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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mordus November report

From month to month I've been checking the losses of the Emporium and almost every time Mordus Angels is the #1 killer. Since this, I've been supporting them with money, (you can too) and analyze their performance to show the community that the hyped "frenemies" of Goons will do nothing, and it's MoA who stands against the blob (oh wait). Kills and losses are de-inflated, so if a pilot got 10% damage on a 300M AFK Ishtar, he gets 30M booked. Only damage done to and losses from the Evil Imperium are listed. The table below lists the top pilots, sorted by damage done
# Pilot Name M to Imp M by Imp Ratio Top kills Top losses
1 Monster Dude 20976 5093 80% 8809M, 7001M, 653M, 494M, 401M, 2373M, 1667M, 574M, 203M, 69M,
2 Nik IV 11932 1740 87% 746M, 582M, 519M, 347M, 337M, 256M, 125M, 118M, 99M, 98M,
3 h4x0r84 9403 728 93% 1106M, 813M, 546M, 272M, 208M, 83M, 75M, 73M, 73M, 73M,
4 glenarvan 7684 587 93% 498M, 489M, 423M, 410M, 393M, 585M,
5 Erebus SilentKill 5898 2183 73% 316M, 313M, 291M, 200M, 188M, 403M, 207M, 199M, 116M, 113M,
6 TrotaconventoX 5832 751 89% 2423M, 1097M, 423M, 255M, 153M, 127M, 120M, 109M, 109M, 37M,
7 Akballah Kassan 5627 489 92% 336M, 335M, 246M, 234M, 179M, 73M, 70M, 67M, 39M, 37M,
8 JimSkyleder 5407 312 95% 962M, 919M, 454M, 371M, 228M, 94M, 93M, 88M, 37M,
9 Komiser Kemal 4893 543 90% 266M, 226M, 191M, 159M, 153M, 233M, 118M, 51M, 35M, 31M,
10 Leia Todako 4880 504 91% 518M, 257M, 256M, 179M, 144M, 109M, 97M, 89M, 53M, 35M,
11 Brutus Duran 4412 290 94% 736M, 368M, 185M, 183M, 177M, 73M, 54M, 47M, 27M, 20M,
12 Komuto 4336 674 87% 576M, 491M, 348M, 298M, 244M, 85M, 83M, 82M, 80M, 77M,
13 DjShaman 61RUS 4315 1292 77% 418M, 195M, 181M, 160M, 155M, 236M, 235M, 229M, 192M, 101M,
14 Quasari Mio 4081 1829 69% 527M, 355M, 256M, 204M, 200M, 483M, 348M, 186M, 171M, 138M,
15 Darth Bladius 3673 643 85% 1874M, 335M, 133M, 121M, 92M, 210M, 101M, 99M, 88M, 79M,
16 Selande 3291 1120 75% 492M, 353M, 289M, 286M, 251M, 901M, 65M, 61M, 35M, 32M,
17 BOBLEFOUHAHA 3195 322 91% 258M, 198M, 196M, 149M, 144M, 101M, 94M, 92M, 35M,
18 El comepiedras Jastaspista 3049 545 85% 570M, 372M, 207M, 173M, 165M, 164M, 152M, 113M, 79M, 38M,
19 glenarvan org 3018 362 89% 1133M, 248M, 141M, 129M, 108M, 212M, 67M, 33M, 26M, 24M,
20 Sir Rexor 2904 170 94% 632M, 129M, 114M, 102M, 98M, 72M, 29M, 27M, 26M, 16M,
21 Nevil Kincade 2764 1047 73% 298M, 194M, 151M, 124M, 117M, 418M, 218M, 115M, 109M, 75M,
22 Samael Curtis 2624 843 76% 842M, 307M, 191M, 141M, 97M, 82M, 78M, 75M, 43M, 43M,
23 Strife Senior 2508 267 90% 282M, 158M, 113M, 61M, 60M, 65M, 48M, 30M, 22M, 18M,
24 Ziu Debaner 2489 464 84% 345M, 163M, 136M, 116M, 105M, 139M, 101M, 69M, 53M, 35M,
