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Friday, March 4, 2016

February losses of the Emporium

Like last month, I received the killboard loss data for all members of the Emporium. As always, the killboard inflation is removed, so if you did 1% damage of a 100B titan, you get 1B kills and not 100B. 54751 API verified kills were processed and distributed among the alliances:
Alliance B ISK lost
Circle-Of-Two 407
Executive Outcomes 44
Fidelas Constans 572
Get Off My Lawn 268
Goonswarm Federation 1327
RAZOR Alliance 316
SpaceMonkey's Alliance 558
Tactical Narcotics Team 195
The Initiative. 102
The Bastion 300
Small ones 32
Total CFC losses 4120

So, the Emporium lost 4.1T, which is nice, but less than last month. Surprisingly, SMA losses didn't grow, despite their region is heavily attacked. Yet, Fade is the lowest loss region among their home regions. It seems most SMA didn't realize that staying docked for a week don't help in nullsec. The top killers are the same: PL, followed by MoA and OOS. TISHU is down to 2/3 of their January performance. I guess they reached the edges of their attention span. The PH incursion just started at the end of February, so there isn't much to analyze yet. However there is something interesting: the #4 killer is the highsec Vendetta Mercenary Group. It seems someone revitalized my old idea of fighting a null coalition in Highsec.

Below you can see how many killers were on their kill reports, proving that solo and small gang are not dead:
Size category B ISK destroyed
Solo 628
2..3 720
4..5 542
6..10 794
11..30 826
31+ 609

Below you can see how many ships and ISK they lost in different ship value groups:
Size category Ships lost B ISK destroyed
-40M 29565 287
40M-125M 9614 743
125M-250M 2830 546
250M-400M 1973 598
400M-1500M+ 1477 983
1500M+ 308 963

Finally, the zone distribution that shows that CFC mostly dies at home, usually while ratting:
Zone B ISK destroyed
Pure Blind 540
Deklein 358
Venal 353
Vale of the Silent 344
Branch 323
Tribute 279
Fade 265
Low_Lonetrek 254
HighLonetrek 150
Cloud Ring 142
HighThe Forge 114
Low_Black Rise 103
Sum of small ones 895
Total 4120

