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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

War of sovless aggression

It is done. With Goonswarm Federation losing their last system, the slope is complete, they are now sovless dockers aggressors:

The North is now completely under the control of the various MBC groups. I especially like the middle one, because they took the last system:

So everything I've planned came true, Goons are evicted, their minions are destroyed or rebelled and MoA finished their sov. Let this be a monument of the victory of numbers over "metagaming", social skills and "best ship is friendship".

No way I'm going back to EVE. The road to this moment was anything but fun, especially with the horrible Falcon. Fighting this mess was a struggle, with no one believing in it. Most just jumped on the bandwagon, the rest were "I wish it was possible, but it's not". Yes it was. GRR was a great project and a great blogging material. An evidence that no amount of social nonsense can defeat a handful of men who are right in the objective sense. But it's not a good game, at all. I'm sure BDO will be much better.

But that said, this moment is an ear-to-ear smile.


FtsArtek said...

You didn't plan this.

You used your massive amounts of money to fund a single group to harass goons. They did that, and did a good job. What MoA never did was the damage required to remove goons.

Yes, they took down the final TCU owned by goonswarm, but the planning was not yours, and the victory was not theirs, only the claim to take down the final TCU.

IWI fed huge amounts of isk into a number of groups significantly larger and more powerful than MoA to unite and pummel goons into submission. For this simple reason I don't agree with you on your claim that your planning came true - it wasn't, for the most part, your planning.

However, where I will agree with you is that it's a time to be happy. Goonswarm have been overpowered, outplayed and forced into a lowsec station on the outskirts of their own space. That's something that you, I and anyone else involved or even just against goons in general should be happy about.

As for everything else, I wish you luck with your future projects, although seriously stop it with the falcon stuff. You don't agree with him because he said some stuff you didn't like. That's that. Leave it at that.

As for eve being broken, that's from your point of view. I might have missed some blogs because I haven't seen you actually comment on why you think that, only that you do. If you could point me in the right direction it'd be appreciated.

Anyway, for this once, despite not being really being to your credit, we can agree that what has happened to goons is a good thing, and I personally hope this encourages mittani to quit eve too.

Stabs said...

Well done. Terrific achievement and I'll admit for a while I stopped believing.

Good luck in BDO.

Gevlon said...

@FTSArtek: they also took down the FIRST Imperium TCU, back in August. That's when it became obvious to everyone with brain that Goons can be defeated. Sure, Falcon covered this from the masses, but this is when IWI got the idea. Or you think he woke up one day and said "I just destroy the Imperium by paying random groups"?

Destabilizator said...

For what it's worth, I believed since you ever first posted about your evil plan :)
I was like "Hmm, will he succeed?" and the Universe nodded.

Anonymous said...

We can argue over the details of how this war was won and who deserves the credit all we like.

But in the end I have to admit you had something nearly every other major player in EvE didn't have for the longest time. The most important key to victory... You believed it could be done.

Here is proof you were right about that at least.


Arlen said...

FtsArtek said...

Gevlon, you're not an idiot. One TCU (or two, or the small percentage they actually took out during the war) does not make MoA the source of this.

You do realise that the entire thing started due to SMA, not goons at all? That whole big deal with them stealing hundreds of billions of isk? That enticed them to fund the war. Just because MoA killed a TCU doesn't mean the idea came from them - they weren't the first to kill a TCU.

Anyway, move on mate. You've made your mark, go do it in BDO now.

luobote kong said...

Well done. You deserve credit. You exposed the myths and showed there was a way. Enjoy the moment.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on EVE.

Hmm IDK about "I'm sure BDO will be much better." There is a lot of good stuff but a lot of quite unusual in BDO. I am looking forward to your description and exploration of endgame.

Gevlon said...

@FtsArtek: Actually it was 6 and more were to come when Falcon intervened.

However the point is that before that no one even thought of fighting them and only this encouraged IWI to try it. I mean Goons & co robbed everyone they could, this was their thing, but demanding the money back and threatening them was "tears" that they harvested. Why on Earth IWI went against them when he should have known it's impossible?

Because I've already proven it's not. The only alternative is that IWI and Lenny made a 4T worth of jump into the dark. Do you claim that?

Vincent said...

You were right for the citadels as well, I got myself one and I never made so much money before. Normal station traders can't do anything because of the broker. The idea is to anchor a citadel x jump from a hub and use x jump wide orders, that way you save 2 to 2.5% on buy orders.

If you have a public citadel you can also save the broker on sell orders but so far they are slow to kick off.

Most of the citadel I found were anchored by the CFC or other big groups.

Borat Guereen said...

@FtsArtek: "...What MoA never did was the damage required to remove goons..."