25 Kinis Deren 2429 337 88% 150M, 126M, 120M, 97M, 82M, 76M, 67M, 34M, 28M, 26M,
26 Caer Dallben 2225 283 89% 378M, 99M, 97M, 94M, 92M, 72M, 37M, 30M, 30M, 30M,
27 Neok1337 2184 775 74% 417M, 228M, 207M, 165M, 113M, 258M, 203M, 95M, 67M, 35M,
28 Ninja RU 2084 438 83% 431M, 431M, 125M, 123M, 91M, 189M, 187M, 63M,
29 Fallen Berkser 1987 517 79% 267M, 243M, 231M, 134M, 112M, 228M, 95M, 69M, 45M, 42M,
30 Seven Frost 1869 173 92% 324M, 322M, 313M, 186M, 148M, 88M, 85M,
31 demigod0000001 1841 177 91% 432M, 279M, 170M, 102M, 98M, 35M, 28M, 25M, 24M, 24M,
32 Sweep 1400 1813 0 100% 466M, 172M, 154M, 115M, 111M,
33 Maky Nork 1793 363 83% 542M, 276M, 138M, 130M, 93M, 106M, 73M, 56M, 30M, 26M,
34 DuchessFleur1855 1779 1708 51% 387M, 120M, 106M, 92M, 85M, 226M, 216M, 143M, 118M, 99M,
35 Beya 1773 439 80% 220M, 153M, 140M, 98M, 84M, 159M, 103M, 77M, 73M, 27M,
36 Allucination 1734 118 94% 473M, 290M, 217M, 174M, 166M, 81M, 25M, 12M,
37 Queen Shyeed 1723 886 66% 629M, 361M, 155M, 104M, 84M, 385M, 118M, 40M, 38M, 35M,
38 Fragwit 1703 133 93% 189M, 185M, 112M, 94M, 81M, 101M, 19M, 13M,
39 Barknor 1687 549 75% 263M, 68M, 57M, 54M, 51M, 99M, 74M, 48M, 43M, 33M,
40 Lupus Aurelius 1683 208 89% 386M, 114M, 113M, 93M, 91M, 92M, 71M, 29M, 16M,
41 weat bix 1628 351 82% 168M, 99M, 78M, 77M, 66M, 194M, 102M, 40M, 15M,
42 TescoBunny Wunny 1612 1153 58% 614M, 126M, 104M, 97M, 86M, 256M, 120M, 79M, 68M, 63M,
43 Nasagasa Bump 1563 468 77% 140M, 134M, 95M, 80M, 64M, 104M, 100M, 73M, 62M, 58M,
44 Satek Oreye 1561 134 92% 319M, 288M, 261M, 180M, 100M, 29M, 28M, 28M, 25M, 13M,
45 Brenon Okanata 1540 213 88% 461M, 179M, 129M, 122M, 106M, 77M, 60M, 46M, 29M,
46 Azure Wyvern 1458 243 86% 126M, 101M, 100M, 85M, 74M, 97M, 73M, 31M, 15M, 14M,
47 Baaad Seed 1448 421 77% 145M, 116M, 93M, 86M, 62M, 101M, 65M, 57M, 36M, 18M,
48 Vercinget0rix 1432 211 87% 256M, 236M, 226M, 172M, 134M, 97M, 53M, 34M, 28M,
49 ZeroCool GT 1430 31 98% 286M, 272M, 230M, 131M, 126M, 14M,
50 Sonja SherezadeX 1393 467 75% 548M, 98M, 86M, 83M, 79M, 137M, 35M, 32M, 31M, 31M,
51 Dahc Eilering 1359 20 99% 406M, 162M, 132M, 97M, 88M, 12M,
52 Gwen Reaper 1311 66 95% 551M, 165M, 96M, 96M, 85M, 66M,
53 EnigmaX XamginE 1281 844 60% 87M, 82M, 81M, 79M, 74M, 121M, 120M, 117M, 95M, 88M,
54 brainwhacker 1281 472 73% 147M, 82M, 81M, 59M, 51M, 97M, 56M, 56M, 55M, 54M,
55 Sath Om 1211 75 94% 270M, 229M, 92M, 80M, 68M, 32M, 31M, 12M,
56 tropic154 1207 57 95% 478M, 170M, 116M, 69M, 44M, 57M,
57 Destiny Reunited 1198 442 73% 186M, 102M, 87M, 81M, 81M, 204M, 44M, 40M, 39M, 39M,
58 Cognac 1197 175 87% 256M, 146M, 125M, 77M, 45M, 90M, 74M, 12M,
59 Wind Hoek 1177 815 59% 164M, 103M, 85M, 69M, 51M, 112M, 80M, 70M, 68M, 49M,
60 kasbah 1150 0 100% 330M, 160M, 122M, 120M, 58M,
61 Whisperen 1149 385 75% 79M, 76M, 72M, 67M, 59M, 111M, 54M, 40M, 40M, 36M,