Let's see the top killers and their 500M+ kills!
  1. Pandemic Legion with 210B ISK damage: 646M, 661M, 670M, 816M, 531M, 2351M, 2779M, 683M, 705M, 598M, 562M, 605M, 792M, 521M, 510M, 578M, 556M, 1002M, 733M, 2528M, 880M, 598M, 1340M, 762M, 761M, 639M, 954M, 17B, 622M, 657M, 661M, 686M, 686M, 665M, 649M, 685M, 1368M, 663M, 1218M, 550M, 1570M, 512M, 6819M, 649M, 700M, 680M, 672M, 604M, 1111M, 503M, 3304M, 510M, 545M, 542M, 930M, 973M, 1103M, 2321M, 1734M, 732M, 1284M, 2028M, 561M, 584M, 566M, 846M, 24B, 1251M, 543M, 513M, 563M, 579M, 2370M, 684M, 2568M,
  2. Mordus Angels with 182B ISK damage: 547M, 543M, 1226M, 569M, 561M, 799M, 2778M, 722M, 702M, 1170M, 815M, 2301M, 554M, 561M, 561M, 562M, 1160M, 1041M, 711M, 2577M, 1875M, 586M, 1459M, 665M, 661M, 703M, 643M, 588M, 548M, 564M, 561M, 599M, 654M, 551M, 824M, 2776M, 745M, 2311M, 2669M, 556M, 561M, 776M, 541M, 1116M, 2222M, 1626M, 920M, 1571M,
  3. Out of Sight. with 177B ISK damage: 653M, 1162M, 737M, 503M, 776M, 870M, 728M, 1179M, 583M, 621M, 1000M, 2117M, 1006M, 982M, 1678M, 1479M, 2748M, 2715M, 2859M, 1312M, 2841M, 2046M, 1715M, 1894M, 1995M, 683M, 2799M, 674M, 1066M, 787M, 694M, 507M, 532M, 500M, 566M, 574M, 588M, 613M, 543M, 1083M, 613M, 1552M, 1641M, 688M, 668M, 1357M, 583M, 2501M, 590M, 648M, 2042M, 3848M, 7539M, 1137M, 579M,
  4. Vendetta Mercenary Group with 164B ISK damage: 1163M, 1544M, 850M, 9590M, 3709M, 7099M, 7103M, 1772M, 764M, 11B, 699M, 1348M, 1016M, 1727M, 7151M, 652M, 1304M, 1002M, 777M, 9392M, 7530M, 7074M, 6987M, 1457M, 11B, 1067M, 700M, 2374M, 617M, 560M, 8605M, 875M, 521M, 577M, 992M, 1058M, 601M, 567M, 1056M, 1487M, 1234M, 1476M, 8658M, 9641M,
  5. Northern Coalition. with 150B ISK damage: 544M, 726M, 753M, 651M, 672M, 2489M, 743M, 890M, 559M, 2179M, 1347M, 2917M, 2253M, 581M, 556M, 861M, 965M, 1574M, 640M, 724M, 558M, 759M, 590M, 1008M, 1646M, 526M, 707M, 633M, 951M, 666M, 6943M, 588M, 592M, 1638M, 2382M, 814M, 524M, 1118M, 2244M, 647M,
  6. Mercenary Coalition with 119B ISK damage: 671M, 553M, 609M, 515M, 554M, 2727M, 716M, 1136M, 658M, 618M, 743M, 1343M, 687M, 703M, 760M, 710M, 1283M, 520M, 1778M, 609M, 523M, 708M, 1192M, 1560M, 897M, 635M, 1080M, 2298M, 603M, 762M, 689M, 1719M, 955M, 732M,
  7. The OSS with 118B ISK damage: 3285M, 725M, 534M, 1316M, 1316M, 743M, 993M, 1115M, 1553M, 774M, 516M, 1878M, 2952M, 2725M, 2602M, 2544M, 641M, 1199M, 514M, 1009M, 4127M, 633M, 654M, 938M, 535M, 697M, 577M, 578M, 1225M, 1051M, 1809M, 1192M, 1867M, 1187M, 1108M, 2644M, 1929M, 3274M, 2985M, 2780M, 2618M, 982M, 562M, 1167M, 665M, 4220M, 542M, 1324M,
  8. Psychotic Tendencies. with 111B ISK damage: 598M, 1391M, 614M, 910M, 2677M, 541M, 2502M, 4025M, 550M, 566M, 821M, 724M, 3240M, 630M, 576M, 564M, 867M, 889M, 559M, 1573M, 1712M, 631M, 2366M, 614M, 3504M, 631M, 1108M, 683M, 1452M, 619M, 3156M, 566M, 564M, 519M, 2806M, 906M, 2068M, 809M, 762M,
