them, along with resources and a piece of information I've nowhere found: the lodging hiding in farms. These buildings can greatly decrease the cost of housing in some towns.

The information on some nodes are conflicting among different sites. I only included what I've found in-game. Not all resources are instantly visible, some need to be found by first connecting the main node, then leaving the node management screen, then talking to the node manager again, sometimes paying energy. So everything on the map is guaranteed to be real, but some resources can be missing if I didn't find them. If you have them, write a comment with info how to find it please.

Work nodes are a great way to make semi-AFK money, just place workers on them and they fill the storehouse with materials. Some of them sell well, others are just for vendoring, but each of them make money. Hint: if the main resource (for example chicken meat) is for vendoring, use high luck worker, so he gets lots of secondary resources (for example eggs).

Please remember that workers only work if you are online (even if AFK). Also, the worker works faster on closer nodes and he always goes to work from his home town. So if the nodes are connected, you can mine in Mediah with a Trent worker, it'll be just very slow and the resources will be in Trent. This is usually a bad idea, but sometimes necessary. Velia for example is full of great work nodes, but horribly understaffed, so I farm most of its nodes from Olvia, which has very few natural resources, but can house lots of workers.

The pictures show my setup at the point, but it's no way the optimal. I've changed it several places as I've written this post as I noticed that they can be better. I hope they contribute to your income. A lone number means node price where it's just a node to be connected. For usable nodes you see node and production prices.

Olvia and Velia:







Tarif (please note that despite the nodes look close to Altinova, the are not):


Anonymous said...

Just as a random input, some of your readers are red green blind and have trouble reading red on green.
But I have no data how big the percentage is, so not sure if worth considering while making posts.

Anyways, thanks for your continous blogging :)

Vincent said...

I'm not red blind and even I find the red text hard to read sometimes, it all gets blurry for some reason