62 Jon Eriker 1113 163 87% 193M, 109M, 94M, 67M, 54M, 83M, 52M, 27M,
63 horduraben brown 1105 86 93% 568M, 241M, 76M, 35M, 31M, 74M, 12M,
64 Ann McBonny 1060 436 71% 177M, 166M, 120M, 72M, 69M, 269M, 106M, 34M, 27M,
65 Ghalantor 1029 374 73% 270M, 80M, 79M, 64M, 63M, 46M, 45M, 44M, 41M, 36M,
66 VTyx Soul 1017 262 80% 204M, 166M, 46M, 45M, 33M, 96M, 75M, 38M, 28M, 25M,
67 Necronian 1014 0 100% 624M, 134M, 116M, 40M, 35M,
68 bacquette Amelana 1013 190 84% 324M, 137M, 86M, 71M, 69M, 80M, 75M, 27M,
69 L0ne Wulf 985 79 93% 136M, 78M, 72M, 68M, 56M, 18M, 16M, 16M, 15M, 14M,
70 inslaved fighter 976 33 97% 88M, 64M, 44M, 43M, 39M, 33M,
71 Sergant dp 941 237 80% 125M, 106M, 95M, 51M, 40M, 100M, 35M, 20M, 17M, 15M,
72 Kalstir 924 161 85% 109M, 106M, 102M, 88M, 84M, 39M, 35M, 33M, 27M, 26M,
73 Herring 890 173 84% 203M, 183M, 175M, 104M, 38M, 87M, 53M, 33M,
74 Picard X 888 898 50% 89M, 61M, 43M, 43M, 40M, 264M, 163M, 113M, 112M, 58M,
75 ZliDust 876 220 80% 253M, 80M, 64M, 43M, 39M, 81M, 76M, 63M,
76 Stapaina 852 700 55% 122M, 114M, 56M, 49M, 47M, 279M, 138M, 121M, 101M, 43M,
77 Tygg Essex 848 211 80% 92M, 81M, 78M, 60M, 60M, 71M, 69M, 25M, 13M, 12M,
78 Kiim scala 833 426 66% 85M, 76M, 74M, 65M, 62M, 99M, 99M, 72M, 72M, 37M,
79 DuCkie101 809 215 79% 164M, 146M, 126M, 98M, 63M, 211M,
80 Fehdman Kassad 800 177 82% 380M, 113M, 44M, 37M, 18M, 77M, 26M, 21M, 20M, 19M,
81 Ashstyx's alt 792 334 70% 133M, 55M, 53M, 47M, 36M, 59M, 58M, 36M, 34M, 23M,
82 SegaPhoenix 720 9 99% 51M, 44M, 40M, 37M, 36M,
83 King Aires 717 156 82% 121M, 86M, 73M, 44M, 36M, 98M, 40M, 18M,
84 Ninjafaq 693 0 100% 200M, 151M, 117M, 80M, 38M,
85 Lee Wai 692 168 81% 127M, 113M, 73M, 69M, 63M, 74M, 36M, 32M, 26M,
86 Gris X 685 112 86% 282M, 159M, 74M, 61M, 27M, 60M, 44M,
87 Seiver Gennarr 684 0 100% 588M, 39M, 39M, 18M,
88 semoon47 664 169 80% 223M, 170M, 60M, 29M, 26M, 55M, 42M, 39M, 21M, 12M,
89 djNME 647 72 90% 155M, 98M, 70M, 44M, 35M, 25M, 23M, 13M, 11M,
90 dustee 642 90 88% 192M, 56M, 36M, 28M, 27M, 46M, 19M, 17M,
91 xBRANEx 631 417 60% 125M, 81M, 79M, 71M, 40M, 353M, 32M, 17M, 15M,
92 Aur Aurvandil 622 40 94% 199M, 128M, 96M, 80M, 74M, 40M,
93 MASSADEATH 621 63 91% 100M, 82M, 52M, 43M, 41M, 28M, 21M, 14M,
94 Kayi Brixius 596 225 73% 353M, 56M, 31M, 27M, 26M, 177M, 27M, 16M,
95 Nick Bondaeus 571 74 89% 144M, 115M, 58M, 53M, 39M, 74M,
96 Noctem Utama 565 645 47% 100M, 58M, 33M, 31M, 30M, 350M, 50M, 46M, 36M, 34M,
97 Euschen Munnas 563 124 82% 80M, 47M, 41M, 34M, 33M, 33M, 32M, 17M, 14M, 12M,
98 Roland Melisef 561 451 55% 112M, 98M, 53M, 49M, 39M, 222M, 86M, 57M, 57M, 29M,
99 Qc Abrutis 548 247 69% 105M, 42M, 32M, 31M, 26M, 182M, 45M, 17M,
100 Roman DW 538 427 56% 69M, 59M, 47M, 46M, 41M, 98M, 72M, 71M, 39M, 31M,
101 Everyone else 25084 17116 59%
102 Total 243896 62923 79%