  9. Project.Mayhem. with 109B ISK damage: 612M, 554M, 1576M, 687M, 544M, 547M, 704M, 4284M, 862M, 1249M, 3008M, 841M, 828M, 508M, 565M, 709M, 1355M, 661M, 872M, 2054M, 2061M, 626M, 844M, 873M, 546M, 1035M, 4463M, 556M,
  10. Complaints Department with 107B ISK damage: 657M, 692M, 1103M, 3491M, 702M, 539M, 666M, 556M, 1095M, 649M, 560M, 8746M, 503M, 749M, 898M, 5682M, 6055M, 963M, 2580M, 632M, 563M, 559M, 2172M, 1803M, 2120M, 610M, 3247M, 821M, 1020M, 1521M, 1451M, 1103M, 1067M, 1121M, 847M, 602M, 508M, 1030M, 1229M, 2716M, 908M, 723M, 537M,
  11. Legion of xXDEATHXx with 92B ISK damage: 631M, 602M, 3113M, 2310M, 651M, 898M, 635M, 534M, 908M, 1150M, 590M, 577M, 694M, 828M, 894M, 754M, 875M, 1643M, 834M, 553M, 1035M,
  12. Pandemic Horde with 88B ISK damage: 974M, 552M, 699M, 897M, 687M, 817M, 1230M, 626M, 503M, 617M, 1002M, 889M, 561M, 610M, 510M, 2672M, 1742M, 2228M, 562M, 2114M, 556M, 527M, 771M, 702M, 554M, 801M, 722M, 868M,
  13. The-Culture with 85B ISK damage: 576M, 665M, 746M, 1087M, 992M, 1020M, 1067M, 1343M, 859M, 1131M, 511M, 2119M, 510M, 566M, 1273M, 835M, 570M, 570M, 1340M, 650M, 553M, 677M, 665M, 565M, 2483M, 1114M, 562M, 1447M, 522M, 662M, 1105M, 1390M, 518M, 1288M,
  14. Suddenly Spaceships. with 74B ISK damage: 1248M, 1903M, 725M, 1144M, 888M, 1757M, 603M, 1034M, 3860M, 1322M, 1759M, 508M, 2415M, 1545M,
  15. Goonswarm Federation with 70B ISK damage: 2638M, 903M, 1256M, 2811M, 30B, 706M, 2289M, 1385M, 716M, 776M, 530M, 1265M, 760M, 680M, 1346M, 635M, 811M,
  16. WE FORM V0LTA with 70B ISK damage: 1881M, 1308M, 578M, 659M, 909M, 541M, 1049M, 1547M, 1122M, 1371M, 1928M, 1548M, 1449M, 1704M, 1105M, 642M, 944M, 693M, 1230M, 852M, 703M,
  17. WAFFLES. with 69B ISK damage: 791M, 694M, 702M, 2229M, 553M, 4033M, 528M, 2775M, 1476M, 1381M, 1899M, 1369M, 2460M, 893M, 794M, 594M, 867M, 874M, 510M, 505M, 1945M,
  18. #Corp: Hax. with 65B ISK damage: 599M, 563M, 516M, 797M, 724M, 2021M, 1126M, 2297M, 507M, 1113M, 675M, 1239M, 722M, 821M, 544M, 505M, 694M, 524M,
  19. ChaosTheory. with 60B ISK damage: 615M, 948M, 502M, 582M, 969M, 1158M, 1108M, 981M, 1552M, 1341M, 1740M,
  20. Infinity Space. with 56B ISK damage: 926M, 564M, 1425M, 692M, 605M, 1818M, 566M, 632M, 1303M, 860M, 1492M, 536M, 1224M, 1936M, 1248M,
  21. #Corp: Jump Drive Appreciation Society with 53B ISK damage: 673M, 2602M, 1504M, 1532M, 1710M,
  22. Snuffed Out with 53B ISK damage: 855M, 562M, 1034M, 2247M, 1232M, 528M, 678M, 606M, 934M, 871M, 657M, 647M, 522M, 523M, 896M, 591M,
  23. #Corp: Super Cr3w with 52B ISK damage: 536M, 746M, 2703M, 1089M, 728M, 1635M, 852M, 746M, 517M, 630M, 856M, 931M, 789M,
  24. Dead Terrorists with 40B ISK damage: 722M, 500M, 1412M, 563M, 3344M, 2012M, 791M, 576M, 978M, 612M, 601M, 4928M, 1329M,
  25. Phoenix Company Alliance with 39B ISK damage: 5106M, 1286M, 574M, 627M, 532M, 783M, 652M, 1049M, 1079M, 1387M, 1444M, 682M,
  26. The Gorgon Empire with 34B ISK damage: 539M, 1282M, 509M, 708M, 894M, 1152M, 633M, 542M,
