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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Great job Federal Navy Academy!

You probably heard of the capital battle between FNA+MoA and Goons that saw 15.6B destroyed with 99.6% ISK ratio against Goons. The initial tackle at the beacon tower was done by glenarvan of Raging Angels, Mordus Angels, who was #4 killer in November and opened a cyno for FleNker in Federal Navy Academy who arrived in a Naglfar and defeated the two Goon capital ships. Checking his killboard shows his recent affinity to fly together with glenarvan. OK, who am I kidding, he is glenarvan's alt and this kill was a MoA kill.

Except I can't count it that way! I know the above because I've checked, but did I also checked every single kill report to assign alts to their proper alliances? No, and I obviously cannot. If I don't do for all, I can't do for any or my statistics become biased. Just a few days ago a Goon contacted me with an NPC freighter gank kill report, claiming that it was a MoA alt. I told him to go to hell. Is it sure he lied? No. MoA surely have alt-frighters, there is no way to prove it wasn't one of them. But as it didn't have MoA tag, I didn't care. But if I don't count in alt-freighters, I can't count in alt-dreads.

I have no idea why this pilot wasn't in MoA. Maybe it's a recent character purchase. Maybe he didn't care. Maybe it was to avoid loss report (it's stupid, as his other dread alt, Monster Dude has very good ISK ratio). Maybe it wasn't an alt, but a friend who recently returned the game. I cannot care, I can't make special cases because then all the data I present will become unreliable. Goons have huge propaganda advantage, this can only be defeated by completely transparent and straightforward reports. All the data I use are available for download, so one can make his own program to compare my reports with his or the kills in the data with Zkillboard kills. If an 1B ship is killed with 40% damage by MoA pilots and 60% by OOS pilots, MoA will get 400M, OOS gets 600M. This produces those awesome results that I can publish, these prove the players that it's MoA, OOS, Project.Mayhem and Snuff who fights Goons, not the alliances of the leaders who are hanging out with the Mittani all the time and support his wretched book. This is much more important than taking credit for two JFs, even if no one doubts that it's earned.

No matter how much it annoys me, as 100% of the damage on the JFs were done by a pilot in FNA, these Goon losses will be listed as FNA kills in the monthly report and not MoA kills.

But hey, 15.6B worth of Emporium wares were destroyed, without them be able to catch a sieged dread in their capital system, so it's a happy moment. I hope many players will realize how much more engaging, challenging and rewarding this is than farming BRAVE and join FNA. Oh wait!

PS: CCP hired a former EA employee, Maria Sayans, for "relationships with customers, as well as overseeing its marketing, sales, web development and customer services teams". Of course redditors are worried what direction community management will take now that Falcon will get a new boss. I've found a very good analysis on this topic and recommend it to you.

PS2: this is how a proper MoA kill looks like, with all participants in MoA proper.


99smite said...

Yes, transparacy is the only means of keeping this grr goon campaign honest.

BTW, awesome analysis ^^ That song was fitting and brought back some awesome memories...

As long as Band of Bookstarters capital ships burn, I don't care in which corp the attacker is in...

Anonymous said...

doesn't matter. it's imposible with the current system to check scout, FC, heal contribution.
Same thing. so if some moa pilots decide to outsource dmg to their alt .. the only thing happaning is that dmg contribution will not go towards MOA. So better alt everything else instead of dmg.