This is the summary of corps against the Imperium:
Rank Corp B Damage done B Damage taken ISK ratio
1 Raging Angels 62 14 81
2 MASS A DEATH 29 9 76
3 Dissident Aggressors 27 10 73
4 Mosquito Squadron 28 5 85
5 Guardians of Toutatis 21 4 84
6 Delta vane Corp. 12 2 85
7 UNISEX - Universitas Senioribus EXXE 9 2 80
8 Malfunctioning Misfit's 9 1 90
9 Komintern. 8 2 81
10 StarHunt 7 2 76
12 Tellurian Works 5 1 84
13 20th Legion 4 2 60
14 Sods 4 1 78
- Sum of small ones 12 4 74
- Total 244 63 79

This is the summary against alliances of the Evil Imperium, over 5B kills:
Evil Alliance B Damage done B Damage taken ISK ratio
Goonswarm Federation 134 34 80
SpaceMonkey's Alliance 61 12 84
Fidelas Constans 23 6 79
Tactical Narcotics Team 14 5 72
Circle-Of-Two 7 3 72

Finally the focus on the Evil: 53% of their losses were from the Evil Imperium. Here is the toplist of non-Imperium enemies:
  • #Corp: Vasi Da Guerra: 14B
  • Banderlogs Alliance: 4B
  • Project.Mayhem.: 3B
  • #Corp: GoonWaffe: 2B This is an error on the side of zkillboard, for some reason it doesn't report alliances every time, for example on this kill. However it's not a catastrophic one only a few kills are affected.

As always, here is the montly performance chart. I wish good luck to the new EVE bureau chief of the Goon propaganda site to spin this:

Update: I can't believe it, they do spin it! They claim that losing more is a sign of increasing strength! Too bad that I also have their total losses, so I can show you the performance of MoA compared to the total, showing that MoA is getting bigger among the enemies:
Sure, they'll keep spinning that the 2015 average was mere 6.7% and with current growth rate it will be 9.8% average in 2016 which will still not brake them. What they miss here is that MoA is already the #1 killer and with it gained a name. There are awful lot of anti-Goons out there, pacified by the various treaties of the Goons. When these players will quit their current pacified alliances and join the best anti-Goon alliance, these numbers will skyrocket.