  27. Thermodynamics with 31B ISK damage: 1183M, 1089M, 873M, 519M, 944M, 739M, 509M, 539M, 1136M,
  28. Verge of Collapse with 28B ISK damage: 562M, 786M, 562M, 814M, 618M, 1623M, 1855M, 594M, 1334M, 846M, 563M, 857M, 583M,
  29. Exodus. with 28B ISK damage: 567M, 594M, 537M, 853M, 506M,
  30. #Corp: Method Synergy with 27B ISK damage: 618M, 564M, 1295M, 1457M, 900M, 532M, 1137M, 780M,
  31. inPanic with 26B ISK damage: 1003M, 1175M, 694M, 597M, 644M, 582M, 956M, 678M,
Let's see the top 100 individual killers and their 250M+ kill contributions (remember, 10% damage on 1B ship is 100M)!
  1. Terminus Wrex (Caldari State Police, Vendetta Mercenary Group) with 35B ISK damage: 6216M, 1016M, 1135M, 2985M, 652M, 313M, 4375M, 6265M, 4628M, 1576M, 1067M, 256M, 258M, 1121M, 864M,
  2. blackbird01 (Ex Presidents., Complaints Department) with 26B ISK damage: 294M, 539M, 666M, 556M, 277M, 314M, 281M, 449M, 382M, 427M, 291M, 3247M, 312M, 351M, 1121M, 448M, 602M, 298M, 1030M, 270M, 1229M, 360M, 908M, 723M,
  3. Luukje (The Phoenix Rising, Vendetta Mercenary Group) with 24B ISK damage: 268M, 540M, 2063M, 1729M, 1680M, 1018M, 4904M, 664M, 3027M, 1056M, 317M, 1108M, 2733M,
  4. XxKatharsisxX (Kath's Menagerie, Vendetta Mercenary Group) with 23B ISK damage: 330M, 438M, 475M, 1526M, 2673M, 773M, 597M, 258M, 441M, 617M, 533M, 939M, 6440M, 3157M,
  5. Lee ChanKa (Tr0pa de elite., Northern Coalition.) with 17B ISK damage: 497M, 1089M, 4740M, 507M, 475M, 289M, 331M,
  6. floris123 (Steel Fleet, Phoenix Company Alliance) with 16B ISK damage: 393M, 476M, 296M, 275M, 291M, 301M, 277M, 269M, 269M, 280M, 381M, 282M, 356M, 276M, 257M, 895M, 666M, 727M, 1276M, 274M, 279M, 358M, 634M,
  7. 2hertz (Super Cr3w, -) with 16B ISK damage: 728M, 569M, 444M, 526M, 497M, 594M, 330M,
  8. Loeni (The Phoenix Rising, Vendetta Mercenary Group) with 15B ISK damage: 2854M, 2683M, 1068M, 2535M, 2959M, 2628M,
  9. Neda Tomas (Tr0pa de elite., Northern Coalition.) with 13B ISK damage: 1914M, 1347M, 1574M, 297M,
  10. Commander Lojak (Sucker Punch., Complaints Department) with 12B ISK damage: 3337M, 5450M, 1990M, 963M,
  11. gnshadowninja (Back Passage Explorer's, Vendetta Mercenary Group) with 12B ISK damage: 477M, 8024M, 510M, 1097M,
  12. Rictus Hep (Khanid Navy inc, Mordus Angels) with 11B ISK damage: 488M, 450M, 452M, 338M, 661M, 327M, 331M, 357M,
  13. Explosive Mix (The Reborn, The Gorgon Empire) with 11B ISK damage: 436M, 434M, 274M, 415M, 539M, 262M, 466M, 307M, 277M, 398M, 708M, 381M, 253M, 633M,
  14. Cable Uta (V0LTA, WE FORM V0LTA) with 10B ISK damage: 325M, 339M, 314M, 270M, 295M, 329M,
  15. St Yorick (GoonWaffe, Goonswarm Federation) with 10B ISK damage: 10389M,
  16. Shivan's Doom (No Laws Apply, -) with 10B ISK damage: 871M, 284M, 274M, 535M,
  17. Brad Sather (High Flyers, Northern Coalition.) with 9B ISK damage: 278M, 753M, 448M, 305M, 388M, 395M, 308M, 271M, 556M, 257M, 261M, 307M, 494M, 300M, 260M, 302M, 377M, 647M,
