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Monday, December 21, 2015

Anna, why?

Meet Anna Ramirez:
Losing two titans without getting on a single kill is quite a feat. Losing a third on an alt is beyond it. Doing it while being a renter is even more weird. Why?

Because Anna is a social, wanting peers to be amused over her wealth and success. These titans weren't farmed or wallet warriored for an in-game purpose (not even for a misguided one like carrier ganking or frigate smartbombing), they weren't meant to be used for anything than ship spinning front of "friends". Well done, awful lot of peers are being amused, while probably not in the way Anna meant it. This is a unique perk of EVE. In other games one can get away with the blanket "it's fun" nonsense for everything, while no sane man would say that Anna had any fun with her titans.

You can only get peer respect by being competitive with other competitive people on their terms. In EVE it mostly means small ship solo PvP. Yes, it's stupid, but this is how people do it, so shall you, period. Of course there is another way, and while I know it's impossible for a simple social to understand it, I write it anyway: you don't need peer respect or liking. You should do something that you like, a project that you believe in, regardless what anyone else says, even if they say you are mad like a box of frogs.

The sad story of Anna should remind everyone of the futility of sociality. For all that farming or paying, she got nothing but mockery and ridicule.

Take my example. I planned to have a titan and given up on it ... OK, I keep the pilot, for the day when MoA will be big enough to hold the field against the Imperium with other NPC dwellers, as we can wait forever before anyone else would fight them:


Anonymous said...

As with his alts loss previously, this guy is a titan builder, and seems to be quite bad at driving them when they are built.

Provi Miner said...

I am amused by your comment "no one will fight them" rather no one of any size will bother to try and kill them. Everyone will fight goons (and mostly win) but no one is intent on destroying them bob style. I don't like to fight goons its not much fun when they are out in full goonism, I don't mind fighting the goons who come looking for fights. Full on goonism is no fun because there is no value to it. You can kill 10 or 30 goons and no one cares cause its POS T1 cruisers. MOA might be hurting them individually and we shall see what the spring brings I have a feeling some groups might be deploying up north to hunt ratters and see if they can get a decent fight or two. But I wouldn't hold my breath for it.

Anonymous said...

Unlikely MOA will ever be big enough, at least, led by current leaders. They have one formula and repeat it, that's it. They do not progress.

Compare to say BL, in two years they went from relative unknown to dreads to supers to being a "other PL". In two years, MOA are in the same place. You are throwing money away on them.

Gevlon said...

Two years ago they were a tiny group barely known. Now they are the #1 enemy of the Imperium, killing twice as much as PL.

Anonymous said...

"Now they are the #1 enemy of the Imperium"

PL are more of a threat though,due to their potential ability to take their sov.

Gevlon said...

PL is an imaginary threat as they never ever commit. Its only purpose is to stroke the egos of the punks inside by ganking dumb capitals. They are literally CODE in nullsec.