Anonymous said...

Np spin is needed. All of this and still the Imperium grows every day and shows no signs of even noticing the effect from MoA. That in itself is proof that they, and you, are irrelevant. The way you get rid of comments like this is also proof, since you wouldn't do it if deep down you didn't know it was true.

Gevlon said...

Where exactly does it grow? Not in land. Not in ratting. Not in PvP. Can you cite me a metric where they grow?

Anonymous said...

seems they grow in members

Gevlon said...

So did TEST. So did BRAVE. More pilots who do not PvP, do not rat, do not fleet up, do not even log in.

Power overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

They can't grow in land because the mechanics were changed to put pressure on such large control of the map. This is CCP impacting The Imperium, not you.

However, the power of a 10,000+ member strong alliance is still there. They can't project that power quite so far anymore, but their economic power has hardly been impacted.

So no matter how many people MOA shoot, there will still be more there waiting. They have hundreds of *trilions* of isk. They have individual *trillionares* within their group (many, in fact). As a commercially minded person you must realise with that kind of cash you can do just about anything. You are attempting to fight a financial war that your own statistics prove you are not winning (lots of killing, zero reduction in activity.. A *reduction* in MOA kills may be a sign that you're having an impact but an increase? no).

Gevlon said...

That kind of cash could indeed do anything. But it does nothing. Which can be explained two ways:
- it doesn't exist
- it is doing something invisible (RMT)

either way, I can just consider it not existing

Anonymous said...

"Where exactly does it grow? Not in land. Not in ratting. Not in PvP. Can you cite me a metric where they grow?"
- They need no more land, since the new sov mechanics use smaller amounts of land.
- According to zkb goons got more kills in November.
- Ratting you are only looking at their sov regions, and you aren't even considering whether their regions are reduced by reduced NPC space activity
- Mining and industry you make no attempt to quantify

The facts are that they are still around and they are able to throw more away at ridiculous capers like burn and funny little wars than ever before. You'll always cherry pick your data so that you can say that you are winning, but how does that actually help you if they aren't going anywhere? All you doing is proving that no matter how much damage is done to them, goons aren't going anywhere.

"That kind of cash could indeed do anything. But it does nothing. Which can be explained two ways:
- it doesn't exist
- it is doing something invisible (RMT)"
3. It's doing something you're not measuring - such as generating more isk, like market trading

Trying to kill them through attrition is like trying to empty out an ocean with a bucket. You need a new plan if you really want to see the end of them.

Anonymous said...

with so many trillionaires in its midst surely the Emporium Mittani(tm) would make a great target for scammers.

get in, get loved, get handouts, get responsibility, get paid, go 'fuck goons', get out.

sun tzu said...

Money alone cannot win wars. A fight against an organized enemy won't be won by attrition is a universe where profit potential is limited only by hours in a day. You must be able to disrupt their ability to make money, you must find ways to destabilize thier infrastructure and organization, you'd have to infiltrate or render useless their communication systems, organize mass boycotts of any material shipped to or from imperium space including known alts, finally you'd have to organize a mass burn or mobile siphon campaign. All of this would have to be sustained over the course of six months while combining it with a systemic campaign by multiple coalitions to take goon space system by system. There is no entity in eve with the desire or organization to take on such a legendary task. A guerilla campaign such as this can only perform death by 1000 cuts if the losses can eclipse the total income of imperium. Conversely you could cause internal strife by hyper focusing on one member of imperium at a time and making goon leadership choose between footing the bill for thier losses of cutting them loose. 3t in losses for imperium is nothing. 3t in losses for one single imperium alliance is another matter entirely.

Anonymous said...

Except you are rather immune to scammers if you have the knowhow to accumulate that kind of wealth.

I mean look at Gevlon - is he an easy scammer target? No. He's switched on to it. He knows enough to work the system to accumulate wealth and he knows that there are sharks in the water and how to avoid them.

People with less wealth are far easier marks...