  18. Selena Nolen (PiU PiU oLoLo I am driver UFO, Out of Sight.) with 9B ISK damage: 265M, 296M, 613M, 304M, 300M, 521M, 921M, 295M, 300M, 304M,
  19. Bad Gringo (Na'Vi., DURA LEXX) with 9B ISK damage: 1425M, 914M, 2804M, 1627M, 1565M,
  20. WOMBAT Mesomorph (Chemotherapy, Phoenix Company Alliance) with 9B ISK damage: 5106M, 532M, 263M, 783M,
  21. Gina Taroen (Hotline K162, -) with 8B ISK damage: 298M, 2090M, 1059M, 269M, 264M, 920M, 495M,
  22. DANGERUS4U DEAD (Dissident Aggressors, Mordus Angels) with 8B ISK damage: 261M, 815M, 2301M, 533M, 351M,
  23. ratain (Mostly Sober, Dead Terrorists) with 8B ISK damage: 1754M, 2012M, 658M, 734M,
  24. marine rosger (V0LTA, WE FORM V0LTA) with 8B ISK damage: 514M, 335M, 454M, 1371M, 1513M, 340M, 676M,
  25. NoTomorrow (Sucker Punch., Complaints Department) with 8B ISK damage: 5432M, 2104M,
  26. Demeisen Atreides (Dixon Cox Butte Preservation Society, Psychotic Tendencies.) with 8B ISK damage: 3504M, 251M,
  27. Tasmine Cha-Tien (WiNGSPAN Delivery Services, The WINGSPAN Logo Alliance) with 8B ISK damage: 552M, 485M, 477M, 460M, 348M, 749M, 440M, 252M, 258M, 865M, 279M, 534M,
  28. Teutonius Descartes (Saunaclub Bunga Bunga, -) with 7B ISK damage: 514M, 686M, 543M,
  29. labtecwar (Back Passage Explorer's, Vendetta Mercenary Group) with 7B ISK damage: 3494M, 1377M, 575M, 311M, 261M,
  30. F0J4R (Hax., -) with 7B ISK damage: 283M, 265M, 724M, 436M, 937M, 507M, 342M, 263M, 299M,
  31. Jerry Lee (Super Cr3w, -) with 7B ISK damage: 271M, 345M, 2703M, 455M,
  32. s0n1que (Dark NOOB., Legion of xXDEATHXx) with 7B ISK damage: 366M, 297M, 3113M, 2268M,
  33. Dark 0verlord (Syndicate Enterprise, Suddenly Spaceships.) with 7B ISK damage: 327M, 333M, 264M, 280M, 725M, 252M, 448M, 288M, 333M, 326M, 258M, 366M, 278M,
  34. Calypte Costae (Black Omega Security, The OSS) with 7B ISK damage: 1028M, 938M, 644M, 504M, 558M, 1439M, 1416M,
  35. Estray Lassils (The Phoenix Rising, Vendetta Mercenary Group) with 7B ISK damage: 3345M, 1335M, 682M, 383M, 645M,
  36. N'Hoj Greb (Noir., Mercenary Coalition) with 7B ISK damage: 310M, 2298M, 326M, 603M, 456M,
  37. Teh Tripple (Paradox Collective, Project.Mayhem.) with 7B ISK damage: 612M, 554M, 841M, 560M, 844M, 283M,
  38. yoyo210 (AFK Mafia, Space Mafia.) with 7B ISK damage: 266M, 509M, 1140M, 1141M, 374M, 367M, 631M, 754M, 291M, 810M,
  39. Vordak Kallager (Furnace, Thermodynamics) with 6B ISK damage: 423M, 944M, 739M,
  40. acerimmer79 (Sucker Punch., Complaints Department) with 6B ISK damage: 3788M, 1200M, 1235M,
  41. Ice Garfield (Paradox Collective, Project.Mayhem.) with 6B ISK damage: 266M, 1035M,
  42. CJ Longstreet (Licence To Kill, Mercenary Coalition) with 6B ISK damage: 331M, 1192M, 298M, 256M, 364M, 1080M, 408M, 419M,
  43. Patric Atavuli (Furnace, Thermodynamics) with 6B ISK damage: 1183M, 433M, 296M, 430M, 291M, 324M, 263M,
