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Sunday, April 3, 2016

One picture tells a thousand words

About the commitment of Goons to help their besieged allies (source dev blog):

Tomorrow comes the post with thousand words, the March killboard analysis, but it only quantify what we see here.

PS: CCP should create black SKINs for interceptros, so Boat can bring the "Black Fleet" that The Mittani promised in the Viceroy program.


99smite said...


Still no. 5 of the top mining botters.... Outstanding! Only thing is that it does not prove any commitment or non-commitment as these probably are dedicated mining toons that are run either via bottin software ore more or less passively in the background, while the player actively plays his "main" "l33t" peeweepee char...

Still, as if your donations and all the efforts MoA put into ganking moronic goons evaporated... Gewnies still mining? Reminds me of the famous british poster: "Keep calm and mine on"

Anonymous said...

Keep calm, it's all strategic mining!

In other notes, we're still ganking miners in highsec while mining our nuts off in nullsec.

NuTroll said...

Seeing this chart makes me far more sympathetic to code than I'd ever thought I'd be.

I just wish they'd focus more on bots and less on "bot aspirants" , but clearly something has to be done.

Stunt Cock said...

@NuTroll: James 315 is the Saviour and Supreme Protector of *Highsec*. Bots in nullsec space fill his sacred heart with sadness, but alas - those miscreants lie outside his jurisdiction.

James 315 is a firm believer in the rule of law. He acts only where he has a democratic mandate to do so.

NuTroll said...

Highsec is the problem here..
If you add up highsec yield vs null sec yield, one should expect nullsec to be substantially larger in a balanced game.

Instead the opposite is true. Even a precursory glance at the charts show that high sec mining is probably > than nullsec mining in terms of total volume.

The top 3 regions are HS, and the most populated region of any empire space is at least as large as any Nullsec region.

Commissar said...

nutroll, hisec has far more players mining. nullsec is far more sparsely populated, although the ore is more valuable. hisec makes its money off of volume, as a fleet of 30 miners in covetors or hulks with boosts can clear the belts of an entire system in a matter of hours. it would be difficult to bot, and impossible to afk, due to the need to empty your hold frequently.

NuTroll said...

"nutroll, hisec has far more players mining. nullsec is far more sparsely populated,"

I.E. Perverse incentive structure due to underlying game mechanics.
Ore holds fill at the same rate in null high or low (probably faster in null since slightly higher boosts and average miner skill). Which means that if its impossible for bots to operate in HS because of ore hold constraints, its also impossible in null. Which means its not impossible in either and your argument fails.

A single player no boosts, same ship, in any section of space, mines at the exact same rate. He mines as much m3/h in HS as Nullsec. That is the issue. The difference in ore prices can never adjust to the levels needed to correctly incentive players with a mining type personality to leave HS. Especially when mining is such low isk/hr , that any % increase in isk/hr is also nominally low. The only way is to affect the one # miners actually care about, m3/hour mined.

Miners will sacrifice tank for m3/hour, will spend billions on marginal increases in m3/hour, will spend countless training hours for m3/hour etc... The solution is simple, somehow justify in lore making the exact same mining vessel with the same pilot and the same boosts mine less m3/hour than they do in low and null sec.

Call it resonance frequency restrictions due to empire epa regulation or whatever, pull it out of your butt.

I have 0 issue with miners who are willing to forego any kind of real profit to stay in complete safety in HS (except botting). But I have great issue with the volume of their mining being so high that it takes the floor out from under mining in null/low/wh. The volume of mining in HS, total volume, should be DWARFED by low/null/wh. If its not, theres a problem with the game. So fix it.