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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Weekend minipost: thanks for the free 8.5B CCP! (and new GRR payments)

CCP was nice enough to hand out 200K SP because of the downtimes. For every training pilot. As I have 60, I received 12M SP, which fills 24 extractors, providing the 8.5B income. Of course everyone got the same SP. Those who had one account got 200K. I got 12M. Malcanis law at large!

Since business is going good recently, I can increase GRR payments to 20B per week. As MoA and OOS did almost the same, both of them will get 10B/week in March!

By the way, MoA ... cormorants fought TNT ... ratters. Or something like that.
Another battle with near-50% ISK ratio, which is normal in a fight between roughly equal forces.

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