  44. Kafel (Sequent Industry, Out of Sight.) with 6B ISK damage: 1070M, 386M, 255M, 618M, 527M, 488M, 307M, 334M, 283M,
  45. Harvey Skywarker (Higher Than Everest, The-Culture) with 6B ISK damage: 288M, 493M, 374M, 379M, 1415M,
  46. Sany Ignatev (Destination.Unknown, -) with 6B ISK damage: 1612M, 374M, 461M, 270M, 311M, 252M,
  47. Commander Rice (Black Omega Security, The OSS) with 6B ISK damage: 612M, 334M, 509M, 841M, 548M, 289M, 959M, 698M,
  48. Valdomia (Adversity., Psychotic Tendencies.) with 6B ISK damage: 1611M, 416M, 255M, 507M,
  49. 1 noisserppuS (The Phoenix Rising, Vendetta Mercenary Group) with 6B ISK damage: 278M, 3333M, 1078M, 270M, 395M,
  50. Erebus SilentKill (Dissident Aggressors, Mordus Angels) with 6B ISK damage: 269M,
  51. Corrin Javalle (Whack-A-Mole, -) with 6B ISK damage: 336M, 5069M,
  52. Jake Win (Black Omega Security, The OSS) with 6B ISK damage: 347M, 283M, 633M, 654M, 270M, 330M, 365M, 501M, 448M,
  53. Phake Shi (Jump Drive Appreciation Society, -) with 5B ISK damage: 344M,
  54. Harri Bar (V0LTA, WE FORM V0LTA) with 5B ISK damage: 372M,
  55. Tupaka (Na'Vi., DURA LEXX) with 5B ISK damage: 277M, 355M, 1422M, 982M, 1984M,
  56. LeeChanka (Tr0pa de elite., Northern Coalition.) with 5B ISK damage: 907M,
  57. viksoo (Ravenors copenhell, Suddenly Spaceships.) with 5B ISK damage: 320M, 423M, 444M,
  58. Patris 1 (Paradox Collective, Project.Mayhem.) with 5B ISK damage: 273M, 4284M,
  59. PEEZY SKEELZZ (Paradox Collective, Project.Mayhem.) with 5B ISK damage: 288M, 327M, 704M, 362M, 388M, 448M, 669M,
  60. Djukas (Super Cr3w, -) with 5B ISK damage: 502M, 283M,
  61. Ben Kilmore (Sky Fighters, -) with 5B ISK damage: 655M, 1803M, 1648M,
  62. Jureka (Deep In Structure, Project.Mayhem.) with 5B ISK damage: 661M, 328M, 310M, 873M,
  63. Fredderico Krugidoff (Black Omega Security, The OSS) with 5B ISK damage: 687M, 316M, 441M, 981M, 370M, 375M, 948M,
  64. Neddy Fox (Sniggerdly, Pandemic Legion) with 5B ISK damage: 2895M, 329M,
Total damage of the top 50 individuals is 498B ISK.


Anonymous said...

SMA is deployed to Lowsec, hence why there isnt much activity in Fade. They return to Fade with Fleets etc etc, but aren't really living there at present.

Anonymous said...

"deployed to Lowsec'

you mean hiding in lowsec

Anonymous said...

PH Newbean says:
We roam Fade 4-5 times a day. After the first week we run into the odd ratting Chimera but other than not we only get a fight every 3 days or so. Usually from NON-SMA goons.
Feels like we are wasting out time as SMA can barely form 50 guys with a pre arranged op after the first week :( We are forced to hunt newts when we are sitting in SMA space.
All the space tears.

Dylan Routledge said...

Back again. Tried to roam fade during their prime ratting time this morning to keep ADM down. Had to go deep into Deklein to get content when they had more than enough ships in each system to kill us.
SMA is weakening