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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Guide: three ways of hauling

You might wondered why my Tengu never died, despite its EHP isn't higher than the EHP of the freighters that die every day and it's hauling more expensive stuff. The reason is that it belongs to the first group of haulers, while the freighter is in the third. The groups are defined by vulnerability time, the time they spend on the overview of gankers:
  1. Uncatchable ships can't be locked by enemies. It's crucial to understand that being uncatchable doesn't mean being immortal. You can die to smartbombs, fails and bad luck. But smartbombs are weak and gankers can't make you unlucky or fail, all they can do is wishing and hoping.
  2. Normal ships: they can be killed by those who are ready at the gate.
  3. Bumpable ships: they can be pushed by a specially fit ship out of align. Bumping a ship is not a hostile act according to CONCORD, so they can keep you bumped till they have enough gankers in fleet. If they fail the gank, they just keep bumping and try again.
The risks associated with the groups are very different and so do the amount of cargo you can safely haul:
  1. Uncatchable ships can haul without price limit, though the ships in this class are small, creating a size limit. These ships typically move PLEX, blueprints, implants, skillbooks, officer and deadspace modules in highsec.
  2. Normal ships: they can be killed by positive sec status Tornadoes sitting on a gate. This needs the ganker to pay for the expensive ship, the tags for the sec status, the occasional ship losses due to kill rights and be active, scanning and ready to gank. I'd say you can haul 30M for every 1K EHP. You can also double-wrap your cargo, making it unscannable. If you have 100K EHP (you should) and the gankers can't know what you're moving (because you aren't hauling their contract with 5B collateral or just purchased a tournament ship or whatever), you can go wild and haul without price limit, assuming a rare but not impossible gank wouldn't ruin you. This class usually mean Deep space transports and specially fit haulers, maybe travel Orcas, with their 50K m3 cargo size.
  3. Bumpable ships: These are freighters, bowheads and badly fit industrials. The gankers can hit them with Taloses or even with Catalysts. I wouldn't put more than 5M cargo per 1K EHP. If gankers are bored or have an event, they might gank it even when empty.
All three groups will have separate posts with fits. What you need to understand is more EHP is not necessarily better. Replacing the Tengu with a twice stronger Proteus might end you up dead, due to its slower align allows prepared gankers to decloak it with interceptors, suicide-tackle it and warp a big, prepared gang on it. Getting into a better class worth every penny. It's also important to sort your cargo. If you have a mixture of BPOs, modules and ore, transport them separately. Putting a 1B BPO next to a heap of veldspar into your freighter means a dead freighter.

Choose your hauling type well! Don't be this guy:

This post is part of the guide "why was I ganked?"


Unknown said...

Don't forget to mention luxury yachts. We often use them to get to regroup systems instead of 10k ehp 2s cepters.
> 2 s warp off
> nice warp speed
> co op cloak and bible immune
> 24k ehp (you need to be very unlucky to meet 3 insta-loki or 25+ smartbomb ticks in one server tick)

> 500 mil price tag (faction inertial stabs and lse's required)
> cargo allows anything but your pod and a couple of shinies

Anonymous said...

If gankers are bored or have an event, they might gank it even when empty.
please show me the emptynees on zkb. I didn't find any kills. it is a posibility but the percentage of it happening isn't covered with the word "might".

again theory. will not happen. really it will not happen. even if you transport 200b doublewraped candy with your tengus.

This are myths. why did you opt for spreading these?

Rest, yes sure, a good way to risk management.

Gevlon said...

@Pashko: I don't like the yacht for hauling shiny (sure, for hauling yourself it's great) . You get a DC, a traffic control or family aggro and you are floating in space in a 24K EHP shiny.

@Anon: not completely empty, but 200M cargo is nothing.
Suicide tackle happens. Typically with travel-fit officer incursion ships.

Unknown said...

@Anon: Hell.. they kill for even less.

The funny thing, is the looter showed up anyway. However did not bother to try to loot the 1 million ISK wreck.

I think someone did not get the memo that this was a crap load.