I flew with MOA for a few months last year. We mostly flew in cormorant doctrines, and I remember a fleet where one of our scout found an un-piloted carrier a few jumps out. As soon as the info was communicated, we raced to get there, and quickly found out that goons were now also racing toward it. MOA was riddled with goon alt spies, reporting anything happening in our fleets, and protected by the anonymity of alts. In the end, I believe one of ours was able to grab the carrier and jump out but it was a close one. This is but one example of the limitations that MOA leadership had to work with. Because we were the only ones actively fighting goons, we were watched all the time. This was even before OOS started to ramp up against goons, and then TISHU.

MOA did take the first sovs after Aegis was deployed, and it is very fitting that they took the last. Because no-one else went against goons like MOA did at the time, and even if they could never do the damage required to remove goons by themselves, they participated to setup the bases that allowed the Casino War to be the spark that ignited everything else. And the GRR goons campaign did the propaganda work, and financial support to keep it going for months until the proper spark could happen.

Saracen GotFisted said...

@FtsArtek: Calling someone names is as good as admitting that your argument sucks and you've lost.
I don't always agree with GG but I have to think that through his stubborn belief and hatred of goons, his funding of MOA and their success showed to everyone else that it was possbile to hurt goons.
Would WWB have happened with GG? Maybe, maybe not. No one will know for sure but I think GG was a significant instigator.

Tithian said...

MOA taking the first and last system was very fitting.

And yes, you deserve recognition for this. You may not have funded this (entirely), but you certainly proved that the general plan is solid and achievable.

Jim L said...

The biggest keys to the fall of the CFC was the SOV changes and jump fatigue. If taking SOV still consisted of hours of mindless grinding it was possible to jump all over the universe then MOA (or anyone else) would have had a much harder time removing the CFC.

Anonymous said...

MOA/venal groups/TISHU fought the Battle of Britain. The rest are johnny-come-latelys who turned up at the last moment and, as in the real WWII, will claim all of the credit for winning forever.

Lenny Kravitz2 said...


I started this war because I had over 14T in liquid isk and assets and wanted to do something with it. Gobbins from PH showed me that Mittani had lost his grasp of what was going on in Eve and that Goons no longer had the intel network that they used to. This was my "oh wow, this could work" moment.

To be honest, I barely followed your blogs and only the economic ones at that. I will agree that you knew it could be done before most of us and MOA did help the MBC a lot. However, I will say that it took far more than what you put out, to have any significant effect on the CFC.

FtsArtek said...

I didn't call him any names - in fact I specifically said he was not an idiot.

Please read before you comment, kthxbai

Anonymous said...


"Most of the citadel I found were anchored by the CFC or other big groups."

Evidence for the 4 in the forge being anchored by Imperium or other big groups?

I dont own a citadel, but my 0 standings and 0 broker relations alt can now compete on PLEX.

Anonymous said...

> Gobbins from PH showed me that Mittani had lost his grasp of what was going on in Eve and that Goons no longer had the intel network that they used to. This was my "oh wow, this could work" moment.

How did he show that to you? What convinced you?

Eve BU said...

Boys, boys, boys!!! You achieved nothing, WE ARE STILL HERE!!! We might be battered and bruised or maybe the monster just lies dormant. Maybe your victory lap is premature... But i have to say that i like to see how you jerk each other off. But how about the fact that Imperium didn't really fight back, how about the fact that whenever they fought, you always outnumbered Imperium forces at least 3 to 1 and they still managed to hurt you?... What will happen once you disperse, once you will have to fight on your own to keep the space that you took?... You or your leaders never talk about that, just because deep down in your hearts you know that GOONS ARE STILL HERE and you also know that you will bleed out of your asses once GOONS will come after you. You can comment, you can hate but you all know that this is true, your sphincter will always cringe when you will see a goon entering your system just because you will know that GOONS are bad at EVE but even so...they are better than you pets.

Gevlon said...

@EVE BU: 8/10

Gramek McAllister said...

I was a reader of the Goblin for a long term. TBH I was quite surprised seeing that he left aber The Imperium lost its last system. But I can understand it. I am curious about the re-invasion of the Goons and their remaining friends. How much worth will be this victory when The Imperium will rise again? BTW how much ISK did you spent in total in order to finance your (personal) war against the Goons?

o/ from the german eve blogosphere

PS: I personally don't like to see this BDO stuff on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Wait you succeeded?... What was the point of bringing them down if not to take up the gauntlet and keep on trying to reform the community yourself?

Somewhere deep down there is a good game there... or at least it has promising elements that will inspire one at its core, let's be honest here, you wouldn't have stuck around if it didn't have at least that..

Honestly I'm disappointed, back to brave newbies for me anyway.